Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let's revisit - Absolute Campaign Promises/LIES by Obama - Says "I promise and take it to the Bank, it will happen"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is a post I did in December 2011. I am bringing it back up to the top. WHY?

 Because no other person has gotten elected based on so many LIES! Also here is a New Video that everyone should see of Obama in his own words.   People believed in his lies!  I believed his Lies in 2008!  I thought we would get our freedoms back and we would get a government "For the People and by the People once more."   I became awake though at the end of 2008.  For some reason when I watched the inauguration I knew the man was not going to be what he said he was.  Since then I have Never watched one speech of his.  I have never even watched the "State of the Union" speech by him, though previously I watched every single one for the last couple of decades.

This does not even cover all the things he has done over the last 4 years. He has signed all types of Executive orders which gives him complete control over the U.S. and almost all resources of it. The media has never publicized what all he has done. He has been creating a dictatorship for himself (his masters).

Here is the new Video... that should be passed to everyone.

In saying the above, I do not believe there is one difference between Romney and Obama. They are both playing their parts of a game. They are both controlled and do as their masters say, just like every single elected official in Washington D.C. They have all sold their souls and votes to the corporations and banks. 

They do not work for the citizens of the U.S., they work for their puppet masters. That is why, I will never again "sanction" any of their plans for what they are going to do in the future. I will never walk into a voting booth again! To me the best revolt is to NOT play the "game" anymore. I won't ever vote again! I am standing outside their system! I am saying "NO" to anything they plan on doing by not voting.   In the linked article I have gotten a lot of negative feedback.  People saying "You have to vote." 
I am saying "You are missing the point" to those comments.  I see it as by not voting I am standing up to the bullsh** game they have created for everyone.  You have to understand, by voting and saying you want a certain person, then you have given that person the "right" to do as they will against you.  The game is rigged anyway. 

Now that Ron Paul is out of the race for President, people are not going to actually have a real choice.  Both Obama and Romney are controlled and puppets by masters above them which are not in our best interest.  


 Some of Obama's Campaign promises - he Swears he will do this or that and even says it is such strong promises "You can take it to the Bank."

I guess the Bank is Bankrupt - because his Promises were absolute Lies as shown by his actions since in office.

Swears the War in Iraq would be stopped and it would be his first act as the President, swears "You can Take it to the Bank, I will do this!"

What an inspiring Speech he made while Campaigning - Close Guitmo! Get all troops home from Iraq within 6 months! Restore Habeas Corpus! Also how it makes a difference when people stand up!

Here is Obama saying he won't do those "Executive Power" statements and he believed in shared power. Says he will Obey the Constitution. Funny considering the Indefinite Detainment bill - he is the one who has required the wording include U.S. citizens.

With all these lies, one after another - from transparency - lobbyist etc.... All you can do is laugh.

Here is a good one - 7 campaign lies in under 2 minutes

This is Classic! - Saying WORDS Matter! What people say MATTER! WOW... he did totally opposite of this "Amazing Speech" of how WORDS Matter! How he wasn't just saying words, he means all he says! Says politics are used to cause fear - but he would Change that! Hilarious now.

Here are many more videos of lies during his campaign, I had posted a few months ago

There are many more, in fact every campaign promise was a lie. He can try and blame the CONgress all he wants on them not getting done this time around, but he had a Democratic majority CONgress and Senate that was doing his bidding the first two years. He did not follow through on any promise and in fact broke them immediately with the Stimulus bill he signed one month after taking office in Denver Colorado. It passed the house and Senate without being on the internet or any transparency with it.

Adding - in this video besides the information about 1031 bill - Obama having U.S. citizens part of it - there are so really powerful Obama lies/promises about human rights, gitmo...

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