Saturday, September 8, 2012

7 New Toxic Genetically Modified Crops Up For Government Approval

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A September 11th deadline is around the corner for a new round of herbicide resistant genetically modified (GM) crops that are coincidentally on the table for fast-tracked approval.

Since the introduction of GM crops, the US has seen herbicide use increase by over 300 million pounds. Big Biotech originally claimed that weeds would not develop resistance to glyphosate (RoundUp), but they have and these new “superweeds” have become the driving force behind new crops engineered for stacked, or multiple, herbicide tolerances. Adoption of these new crops will lead to dramatic increases in the use of higher risk herbicides perpetuating the herbicide treadmill that is already in place.
1. Glyphosate (herbicide) Tolerant Soybeans
- Bayer’s petition to force its new controversial herbicide (isoxaflutole) tolerant soy on the market conceals crucial information on potential allergenicity and toxicity that came to light when EU experts examined the GMO soybean.
- BASF’s petition
- Dow AgroSciences’ petition
2. Glyphosate (herbicide) Tolerant Canola
- Monsanto’s petition
- Pioneer’s petition
3. Glyphosate (herbicide) Tolerant Corn
- Genective’s petition
4. Hybrid Corn
- Monsanto’s petition
- Four of the nine are genetically engineered with a soil bacteria that keeps them alive even when they’re sprayed with massive doses of the herbicide glyphosate (Monsanto’s RoundUp). More of these so-called “RoundUp Ready” crops mean more RoundUp sprayed on our food. This is horrible because Monsanto’s RoundUp causes birth defects. Instead of “RoundUp Ready” we should call these GMOs “Birth-Defect Ready”!
According to a report published by Earth Open Source, industry’s own studies — including one commissioned by Monsanto — showed as long ago as the 1980′s that RoundUp’s active ingredient, glyphosate, causes birth defects in laboratory animals.
5. High Yield Soybean
- Monsanto’s petition
6. Non-Browning Apple
- Okanagan Speciality Fruits petition
- Okanagan’s “Arctic” apple would be the first genetically engineered version of a food that people directly bite into. According to the latest study by the Environmental Working Group, conventionally grown apples are the most pesticide contaminated fruit or vegetable on the market. Conventional apples are dangerous, and GMO apples are just a dumb idea – one not even supported by many in the apple industry itself!
7. Rootworm Resistant Corn
- Syngenta’s petition
- Syngenta’s genetically engineered Bt crops have been banned in many countries because of the documented harm they cause to people, animals and insects. Bt corn produces its own insecticide that kills bad bugs and good bugs alike, Bt corn pollen has reportedly killed peasants in the Philippines, Bt livestock feed harms animals, and the Bt toxin is now found in the blood of over 80% of women and their unborn children.
Despite massive public opposition, last year the USDA announced plans to streamline its genetically engineered petition process under the Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Earlier this year these controversial changes were implemented, speeding up the approval process for new genetically engineered seeds and crops. The new process will cut in half the time it takes for new GE seeds and crops to enter the market.

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