Saturday, September 29, 2012

Warmonger Netanyahu at UN

by Stephen Lendman

Some Israeli officials around him think he's deranged for good reason. His satanic eyes alone give him away. He's a world class thug, a menace. He heads Israel's most extremist ever government.

He exceeds the worst of Ariel Sharon and previous hardline leaders. He's an embarrassment to democratic governance. He should have been kept out of New York instead of let in. He should be locked up for humanity's sake.

He represents state terrorism, occupation harshness, racist hate, neoliberal rapaciousness, and potential catastrophic regional war able to go global if waged.

He deplores peace. He's all take and no give. He calls diplomacy a four-letter word. He turns a blind eye to equity and justice. He's contemptuous of human and civil rights. He maliciously calls Iran's peaceful nuclear program an existential threat. 

He's silent on Israel's stockpile of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. He won't say it's state policy to use them if threatened.

He's unfit to serve. He's a menacing danger to humanity. On September 27, he proved it in New York. At the same time, he made a fool of himself before a world audience.

His cartoon bomb went viral. It bombed. He looked more cartoonish than his prop. One cartoonist showed a picture of Daffy Duck's head exploding. An observer referred to Bibi's "Clint Eastwood chair" moment.

Another compared his explosive to what Warner Bros.' animated character Wile E. Coyote used in Looney Tunes cartoons. A London Guardian commentator said his stunt succeeded but not the way he intended. 

The New Yorker said "the ridiculous deserves ridicule." His "graphic, which he apparently made at Kinkos, is so ridiculous."

A Washington Post op-ed asked if his stunt was a "poor choice of a ridiculously-looking, over-simplified bomb cartoon (or) a calculated choice (to) create (an) indelible image….everyone would be talking about?"

He didn't calculate what they'd say. The Wall Street Journal compared him to Nikitia Krushchev's shoe-banging incident.

What's at stake, of course, is war or peace. Netanyahu's "red line" bluster wore thin long ago. 

The Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a national coalition of more 380 groups with thousands of members. It asked: "Bibi, where's the red line on apartheid?"

Activist Ozzy BonHalen posted a green and white graphic showing Palestinian land lost since 1946.

Then, Palestine was all green. After the 1947 UN partition Plan, 44% remained. After June 1967, it was 22%. All that's left now are  isolated occupied cantons and besieged Gaza.

Netanyahu's claims about Iran developing nuclear weapons, and the Islamic Republic posing an existential threat are falsified, and he knows it.

So do world leaders. Few have the courage to say so. Even fewer denounce Israel's nuclear stockpile.

Like he always does on television and other interviews, Netanyahu raged against Iran. He unjustly accused President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of anti-Semitic rants. He also falsely claimed he called the holocaust a lie and wants Israel destroyed.

"This Iranian regime is fueled by an extreme fundamentalism that burst onto the world scene three decades ago after lying dormant for centuries."

"In the past thirty years, this fanaticism has swept the globe with a murderous violence and cold-blooded impartiality in its choice of victims. It has callously slaughtered Moslems and Christians, Jews and Hindus, and many others."

Iran threatens no one. Netanyahu knows it. It hasn't attacked another country in over two centuries. In contrast, Israel is a modern-day Sparta. It was created in blood and shed it ever since. 

It commits daily violence against defenseless Palestinians. It threatens regional conflict able to go global. He menaces Jews as well as Muslims. Most Israelis want no more of him.

A Haaretz poll days earlier revealed that half the Israeli public "greatly fear(s)" for Israel's survival in case of war against Iran. Most respondents think the chance it may happen "medium" or "high."

Tel Aviv University statistician Camil Fuchs conducted the poll. Only one-fourth of those interviewed aren't afraid for Israel's future. Less than one-fifth favor war without US support.

Nearly five in six Palestinians and 77% of Israelis believe attacking Iran will launch a regional conflict.

As long as Netanyahu remains prime minister, war remains prioritized. He compared Israeli "civilization" to Iranian "barbarism." Doing so inverts truth. Iran promotes peace, diplomacy, and cooperation. Israel can't wait to start another war.

Like Obama, Netanyahu is a serial liar. They're both world class thugs. They claim aggressive wars are liberating ones or waged in self-defense. They call mass slaughter and destruction humanitarian intervention.

They think inviolable rule of law principles are quaint and out of date. They believe "do unto others" no longer matters. They champion might over right. 

They dismissively ignore human need. They believe their way alone is the right way. They target non-believers with death and destruction.

"The hour is getting late, very late," Netanyahu raged. Iran represents "a fanatic ideology bent on world domination." 

"It makes little difference whether these lethal weapons are in the hands of the world's most dangerous terrorist regime, or the world's most dangerous terrorist organization."

His entire anti-Iranian rant sounded more like a bad film script no respectable producer would approve.

Make no mistake. He's hell bent for war and intends to get it. Obama's no different. Disagreement between them is only over timing. 

Both leaders ignore over 100 participating Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries expressing support for Iran. 

In late August, they met in Tehran for six days. The New York Times said NAM "handed….Iran a diplomatic victory." The Christian Science Monitor suggested efforts to isolate Iran failed. 

The Russian International News Agency (RIA Novosti) said participants supported Iran and its peaceful nuclear program. The Tehran Times said "NAM summit set back US-Israeli campaign to isolate Iran."

Press TV called the summit the "most important" political event in the Islamic Republic's history. Iran emerged standing tall. Its government gained prestige. America, Israel, and rogue allies got long overdue black eyes. 

A final communique contained around 700 clauses. Topics addressed included: 

opposition to the misuse of human rights;

global nuclear disarmament; 

opposition to racism and Islamophobia;

support for Iran's peaceful nuclear program;

opposition to US sanctions;

opposition to outside interference in Syria's internal affairs;

support for national sovereignty; and

solidarity with and support for Palestinian rights.

Perhaps countries at a future summit will denounce US and Israeli lawlessness and distance themselves from it.

Netanyahu spoke two days after Obama. He suppressed the worst of US crimes. He couldn't disguise longstanding American imperial arrogance. 

He railed unjustifiably against Iran. He barely stopped short of declaring war. He came close, saying:

"Make no mistake: a nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained."

"It would threaten the elimination of Israel, the security of Gulf nations, and the stability of the global economy. It risks triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and the unraveling of the non-proliferation treaty."

"That is why….the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. (There's) still time, (but it's) not unlimited."

He has reelection on his mind. He won't act until post-November 6.

War plans are longstanding. All independent governments are targeted. World dominance depends on replacing them with pro-Western puppet ones. Syria and Iran are prime targets.

On September 28, Mossad-connected DEBKAfile (DF) headlined "White House irked by Netanyahu's 'red line' speech, reverts to Iran diplomacy," saying:

Hillary Clinton "berated" his presentation. "Neither released a statement" following their post-speech conversation.

DF sources claim "Clinton made it clear that (Obama won't) tolerate" red line rants. He's focused on reelection. Then he'll act in a second term. So will Romney if he wins. Increasingly it looks unlikely.

DF cited "Washington sources" saying "White House and Israeli emissaries (agree) that Israel will hold back" until post-election. Netanyahu, of course, wouldn't dare attack Iran without US approval and support. Threatening otherwise is meaningless bluster.

In the mean time, Obama established a "special team." It'll set out an "end game for Iran."

It was set out long ago. Only its timing is unknown. It's also subject to change. So are tactics to achieve objectives. That's how wars are planned and waged even after launching them. 

Obama and Netanyahu are ruthless and irresponsible. They're mad dog leaders. Both threaten humanity. Anything ahead is possible. Risking regional conflict able to go global is madness. 

Watch for diplomatic toing and froing to play out ahead of bombs away in some form. It's practically written in the stars. It's been in Pentagon plans for years. The same goes for Syria and other targeted countries. Washington has a long list.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at 

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