Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sep 13 15:31

12What are the MiliPolice Planning On Doing With These Heavily Armored Vehicles? (Mac Slavo)

What could they need equipment like this for here in the US? They are hitting the road with it. Caravans of National Guard equipment but with new never before seen equipment in the convoys. Take a close look at what is painted on the side of the Black Humvees. The Humvees are fully armored the same standard used by our military.
The United States government is and has been planning for unlikely events like war and societal collapse for many years. This year President Obama has implemented, by Executive Order, doomsday response plans that would essentially give the government an unprecedented ability to nationalize large industries, personal farm and ranch land, and even your skills and labor in the event of a declared emergency. A control grid is being put into place to handle what they know is coming.
The only question is: What, exactly, is it that is coming to America?
Webmaster's Commentary: 
I think that the US security agencies in this country are preparing for the absolutely wrong kind of confrontation.
The battle for the renewal of freedom in this country will not be won with battering rams, bullhorns, and bullets, but will be won to the sound of keyboards, the with bloggers and observers making logical, intelligent, peaceful assessments as to what is happening, and how things can be changed without firing a single shot.

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