Saturday, August 4, 2012

YES!!! The Evil One is Leaving the White House

The most dangerous and evil bastard in the White House, Cass Sunstein, is leaving his WH post, reports WSJ.

WSJ staes that:
Mr. Sunstein has long been an advocate of behavorial economics in setting policy, the notion that people will respond to incentives, and has argued for restraint in government regulations. As such, he was met with skepticism and opposition by some liberals when he was chosen at the start of the Obama administration.
This is only partly true. His supposed support of "incentives" is phony as is his call for "restraint" on government regulations. He is a believer in setting up phony options that "nudge" people in certain directions, only because the other options set up are even less tolerable.

I suspect his footprint is all over policy in the Obama administration, with his phony "options"

That you get the "choice" of being groped or radiated by the TSA is likely because of Sunstein. I suspect those "choices" were inspired, if not directly created by Sunstein.

The evil bastard will not be done with his evil doing, however, after he leaves WH. He is going to teach at Harvard, and while this is a position that will keep him from imposing his direct nudging schemes, I'm sure he will direct into government many mini-nudgers. Libertarians at Harvard should take his course and report on what this crazed totalitarian is teaching.

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