Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Aleppo and Anaheim

Two cities worlds apart but sharing some similarities in this destabilized post 9/11 world.

These are Hillary Clinton's "loving, peaceful democracy activists" in Aleppo, Syria, collecting people from their homes and savagely murdering them. This is because Aleppo never supported their CIA-revolution.

Syria: Machinations, Assassinations & the messy canvas that benefits Israel 


Police harass, assault & arrest protesters in Anaheim 

Woman accused of being a provocateur in Anaheim

The American Government Now Sees (We) The People As The Enemy 

Hey Kids 

More pointing at Iran in one of the most absurd stories of the year. Our tax money at work creating new myths and perpetuating old ones.

Manhattan federal jewish judge Frank Maas tells Iran, al-Qaida, Taliban to pay $6 billion to 9/11 victims.

The magic "6" number once again. It resonates and evokes sub-conscious rumblings of an earlier con.

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