Friday, August 10, 2012

The Truth Reversal and Omission Scheme

by Zen Gardner

The daily headlines are getting more mind-boggling by the day. One thing they all have in common, besides being a complete affront to the senses and spirit;
They’re all f**ing backwards.
They’re complete reversals of not only previously established facts, but what your heart and even common sense are telling you. These ongoing, in your face, assumptive and arrogant lies against humanity are almost beyond comprehension.
What is most appalling is the brash magnitude of the barrage. We’re being played for idiots.
Know what’s more freaky? They know if they repeat it often enough and don’t back down they’ll succeed.  The masses will open their mouths and swallow it.

The Lies of Omission Are Some of the Worst

I feel like I’m running around a trauma ward sometimes telling the patients “Don’t go to sleep! Don’t go to sleep!” like doctors tell shocked trauma victims so they can know their full symptoms and keep some sort of conscious control over them while they assess their situation.
Only in this case it’s a media drug overdose that is leading to mental and spiritual paralysis.
And while the barrage of poisonous information has become more overwhelming, what’s even more nefarious is what is NOT mentioned, giving the listener or viewer a distinct message that either something does not exist, or at the least that it’s not worth addressing.
This is at the root of the most heinous crimes against humanity ever perpetrated. They may allow a moment of questioning in the media to give you the impression it’s been discussed somewhere by somebody, but then it’s lights out for any further discussion. Period.
And how do you know that? The subject never comes up again.
And if it does?
If it’s important enough like cornerstone false flags 9/11, 7/7 or Oklahoma City and the like, they’re hooted down as outright crackpot conspiracy talk.
End of discussion.
How you like dem shackles?

Gut Reversal: Elephants in the Room that Apparently Cannot be Discussed Anymore..

Try these topics:
A. WTF with this Unlimited War Agenda?
We’re now engaged in an unlimited, indefinite, undefined and unwinnable worldwide war. And now it’s anywhere we’re told it needs to be.
Is there a protest? Not a peep. Even the liberals are all over it. Why? The agenda is socio-fascist globalization, if you haven’t noticed. War is what’s breaking down the walls of the worldwide hive of national sovereignty, the family structure, cultural ties, etc.
What a nuisance….to them.
B. What the Hell is Patriotism?
Does anyone stop anymore to assess this idiotic, obscene campaign into country after country that is deemed “terrorist” and unfit to rule itself?  Yet young men and women are fed military patriotism and, hence, allegiance to such a vicious agenda, like sugar laden pancakes at a church breakfast all day long, from sports events, advertisements and phony political posturing like pulling a bull by the nose ring.
C. Absolute Dystopian Government.
Politicians are not expected to tell the truth yet people keep playing the game. Corporations and banks clearly run the government yet to say so is not allowed, except for an occasional wrist slapping to keep the hordes mollified. Solutions proposed are always within the existing corrupt system which assures they’ll do nothing but perpetrate the crime.
D. Banking bailouts for our Continued Prosperity…What?
Everything financial is off limits because us plebians are so ignorant. Total financial smoke and mirrors while the world waits in complete dependency for “them” to sort it out – foxes organizing the hen house again. As long as they can finance what’s going on they’re happy campers. Those with independent money (non Rothschild central banks) like Libya and Iran?
Targets. Now you know why they’re after them.
….and all reinforced by what?
E. The Fear of Everything – So called monsters running rogue nations, and terrorists that morph into anything from crazed gunmen to now your patriotic neighbors. Expect more of this, folks. Then there are epidemics and exotic new diseases that just “appear” out of nowhere. What about the pending economic crash, the drought bringing food shortages, and global warming all caused by wicked evil CO2 emitting mankind?
Be afraid, be very afraid. “And we’ll have to tax you more to fix it, by the way.”

All Staged….A to Z. And What if the World Woke up to that Fact?

It’s all staged, people. Never forget that. The financial crash didn’t “have to happen”. It was engineered.  People at the top don’t want you empowered with wealth or influence. The middle class is their abject enemy. The war on terror was completely staged, with the end result of a hegemonist push into the mideast for more power and control as their clear desire.
These insane bastards are licking their chops for WW3 for further conquest, believe it or not.
They’re even screwing with not only our food, air and water, but our weather! What more do you want to convince you?

These Bastards Play for Keeps.

That’s just the obviously neglected stuff in the media. Let’s look at some of the recent incriminating truth reversal evidence:
–Water fluoridation is now being pushed by bottled water companies.
–Gun ownership has suddenly become an innate sin following these staged, timely shootings.
–Muslims are the implied wild card rebel race while Zionism rules congress.
–Sunshine is bad for you, unless you slather yourself with their chemicals, while vitamins are the whacko’s regimen.
–Banned pesticides and herbicides have been re-introduced by international agencies to keep us earth exploiters “well fed”.
–Surveilled survivalist “extremists” live off the land while home gardeners are arrested. And don’t dare gather your own rainwater or you’ll go to jail!
–And hey–contrary to earlier scientific data, vaccines are now good for all pregnant moms too!
etc. etc. The list goes on and on.
You buying all this? I didn’t think so, but just look at the barrage!

Hot Humans Must be Exterminated

As you can see WE apparently are guilty on every count. After all, humans are bad…they’re the scourge on the earth–way too many, their carbon footprint is killing the planet and we should feel guilty for being alive.
Facetious of course. Their argument is a total fabrication from hell by manipulative maniacs who think we’ll swallow all this swill.
I’m as sick of it as are you.
Watch closely. The world today is being duped, flipped, clipped, dipped and chipped.
Don’t you be.
Just be true. And stand tall, in any and every way you are called.
People will listen….but only if you talk.
Sound the alarm. It’s later than you think.
Love, Zen

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