Monday, August 6, 2012

Memo To Pentagon: Compare The Invasion Of Lichtenstein And The Cayman Islands To War With Iran And Syria

I grew up on military bases and every man I talked to as a child had lost good friends fighting wars that were senseless and never were needed to protect Americans. Everyone who has done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan can say the same today. I say No More.
As professionals, you know the risks of attacking Iran and Syria. Iran mass produces its own rocket artillery (range 130 miles, warhead weight 1,332 pounds, 210 km and 600 kg), solid fuel missiles with advanced guidance systems and fuel air explosive warheads, mach 3 anti-ship missiles and high speed 223 mph (360 kmh) torpedoes. Iran has 1,000 km (621.4) range drones armed with 4 missiles each. They also have hundreds of small fast boats capable of firing anti-ship missiles. Iran can fire very fast and accurate missiles with fuel air explosive warheads to block attacking aircraft in areas of half a mile radius each.. Please note that the Germans recently demonstrated that the F-22 is not really as stealthy as claimed and can be shot down.
Their allies in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon would release 150,000 missiles against Israel and Turkey if they were attacked. Within minutes all 35 US bases near Iran and the 20 joint occupation bases in Turkey and our Persian Gulf fleet would cease to exist. At least 100,000 volunteers from Pakistan would cross the border into Afghanistan to kill NATO troops. Ay least 50,000 Iranians would cross into Iraq and kill what remains  of the US personnel there. At least 50% of Israelis would take direct hits from missiles with fuel air explosive warheads. Gabi Ashkenazi, former commander of the IDF, has said attacking Iran is stupid. If he thought attacking Iran was a cakewalk, he would not oppose the war.
A military man needs to know who his enemy is and who the traitors in the homefront are. A 20 dollar bill weighs one gram. The banks launder more than a trillion dollars a year in drug money, illegal weapons and political bribes. Asia Times years ago said the banks launder 500 billion dollars in bribes every year. The banks have destroyed our banks and have unleashed drug addicts and drug gangs that have been destroying our cities. A trillion dollars weighs more than 60,000 metric tons. That means they would be laundering more than a thousand tons of money  every week if they were using paper money rather than wire transfers..
Compare risking a thermonuclear confrontation with Pakistan and/or Russia  to an invasion of Lichtenstein. The latter have had no Army since the Austro-Prussian war. Their 80 man army did not participate in the Battle of Austerlitz. Today they have 87 police officers armed with 9 mm handguns spread throughout their 11 communes. You will need to recruit a lot of accountants to take with you to seize the assets of those on everyone’s list of banking criminals. They also have 73,700 holding (or so-called ‘letter box’) companies that will need to be examined and possibly seized. You will want to take a look at the Stiftungen (“foundations”), which are financial entities created to increase the privacy of nonresident foreigners’ financial holdings. Some of these are 3 and 4 generations family trusts for people who have exploited mankind for much too long. Some of the assets are just there to avoid taxes. You might want to give them a receipt, take half of their assets so you will have sufficient funds to cancel Europe’s 20% VAT (sales) taxes and eliminate all income taxes on American families of four making less than $100,000. I would suggest you use the other seized funds to pay off the US federal, state and local debt and demand laws making both government debt and fractional reserve banking illegal. I would also suggest you issue a non-interest bearing currency to replace Federal Reserve Notes.
As for invading the Cayman Islands, the most dangerous people on those islands are the young women in bikinis on the beaches. You might want to look at the Rothschild private banking and wealth management group in addition to the 279 banks, the Hedge Funds and locally registered corporations owned by foreigners.
To gather support from NATO partners you might consider announcing the immediate cancellation of the VAT. I would offer every citizen in America a $20,000 credit against their debts with any excess funds going into special retirement accounts. I would offer a £10,000 credit to everyone in the UK and the Republic of Ireland with similar Debt Cancellations in European nations willing to cooperate in systematic worldwide monetary reform.
To raise enough money for all this monetary reform you will need to also invade a lot of other Caribbean islands as well as the British Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, the Isle of Man as well as Gibraltar. You might be in a position to talk to the Panamanian Army and offer them an advanced share in the Debt Cancellation for them and their families as an inducement to stand down  You will not need to hold these banks for much longer than a week to trace down all of those accounts and the associated corporations registered locally to avoid taxation. Do not forget the more than 10,000 Hedge Funds and the SIV (Special Investment Vehicles used as bank subsidiaries.) These latter groups make up the Shadow Banking System which in the United States has 15 trillion dollars in assets outside the banking system.
In America tens of trillions are held by government agencies which can be used to cancel the 19 trillion dollars in federal, state and local debts and to pay off the present value of civil service pensions. Please note that when the debts are cancelled that the economy will soar. If you manage a fund with  a billion dollars and your investments that had paid 1% return but now pay 5%, you will be able to pay out five times more money to your retirees.
Domestically certain companies are criminal enterprises and would have to be seized. I would take their common stock shares and give them over to citizens to compensate them in part for the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us. Of course most banks in America would have to go through a limited Bank Holiday where small transactions would be allowed but all large account movements would be frozen until the individuals and corporations involved have proven themselves to be legitimate holders of that money. John Cruz who was a VP at HSBC said that 71% of all business accounts at his branch in New York were fraudulent.
I have said before we should make pensions illegal. No more promises to pay you X dollars in Y years. All money is to paid today into an account in your name at a local cooperative trust association. These trusts would act as credit unions making loans, issuing credit cards and sell auto, fire, casualty, life and health insurance with all profits to be paid into the retirement accounts of its members. These associations will be so powerful that no Wall Street financier would ever be able to seize power as they did in the past.
I also have said before, the military should release all of the technology that has been hidden since the days of Nikola Tesla to jump start the economy and create millions of new jobs in high paying industries. I would give shares in the newly formed corporations to young people. Older people would be given shares in existing companies that had been seized. I would also buy up all exiting mortgages that are heavily underwater. I would write off the bad debt and issue new mortgages. The proceeds from these mortgage payments would be used as one source amongst many to pay off Social Security. I would exempt young people from personal Social Security taxes though I would continue to pay their share. Young people will never  collect benefits and have no reason to pay in. I would guarantee that people over 50 receive their full benefits and likely more.
The path America and the rest of the world is presently on leads to certain destruction. Hundreds of studies funded by Foundations owned by the wealthiest families of Wall Street and the City of London have said 90% of us should die. They want you dead. You really have no choice but to resist Evil.
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