Saturday, August 4, 2012

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Not Thirsty for Kirsty and other Things.

Dog Poet not Trans-Gendering

May your noses always be on your faces.

Every now and again, Mr. Visible has to take a stand on one of the burning issues of the day. As much as he likes to be above the fray (not ...but then again), sometimes he just has to descend into the fecal-laced mosh pit of contemporary culture and, on occasion, that means without protective gear in a kind of 'bareback' intimacy, with something that should only be viewed through a lens in a laboratory.

I am as fond of Kirsten Stewart as I am unfond of Meagan Fox. Meagan Fox looks and acts like a certain type of female, whereas Kirsty, up until a short while ago, did not;, I m not thirsty for Kirsty. Kirsten had an affair with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman. Previous to that she was in a torrid-type of Siamese twins relationship with one Robert Pattison for 3 years. Word had it that they were very much in love. Word has it that she still is ...but the fallout from her momentary indiscretion is considerable.

I am discussing this, only in it's relation to Love and ancillary things. If she had been my girlfriend and she went and had an affair, my only concern would be that she had a good time and certainly if she did have a good time, I might recommend that she continue because? Well, because I love her, non? She is not my girlfriend and I do not love her that way; at the moment. I'm just saying if she were, I would love her and that means, without qualification. Otherwise it is not love and ergo, Robert Pattison does not love her. He was in love with the idea of possessing one of the world's most desired arm candies (you heard that term here first. I'm getting tired of coming up with original phrases and not getting the credit- grin).

Pattison has shut her out completely. His considerable ego has been damaged and that was more important than the love he did not have. To the discerning eye of those, like myself, who have some small idea of what love is, an opportunity existed to really be a cool guy and he didn't take it. He should have come right out in public and said, “I just hope she had a good time. That is my only concern. I hope she knows that I support her in everything she does. It wouldn't be love otherwise”. He didn't take that opportunity and it is not likely that he will.

I don't watch the Twilight films. I consider them nothing more than a movie soap opera. Dark Shadows, which was a soap opera, was at least entertaining. Films whose whole purpose is to highlight the physical appearance of shallow performers is not my cup of tea. I like films like “The Guard” with Brendan Gleeson. That was a serious piece of entertainment by someone whose acting chops are not to be questioned. I don't find Pattison to be attractive. I do find Johnny Depp attractive.

Right about now, some readers are thinking, “Ah c'mon visible, I don't want to hear about this shit”. Okay, having picked up on that, let's move on to something else. Here is a delightful bit of news. Sunstein was/is a USDA, Grade A, world class sonofabitch. This is near as satisfying as Wolfowitz being kicked out of The World Bank. Cass Sunstein's SOB credentials are impressive. If you put 'Cass Sunstein is' into Google, the drop down menu will give you a taste of what people ask when they go looking for him. I went there to type in 'Cass Sunstein is evil'. It was already there as #2. #4 would have been appropriate also. It is in events like this that you see the hidden hand of the cosmos, which is also at work in Syria as well. Hopefully that will work out too. Assad is proving to be anything but stupid.

Here is a great opening statement from one of my favorite people and a preview of what is going to be happening with a consistent regularity. The immediate harm that now attends every draconian operation initiated by The Bankers and their stooges is turning out badly for them. Well done! Murder Incorporated is now getting the public attention it deserves and their names are being listed. These are the same dung slugs who orchestrated all of the recent wars and were also neck deep in the commission of 9/11, heralded by PNAC, which many of them were a party to.

The rapid decay of the urban rustbelt is shocking. Most people don't know what's happening in these places. Serial killers are using Detroit as a dumping ground for their victims. The economy is plummeting, as a direct result of banker greed, which keeps transferring an ever greater percentage of the collective wealth into their own coffers. They created the financial crisis for the purpose of greater gain. They create and regulate depressions,the way they create wars and for the same reason. It's what it is. They are what they are. Study the amount of unusual changes going counter to the intents and objectives of the ruling elite at this time.

Here's a statistic for you. The aggregate wealth of the Wal-Mart heirs is equal to 40% of the American public. Wal-Mart isn't a banking firm you say? No, they're a corporation. Corporations, banks, CEO's, Bankers, Politicians; the collective vermin of these desperate hours are as out of control as they are, as indifferent to the consequences of their actions as they are, as unruffled by the public exposure of their actions as they are for one reason; the purpose of demonstration. You might well ask, “Why is any of this necessary? Why can't life just be orderly and fair in the first place? Well... we are left to our own devices to see what we will do and these are the things we did. On the one hand we were horrible villains, on the other hand, we were ignorant and uninformed and did not act upon what was being done to us. So, eventually we came to this place, where it all has to be sorted. Every time period has moments like this, where the world teeters on the edge of terrible possibilities. Sometimes it's extreme and sometimes not so much, depending on the relative percentage of light to darkness.

There is a book that I read some number of times that has various curious tales contained within it. One of these says that a very long time ago, an awful evil took place on this planet. The author doesn't go into the details. He simply says that the planet is permeated with the memory of it and that it is in these times that it is being resolved. This is why so many of us came here. Some of us chose to be here because of the possibilities, which I won't go into but which has been discussed here many times. Some of us had no choice because we are players in the performance. Some of us came here to help. Many of us wish we did not have to be here in these times, regardless of how we came to be here. Many of us have forgotten why we came and this accounts for the regret and apprehension. The unknown stretches out before us and is directly relative to the unknown within us. I want to tell you that it's all going to be okay but... as The Man on the Beach said to me when I queried, “It's all going to work out though, won't it”? “I don't know” is what he said.

We're presently in a space of time, awaiting whatever malefic industry the servants of darkness have in store for us. We are waiting. We go about the ordinary business of the day. Some of us are trying to improve ourselves and some of us are just totally immersed in the dream-scape. The consistency of the dream-scape, is utterly dependent on the components that compose it. It has a color and a tone to it that is the result of the particular filter which affects the quality of the light. It has a tone which is the predominant vibration. There are things that can happen that radically alter the color and tone of the whole stage set. 9/11 was one of those things and every area of our freedom of movement and speech has been affected by this intentional outrage, that was performed on us by the criminal elite, who control the engines of government and commerce.

I've banged on my drum about all of this for a long time now. It's getting redundant and even annoying to me. There's a huge crowd a few blocks up the street from me. I can hear them but I can't get to where they are. All of the access points are blocked by visible and invisible authorities, who work for the Department of Information Manipulation but... something is happening. The readership, listener-ship and watcher-ship is turning their backs on the official disinformation channels of network television and rubber stamp media portals of this dimension. The numbers of their audience are in free-fall. Where are these former regulars going? I've seen the statistics concerning their departure from Zio-Media but I haven't seen any evidence of where they go now. Somebody must know something about it.

There is this sense that the tide is turning in all ways injurious to the schemes and plans of The Vampire Squid Combine. Syria is not going the way Libya went, not for the moment anyhow. They're arresting bankers and putting them in jail. Iceland is hunting their own down around the globe. This can't be what they intended and, at the same time, they're not curtailing their behavior in any way. Saying it's pretty strange doesn't adequately express the situation. There are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes but we aren't privy to what's happening in those privies. We know the kind of things that take place in privies and that's about it. They're having a lot of trouble getting around to what they want to get around to. Desperate measures are called for. Sometime between now and the next rigged election we will see what those desperate measures are. At the moment we are waiting and hopefully it's only Godot that shows up. I apologize for this lame posting. There wasn't anything more available to me today. Maybe the radio show will fare better.

And speaking of book reviews, which I wasn't. Those of you who have read The Darkening Splendor, especially those of you who got it for free, I would appreciate some reviews. You know, a bit of quid pro quo between me and the reader? And of course, for the other book as well. Thank you to those of you who showed up and did so yesterday.

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