Friday, August 24, 2012

An Easy Day in Disinfo Nation

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 Yeah, it's been a fairly easy last 24 hours for the gamers in the sport of the 9/11 myth as many in the media have coordinated  publicly releases touting a book allegedly by a SEAL who was there.

 "No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden"

...set to hit shelves on Sept 11. It is penned under the pseudonym "Mark Owen," according to the publisher, but multiple sources told Fox News his name is in fact Matt Bissonnette, 36, of Wrangell, Alaska. Bissonnette could be exposing himself to legal trouble, as the Pentagon has not vetted the account.

It was co-written by Kevin Maurer who already has a number of dubious books under his belt.
Government 'officials' feigned surprise that such a book could ever happen.  Legal troubles and threats? Questions of 'Do SEALS have freedom of speech?' and 'Is this guy a traitor?' enter into the mix to stir up worthless talk.

And we get our almost daily dose of 'official' story of 9/11.

Let's not make it completely easy on them because it's nothing but a very poor attempt at telling the same lies over and over again. Did Obama's team put this book together? "Instant best-seller" says ABC news.
As of right now the only info on this Bissonnett guy is from Fox. Here's what they say is a DOD photo of him. Face not recognizable of course.This is one lucky grunt to not have gotten killed in the copter crash a little over a year ago where several of his special ops buddies proved the old adage of 'dead men tell no tales.'

We have just as much proof to say that the account of Bin Laden's killing is a big lie psyops as the government has proof that it actually happened. That would be none. We have more proof that Bin Laden and his merry band of hijackers didn't pull off 9/11 than the government has to say they did. Much more.

Unless there's a mass awakening of 9/11 truth and barring a total societal collapse, we're going to be seeing this kind of thing for the rest of our lives. 'They' will never let up. It props up their corrupt system and it is a weak link.

There's also a fictional movie of Bin Laden's demise scheduled to come out in December, "Zero Dark Thirty." Why not release this before the election? Maybe Barry's think tank decided it was a little early to have folks relating Hollywood, fiction and Obama's greatest moment in the same thought? A good 'non-fiction' book will suffice for now.

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