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Gerald Celente Will ‘Go Postal’ When He Hears About This

Gerald Celente fans won’t want to miss Celente’s first interview after getting word that the next head of the Bank of England could be yet another Goldman Sachs boy.
In the spirit of Celente’s famous saying, “You can’t make this stuff up,” Bloomberg News released a trial-balloon article to assess public opinion of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s potential choice of another former-Goldman Sachs boy, Mark Carney, to become the next governor of the Bank of England to replace Mervin King at the end of King’s term set to expire in 11 months.
“London is losing so much trust as the global financial center that Prime Minister David Cameron may need to consider an unprecedented choice for Bank of England governor: Mark Carney, the Canadian who polices the world’s financial system and has no ties to the bailouts or rigged markets tainting Labour and Conservative governments alike,” Bloomberg begins its article, titled, Carney Leading Bank Of England Seen As Scandal Remedy.
In keeping with his reputation as a top trends forecaster, Celente previously warned in 2011 of the Goldman Sachs takeover of the global financial system.  In November of that year following the news that he was ripped off by MF Global the preceding month, Celente spoke with FinancialSense Newshour’s James Puplava about what he pieced together regarding the omnipresent Wall Street firm.
“And I go do some research and say, wait a minute, this MF Global is run by the wonderful Jon Corzine. Oh, you remember him—the former governor of New Jersey and then Senator until he ran that into the ground. He was a top cat with Goldman Sachs. Boy the Rothschilds would be jealous if they could see what the Goldman Sachs gang has taken over. Anyway, let’s not forget Henry Paulson under Bush was a Goldman Sachs guy, Robert Ruben under Clinton, the Treasury Secretary, was a Goldman Sachs guy that deregulated the industry, killed the Glass-Steagall act and made it legal for these guys to become open criminals Financial Sense Nov 2011.
I knew Gary when I was over at Goldman Sachs. He was one of the boys. He said I could do this. So this is what he [Jon Corzine] is doing. What he did was he stole the money out of my account and others and, brilliant Jon Corzine, bet on European bonds. Oh you know those wonderful Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Irish bonds…going down the toilet.
“The loan sharks have taken over this nation. They have just taken over there in Italy. They put this guy Mario Monti—they call him Super Mario. How about three card Monti? How about this guy—look at him, look at the connections! I’m not making this up. Monti. The new [Mario] Draghi head of the ECB. [Lucas] Papademos over there in Greece, three bankers just took over the deal. Where did what’s his name, Draghi come from? Oh, he was head of the Goldman Sachs group there in Europe wasn’t he?” [emphasis added to the text]
All three replacements of key positions to ‘manage’ the financial crisis in Europe were drawn from a former employees list of U.S.-based Goldman Sachs.  Monti, Draghi and Papademos had worked for the Fed‘s second-largest primary dealer or the U.S. Treasury.
Apparently, it works two ways, as well.  Sometimes high-ranking politicians or ‘advisers’ to these public servants transfer to Goldman Sachs presumably to replenish the stock of ‘experienced’ Washington-Wall Street team players.
Celente noticed President Obama’s notorious White House Counsel heading over to Goldman Sachs in 2010 to advise the firm on legal matters relating to its potential criminal role in the financial meltdown that began in 2008.
“This is like the fox watching the foxes.  No, so the whole thing is corrupt from top down,” Celente said in a Russia Today interview in April 2010.  “Look what’s going on, President Obama’s Chief Counsel Greg Craig is now working for Goldman Sachs.  The Goldman Sachs gang.  Wall Street’s hijacked Washington.”
According to Wikipedia, Craig’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of notorious Washington politicians, international figures, CIA personnel, and alleged CIA-connected individuals of foreign states.  Interesting enough, except for Goldman Sachs, Craig has no previous record of taking on clients from the banking industry.
“The banks are doing the robbing,” Celente told King World News in an interview on Wednesday, before Bloomberg’s article about former Goldman Sach’s Mark Carney.  “They’re the bank robbers.  It’s the greatest heist in world history and the banks are doing the robbing.
“You know, Eric, you can give a man a gun and he can rob a bank.  But you give a bank to people like Barclay’s Robert Diamond, to Goldman Sachs Lloyd ‘I’m doing God’s work’ Blankfein, or JP Morgan’s ‘It’s a tempest in a teapot that two-billion dollar loss’ Dimon, and they can rob the world.
“No one has ever seen anything like this in history.”
Because the global financial crisis ranks as the no. 1 U.S. national security threat, according to the Pentagon, the use of CIA tactics to shape public opinion to accept another Goldman Sachs boy to head Washington’s partner in crime across the pond in the ongoing financial debacle shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  Celente warned of it.
“Other methods for IO [Information Operations] attack may include psychological operations such as initiating TV and radio broadcasts to influence the opinions and actions of a target audience. . .” 
—U.S. Department of Defense
Bloomberg’s article title is a dead giveaway as a PSYOP from the banking cartel, as it gratuitously makes the suggestion that another Goldman Sachs boy will somehow remove the tarnish of the kingpin institution of the LIBOR scandal.  It’s akin to suggesting that a member of the Capone gang will clean up the Chicago police department, Celente reminds us of previous personnel ‘appointments’ or ‘installations’.
And a well-crafted PSYOP would be incomplete without testimonials from other gangster bankers, another pet peeve of Celente, who routinely lampoons former White House economic adviser Larry Summers as the “brilliant Larry Summers.”
“Larry Summers, I love it, every time they talk about Larry Summers, he’s always brilliant,” Celente told InfoWar’s host Alex Jones in august 2009.  “He’s another brilliant one, he’s the one that helped dismantle the Glass-Steagall Act, the banking act that was put in place in the 1930s so the banks could again become the banksters that they’ve become.”
Bloomberg doesn’t quite catch a quote referring to Carney as “brilliant”, but the well-known propaganda rag for the Washington-Wall Street cabal did, predictably, publish a quote lavishing how “smart”, “savvy” and a “good manager” Carney is, and how appropriate that the BOE has looked “outside” of its sovereign nation for a foreigner—a Goldman Sachs foreigner.
“Mark Carney is one of the brightest, most capable people I’ve ever met in global finance and central banking,” former U.S. Treasury undersecretary Tim Adams told Bloomberg.  “I’ve been around these circles a long time and he’s smart, politically savvy, a good manager and has an outstanding track record. It’s tough to find all those elements in a single person.”
And somehow Bloomberg included a clever quote from a former BOE lackey, who must have forgotten that Carney is  a banker—a central banker, referring to him only as a “Canadian”.  Everyone loves a Canadian Goldman Sachs boy; he’s from the “outside”.
“Why not get a head that’s global? Bankers aren’t very popular, and a Canadian sounds like a good choice,” said Kent Matthews, former Bank of England researcher. “It may well be that to restore credibility they have to look outside.”
“Dan Conaghan, author of a book on the Bank of England, said he’s almost certain there’s never been a foreign head of the central bank since it was founded in 1694,” stated Bloomberg.
Just as Celente said, “No one has ever seen anything like this in history.”  Well, in the case of Mark Carney, 1694.
Could it be that the UK will threaten U.S. dollar hegemony with a run on its sovereign debt next, after Europe, and that a Goldman Sachs hatchet boy needs to make sure it’s ‘handled’?  Refer back to a portion of the opening paragraph of the Bloomberg article, above.  In that paragraph, Bloomberg writes a ridiculous line: “Mark Carney, the Canadian who polices the world’s financial system . . . ”
Carney, the Canadianpolices the world’s financial system?  This article is no doubt a bankster PSYOP, through and through.

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