Friday, June 15, 2012

The Year of Living Dangerously...Part Two

Your Last Chance To Prepare For What Could Be The Most Dangerous Year in Human History

That year begins as soon as Spain and Greece default on their bonds if there is no systematic worldwide program of scientific and rational debt cancellation.
In France bank runs take the form of computers going down when too may customers ask for their money. In Italy BNI shut down leaving customers with as little as ten or twenty euros to feed their families for a month. People with automatic paycheck deposit saw their wages deposited into a bank that legally did not have to give them any money to buy food and pay their bills.
Lessons Learned: Cash in hand is more valuable than credit at a bank. And automatic check deposit might not be such a good idea in times like these.
On July 4, 2008 a bottle of beer in Zimbabwe cost 100 billion dollars at 5:00 PM but at 6:30 the price had soared to 150 billion dollars. Inflation was running about 11% in America until the euro crisis. It has cooled because the dollar has temporarily  reversed its long downward trend. The USDX measures the dollar against the value of six currencies including the euro, pound and yen. The USDX had dropped 48 points from 120 to 72. But the  USDX has risen to around 82. Expect steady inflation when the dollar returns to 72.  When, not if. it drops down below 72 expect Hyperinflation.
Daniel Estulin tells us that devaluing the dollar is high on the Bilderberg 2012 agenda. If the dollar ceases to function as an international reserve currency, the prices Americans pay will double almost overnight and that is by anyone’s definition Hyperinflation.. Under these conditions it is far wiser to buy storable food or at least a food dehydrator to take advantage of seasonally low prices. Compare what happens to a family that buys a lot of food now and rotates their stock versus the person who keeps his money in the bank and takes out what he needs to buy one week at a time. In Argentina they closed the banks and allowed limited ATM withdrawals until at the end of a year their deposits had become absolutely worthless. In Argentina middle class families with money in the bank were reduced to going through garbage bins to find food to eat. Do not let this happen to you. The worldwide economic collapse will begin as soon as this summer if not before the end  of 2013. Remember it is better to be a year early than a day late when it comes to preparing for a disaster.
Lesson Learned: Stocking up on food is a far better way to save than piling up credits in a bank.
I want to make it perfectly clear that there is not one euro but 17. Each euro note is issued with markings to reveal which nation originally printed it. When Greece, Italy and Spain drpp out of the Eurozone, people holding Spanish, Italian and Greek euros will turn them in for pesetas, lira and drachma. That is why we are hearing about bank runs and bank holidays in those countries. Frankly, I am amazed that they still have money in any of the banks in southern Europe. We need to reflect on the ramifications of southern Europeans dropping out of the Eurozone. The first thing to notice is that the value of the euro will soar if all that is left is Germany and the Netherlands. The second thing to note is that the dollar will drop in value.
But the the third and by far most serious problem the world faces will be Credit Default Swaps. A CDS is a combination derivative which is just a bet on the future value of a bond or a commodity like oil or gold and fake insurance. If you insure your car, a real insurance company has to set aside money for potential losses. But Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan can sell 92 trillion dollars in CDS insurance without setting aside one penny to pay losses. President Obama has said that American taxpayers are on the hook for any losses when Greek, Spanish and Italian bonds go into default. This would immediately bankrupt every large bank in Europe, England, America and Canada. Please be aware that smaller banks and credit unions rely upon those big banks to do daily business. And trillions of dollars in losses would be piled onto government debts to pay bailouts to the top donors of the Obama and Romney campaigns. These bailouts will continue until the Americans, the Brits and the Europeans learn to say No in some form their politicians will understand.
Over the past few weeks JP Morgan has paid out billions on trading losses. Morgan Stanley another  one of the big six US banks has experienced a steep 40% declines in their share prices. This has drawn the interest of Hedge funds who have trillions of dollars in hot money that can move out of one nation and into another in seconds. Until now Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, Mervyn King of the Bank of England and Mario Draghi of the European Central bank have kept the system afloat by creating tens of trillions of dollars and swamping them for pounds and euros.. In 2008 they even had drug cartel clients deposit their money into New York banks to keep them afloat. That won’t work this time. When people see the ship is sinking, they will abandon that ship to save themselves. The Hedge funds will flee from dollars, pounds and euros. The Bond market will collapse. Even Bill Gross of PIMCO (the world’s largest bond fund) has said that bond funds will soon have to liquidate their bond holdings and buy gold and silver. Hedge funds will also short sell JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citibank stock down to zero.
All of this can happen overnight. Consider this fact of modern investing. A majority of stock purchases on the NYSE are held for only 11 seconds. Also consider the speech by Nigel Farage about that recent 100 billion euro Spanish bailout. Italy’s share  was  20 billion euros. Italy had to borrow it  at 7% to loan it back to Spain at 3%. These skyrocketing national debts combined with mind soaring interest charges and plunging credit ratings will not last forever.
The Russian demographer Borisov told us that in the Great Depression between 3 and 7 million Americans died from starvation. MIT recently said between half a billion and a billion people will die after the world economy collapses. This is not the 19th century. You will not have days or weeks to prepare after you hear the bad news of a worldwide CDS crisis and the mass starvation and food riots begin.
There is something even far more sinister lurking in the shadows.  That  MIT study said billions of people will die from plagues after the first wave dies from the coming Great Depression II which I have elsewhere called the Greatest Starvation.
Lesson Learned:  The bankers of London and New York want you dead so they do not have to make restitution for the money they stole from you.
Ask skeptics if they have good reason to believe that a committee of bankers somewhere thinks so highly of them and everyone in their family that they wrote their names down on the list of the 10% of us they deem servile and useful enough to be permitted to survive.
This is your absolutely last chance to prepare for the Most Dangerous Year in Human History.
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