Wednesday, June 13, 2012

These Subjects Will Not Be Covered in Today's Sermon


We are being systematically eliminated. Below is a partial list. -EV
1) Chemicals/heavy metals in food
2) Genetically engineered food

3) Vaccines (by shot or now, engineered into mosquitoes) 

4) Chemicals/heavy metals in cleaning products (dishwasher soap, washing machine soap, housecleaning products, etc.)

5) Chemicals/heavy metals in makeup or other personal care items (deodorant, shampoo, lotions)

6) Sunscreen (causes cancer and prevents your skin from making vitamin D out of sunlight)

7) Electromagnetic radiation (cells phones, cordless phones, laptops, wifi, etc.)

8) Radiation from nuclear fallout (Fukashima) – why were nuclear plants built on faultlines?

9) Radiation from fracking activities (brings radioactive particles and heavy metals from below)

10) Radiation from “depleted” uranium used in weaponry in wars around the world

11) Radiation from medical/dental procedures

12) Fluoridated water – in regular drinking supplies but also in water used to make the foods/drinks that we buy. 

13) Floridated toothpaste (fluoride is toxic) or any toothpaste (containing glycerine, which prevents tooth mineralization)

14) Dental fluoride treatments

15) Amalgam mercury tooth fillings

16) Root canals

17) Oil spills polluting the oceans (most recent, the Gulf Oil Spill – corexit sprayed to disperse the oil has made the situation much worse)

18) Chemtrail Spraying (heavy metals, biohazards)

19) Absence of nutrients in food (due to soil depletion)

20) Making vitamin/mineral supplements illegal, suppressing information about how they work and what diseases they can treat (e.g., heart disease is chronic scurvy)

21) Making raw milk or other nutritious whole foods illegal to buy/sell

22) Then, “for our safety,” it will be illegal to produce own food

23) Lastly, it will become illegal to STORE any food

 24) Discouraging breastfeeding – and failing to put the proper, brain-enhancing essential fatty acids in baby formula

25) Pesticides (in food, on lawns) – pesticides are neurotoxins and the current culprit in bee-colony-collapse disorder

26) Antibiotic overuse (in meats, also medical prescriptions)

27) Medical prescriptions erode immune functioning and over 100,000 deaths/year

28) BPA – lining of canned foods, in all types of plastics

29) Malnutrition – due to absence of food or eating junk food

30) Stress – due to economic problems or terror induced by the gov’t or whoever

31) Nano-technology (in food, clothes, etc.)

32) Genetically engineered viruses

33) Outlawing known medical cures (for cancer, etc.), such as hemp

34) Pushing NON-cures for diseases, such as cancer (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy); these non-cures are somehow the only ones insurance covers. (At a cure rate of only 3% for cancer, why has nothing changed in the past 40 years? What happened to all that funding for “research”?)

35) HAARP – need I say more? Just research it if you’ve got no clue.

36) The reduction or elimination of civil rights (freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press) is very bad for your health! The NDAA is extremely bad – the gov’t can now just detain you forever or kill you, with no trial, no evidence, no charges.

37) Make dissent illegal but first start with ridicule, making dissidents appear “crazy.” 

38) Making sources of polluting energy artificially scarce, and simultaneously hiding sources of free energy that don’t pollute.

39) Debt – mortgage, credit card, auto, etc.

40) Consolidation of sources of money (central banks, credit/debit cards instead of cash) is also very bad for one’s health. 

41) Education by the state – anything that feeds the kiddies lies while training them to obey authority and conform to norms is inherently unhealthy…which sounds an awful lot like…

42) T.V. (definitely bad for health). Are we being "programmed" by the programs?

43) Hiding the real history of our species – not bad for our health directly but indirectly; because if we knew, we’d be able to see everything else on this list for what it is – an attempt to destroy the human race, and we would take action accordingly. Memes can kill – like believing in “justice” after death, so you unquestioningly render unto “Caesar.”

44) While we’re at it, WAR is decidedly bad for human health. It starts with subtle “divide-and-conquer” tactics, “us-vs-them” mentality.

45) Microchipping – where we’re headed if we don’t fight – put everything on the chip (how ‘convenient’ -- medical records, atm cards, passports, drivers licenses) then ALL humans (not just a dissident here and there) are susceptible to manipulation/elimination.

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