Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Only Zombie Clones Worship The Obamney Drone

 Say no to Obamney. Demand regime change in Washington and let's bring President Barack Obama to justice for Crimes Against Humanity. Source for poster: Infowars.

The Western press likes to pick on Assad and other anti-American Middle Eastern dictators, but it is the anti-American dictator Obamney who poses the greatest threat to American liberty, the integrity of international law, and the success of the West in the 21st century.

Indeed, Obamney is more anti-American than Assad, since the former is treacherously destroying the laws and freedoms of the United States to make way for an authoritarian and fascist global government. 

The reigning political parties in America and Western politics in general cannot be trusted with the preservation of our freedoms and our future. The psychological, ideological, spiritual, and political divide between the elite and the people must be closed as much as possible or else a very violent revolution will dawn at our doorstep one morning, and no one wants that. 

But the status quo is also unwanted. We cannot afford to pretend our way into the future and act like transformative political, cultural, legal, and spiritual changes are not taking place, largely in silence. 

With public confidence in Western democracies and Western leadership at a historic low, now is the time to spark new life in the sterile political culture of America and the Western world. 

The policies of government lying and media brainwashing are not sustainable. The West is awakening. The people have gotten wise to the tricks of the political trade. All countries want to replace the politics of money and deception with the politics of fairness and trust. Citizens are only demanding political representation and honesty from their governments. Is that too much to ask?

In the past decades, Western politics has become hollowed out and bankrupt. This must change. If nothing is done to address rising public rage, a transnational political legitimacy crisis, and a massive economic crisis, then the West will explode. And Obamney will find himself in the shoes of Gaddafi and Assad. 

Libya under Gaddafi and Syria under Assad are paradises compared to what America will turn into in this decade. Zimbabwe is where America is headed under its current corrupt and criminal political management. A future headline will read: The dollar is dead, and the Federal Reserve killed it.

For America to survive it must return to its anti-authoritarian roots, which means the Republican and Democratic parties must be eliminated. There is no other way of resolving this crisis. A similar political change must happen in the rest of the Western countries.

Growing up, we all expected 2012 to be some kind of breakthrough year for humanity and human civilization. But here we are in the thick of it, and there are few signs of hope. Make no mistake: the 2012 U.S. presidential election is meaningless and absurd. Place no hope in these unworthy and heartless political candidates who are pawns of the same masters.

Come November 5th, there will be a judge and executioner in the White House regardless of which human drone wins. Voting for either Obama or Romney and hoping one would be better than the other is the height of delusion.

Both men are clones with the spirit of drones. It would be madness to vote for Obamney. This two-faced, double-talking creature from hell must be stopped.

The Syrian people are more justified in their support of Assad than the American people are in their support of the Republicans and Democrats. TheRepublicrats have done more damage to America than Assad has done to Syria. Under their treasonous guidance, America's once great reputation is now in the toilet. The American president is more hated than any Middle Eastern dictator ever will be, and that is sad.

History will not be kind to Obamney, nor to zombie clones who blindly follow political leaders in the vain hope that they will be led to greener pastures.

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