Friday, June 8, 2012

Obama to speak about state of US economy

Obama speaking now, basically saying he is doing a great job despite Congress, and the Greek people have to stay in the EU even though it means more hardship for them because everyone has to get used to being slaves to the bankers and that is just the way things are.
Also selling the idea that it is in Americans interest to save Europe. Actually, it isn't. It is in Wall Street's interest to be able to evade having to pay on all the credit default swaps they sold against Europe's debt, so Obama is trying to convince Americans it is for the best that once again they sacrifice all they have ever worked for for themselves to save the money junkies from their crimes. IN other words, we are free to choose whether we are forced to spend $100 trillion to bail out Europe now, or are forced to spend $100 trillion to bail out Wall Street's derivatives mess a month from now. Ain't democracy grand?
In other news, Iceland just tossed two more of their bankers into the pokie! Bet you did not hear that on ABCNNBBCBS.

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