Friday, June 1, 2012

Golden Feces Award Goes to . . .

June 1-3, 2012 -- 

This week's WMR "Golden Feces" award is presented to the American "Terrorist Trio" of "Imam" Joseph Lieberman, U.S. Senator from Connecticut; "Shaikh" Jeffrey Feltman, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs; and "Emir" Robert Ford, U.S. ambassador to Syria. These three individuals have been stoking violence in Syria and nearby, in Lebanon, by providing material support and encouragement to Salafist and other Islamist radical groups that are associated with "Al Qaeda." These groups have been carrying out terrorist attacks in Syria, some of which have been blamed on the Syrian government as a pretext for outside, i.e., U.S. and NATO, military intervention.

Making matters worse, Feltman is rumored to be the replacement for the present American Deputy Undersecretary of the UN for Political Affairs Lynn Pascoe -- a move that will give Israel its first de facto representation in the senior hnierarchy of the United Nations.

For laying the trap for yet another U.S. misadventure in a Muslim country, the Golden Feces award is proudly presented to Messrs. Lieberman, Feltman, and Ford, three people who richly deserve to be on every "no-fly" and terrorist watch list.

Presented to Joe Lieberman, Jeffrey Feltman, and Robert Ford.

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