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Giving Americans And Muslims Reasons To Fight: 9/11, Al-Qaeda, Drones, And Counterinsurgency

 Why War? The reasons are endless. 

Giving Americans And Muslims Reasons To Fight:
9/11, Al-Qaeda, Drones, And Counterinsurgency
"Americans (especially media figures) have been so inculcated with a childish morality narrative which is pleasing and self-affirming to believe — The Terrorists attack us because they are bad and we are good — that it’s just inconceivable that it is actually the U.S. itself which is enabling these plots and has long been galvanizing the very anti-American animus that fuels them." - Glenn Greenwald, "Al Qaeda’s best friend," Salon, June 14, 2012.

"Fortunately, caring about international opinion — like so many other things — is so very 2004, especially in Democratic Party circles (notwithstanding the fact that, as that Rumsfeld-era report documented, anti-American animus arising from American aggression is the greatest security threat and the prime source of Terrorism). Who cares if virtually the entire world views Obama’s drone attacks as unjustified and wrong? Who cares if the Muslim world continues to seethe with anti-American animus as a result of this aggression? Empires do what they want. Despite all this, these polling data will undoubtedly prompt that age-old American question:why do they hate us?" - Glenn Greenwald, "U.S. drones deeply unpopular around the world," Salon, June 13, 2012.

"It isn’t those of us who oppose American aggression in the Muslim world who need manipulative, exploitative reminders about 9/11; it’s those who cheer for these policies who are making a follow-up attack ever more likely." - Glenn Greenwald, "What might cause another 9/11?" Salon, June 12, 2012.
There is a common link between the false flag 9/11 events, using drones against innocent civilians in Muslim countries, applying the doctrine ofcounterinsurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, and drumming up fear of the mythical Al-Qaeda organization. The link is clear: 9/11, Al-Qaeda, drones, and counterinsurgency all give Americans and Muslims reasons to fight each other.

The Globalists and Zionists who control the U.S. government want America to be absolutely hated by the Muslim world. If not for this motive, the war on terror would be meaningless and U.S. foreign policy would be totally counter-productive and absurd. But if you understand the real goals and motives, U.S. policy towards the Middle East is neither counter-productive nor absurd.

A lot of people are wondering, why is America hurting itself by pissing off every Muslim country? Why is it killing women and children with drones? Why is it accusing every young Muslim male of being a terrorist and driving them into the hands of Islamic extremists? Why is it alienating the Muslim world if the supposed aim of the war on terror is to destroy the roots of terrorism and make the people of Islam love America instead of hate it? And why is America waging war against Iran when its interests, reputation, and security would be better served if it normalized relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran?

The answer is simple: American leaders want to fight a war against Islam, and they could care less about the economic, military, and political consequences to the United States of America. U.S. and Israeli elites do not seek love, friendship, respect, and peace in the Middle East. World War III is what they want.

The point of the war on terror is to bankrupt the United States government, as this would empower the international banksters even more. 

II. Washington's Covert Creation of Militant Islamist Regimes

Washington's stubborn and hubristic policies are incurring the wrath of of Iran and Pakistan, two of the most populous Muslim countries. In the past year, the Obama administration has painted Pakistan as a terrorist state that harbored Osama Bin Laden, but so far it has not provided any evidence whatsoever that Bin Laden was actually in a Pakistani military compound in Abbottabad.

Washington's fairytale-ending of the Bin Laden legend was written so as to turn Pakistan into the next villain in the war on terror, but nobody besidesbrainwashed children believe there is any truth to this insane plot twist.

Destabilizing Pakistan and transforming it into an anti-American and militant Islamist country is the main goal of U.S. policy. America's globalist leaders practiced the same policy against Iran in the late 1970s. After using psychological warfare against Iran to bring down the nationalist Shah, who was becoming less controllable from Washington's perspective, the U.S. backed Islamic fundamentalists to hijack Iran and impose an Islamist dictatorship on the Iranian people.

The Luciferian rulers of America and Iran are enemies only in the public imagination. Behind the scenes, they are following a covert and esoteric agenda.

The big secret that the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes to hide from the world is its CIA and MI6 origins. There is so much evidence of the secret connection between fundamentalist Islamists and Western intelligence agencies that is being covered up by the world media.

The Islamic Republic of Iran was created to be destroyed in a third world war. But that doesn't mean that it will go down without a fight or that America has nothing to fear from Iran if it attacks it. But since U.S., Iranian, and Israeli elites don't have any fear of catastrophic destruction and massive loss of life, they don't care how hellish the war gets. The occult obsessed leaders of America, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Israel want all three nations to mutually destroy each other.

The outcome of World War III is that every nation involved will lose. America and Israel have nukes, but Iran has major public support on its side, so neither side has a competitive advantage over the other. But it is still a war between a superpower against an underdog.

A hated superpower is even more dangerous and deadly since it has nothing to lose. So it is expected and welcomed that public opinion against America in the Muslim world will get even lower once America and Israel bomb Iran. Hate is great according to Washington and Tel Aviv. Alienating Islam from America and the West is their objective.

Giving people in America and the Muslim world reasons to hate and fight each other is the military-industrial complex's main task. The roles of the CIA and FBI as secret police forces inside the United States can only be justified in the American psyche if there is a widespread public belief that America is under attack from external enemies. The false flag 9/11 events were crucial in instilling this collective belief in the American people.

Whenever there is any criticism of U.S. foreign policy, 9/11 is brought up. This tactic is part of a larger psychological warfare campaign against the American people and the people of the West. It is a fact of life that America, the West, and much of the world has been systematically brainwashed by the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and Western media into believing that the official version of the 9/11 events is true.

Washington will continue to use media brainwashing and state terrorism well into the future because the U.S. establishment want Americans to remain slave-like and fearful. A second 9/11 hasn't happened yet, thankfully, but don't think for a minute that the CIA and Mossad have given up on false flag terrorism. It is their ace in the hole. Without it, they are powerless.

The next 9/11 will be a nuclear 9/11, and the CIA and Mossad will be behind it. A former U.S. official has even suggested that the Obama presidency can be saved with a new 9/11. This is certainly true, since the war-hungry right and Obama's brainwashed followers will both be on the same page in the aftermath of another catastrophic terrorist event in the United States.

The day after a second 9/11, the anti-dissent talking points will be brought out again and used daily by the press and their brainwashed slaves. Those talking points are: Shut up, traitor! Shut up, terrorist sympathizer! Shut up, conspiracy theorist! Shut up, nutcase!

What must be our response in the face of state terror and new attacks on the freedom of thought and speech? We must answer the state terrorists, media propagandists, and their brainwashed victims with reason, patience, truth, understanding, peace, and love. Also, a little anger wouldn't hurt. Snapping people out of a state-induced sleep takes some screaming.

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