Monday, June 4, 2012

Bilderberg 2012: When The Story Is The Media

 The Western media lost its head and heart. It is now set apart from the rest of humanity.

The most crucial aspect of the Bilderberg story is the decades-long media blackout.

When the story is the media, the story is marginalized to the fringe of political discussion, and ridiculed as a non-story.

The annual Bilderberg meeting is sold as a non-story to the world public by the Western establishment media. But, as the alternative media has illustrated over the last several years, and especially at this year's Bilderberg conference in Virginia, nothing could be further from the truth. Bilderberg is waging war on the United States. What story could be bigger than that? Forget Al-Qaeda. The enemies of the United States and the American people are the heads of banks and corporations.

The establishment media doesn't want to cover the Bilderberg story because they don't want to explain their policy of a blackout, and admit how this anti-democratic policy is being successfully undermined by the rise of new media and citizen journalism. They want to turn back the clock on social progress and go back to the pre-Internet age, when their lies went unchallenged, and their power over the minds of humanity was absolute.

But there is no going back. The crusaders of the new media have changed things. The jokers and mobsters in the establishment media can try any number of tricks to dodge questions about the Bilderberg cover-up, the 9/11 cover-up, the JFK cover-up, the Federal Reserve cover-up, the free energy cover-up, and the Wall Street cover-up. But their tricks are no longer effective against the growth of human consciousness and the public acceptance of long-buried truths.

The media has already conceded defeat by acknowledging that the Bilderberg Group is real after decades of denying their existence to the general public. This was their greatest mistake, and it will lead to their downfall. Even theWashington Post has gone soft and reported about the Bilderberg conference, moving away from their hardline stance that the Bilderberg Group is a concoction of loony conspiracy theorists.

Those "loony conspiracy theorists," are not so loony after all. If they're right about the existence of the Bilderberg ruling class and their evil agenda against humanity, then it naturally follows that they're also right about the epoch-defining 9/11 events being a false flag government operation and about the dictatorial dominance of the shadow government in Washington.

II. The Totalitarian Mainstream Media And The Preservation of Societal Myths In The West
"Perhaps future historians will conclude that democracy once served the interests of money in order to break free of the power of kings, aristocracy, and government predations, but as money established control over governments, democracy became a liability. Historians will speak of the transition from the divine right of kings to the divine right of money." - Paul Craig Roberts, "Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade?" February 14, 2012. 
The Western media's censorship of information about the annual Bilderberg conference is demonstrative of its role as the institutional preserver of societal myths of the Western world.

The Western media's main tasks include suppressing information that is contradictory to official state propaganda, preserving sacred myths such as 9/11, and ridiculing dissidents who demolish collective assumptions about the way the West is ruled and popularize controversial truths through citizen journalism.

The biggest myth in the West is that the West is free and democratic; that the will of the people is represented in governments; that citizens choose their governors, not special interests and internationalist oligarchs who meet secretly in conferences like the Bilderberg.

New media journalists and activists are destroying the big myth of "democracy" by exposing the secretive Bilderberg group and their generational agenda to wipe clean the sacred laws of the West and implement a global technocratic dictatorship.

The biggest story to come out of Bilderberg 2012 is that the mainstream media can now officially be declared dead. This story is about trust, or lack thereof, in the mainstream media. The media has the reputation of a serial killer, or a pedophile. That is how bad its image has gotten in the Western mind. People would rather be part of the KKK than CNN, and Fox News.

III. The West Awakens From A Long Hypnotic Sleep
"Today, not only is our interpretation of history being challenged, but our view of reality is open to question. The evidence of this questioning appears in the proliferation of esoteric teachings, body techniques, occult sciences, and "ways" and methods of enlightenment with or without drugs that are saturating some of the less congealed areas of our society." - James Wyckoff. "Franz Anton Mesmer: Between God and Devil." 1975. Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Preface: viii.
The exposure of Bilderberg is a sign of a larger political and spiritual awakening in the West and the world. Humanity is not dying without a fight. The evil Bilderberg conspirators think this is the end times of freedom and truth, but in reality it is the end times of tyranny and secrecy.

This is only the beginning. What we saw on the grounds of the Bilderberg gathering in Virginia was a divine statement from the heroic representatives of the world that humanity is done with the Bilderberg tyrants. People have had enough with their lies and crimes. This protest will go down in history as one of the most important turning points in the global fight for freedom from the Luciferian Western establishment.

The incredible anti-Bilderberg protesters weren't screaming the usual boring chants like "We are the 99%." They were screaming, "Go to hell," and, "Surrender now." These are powerful statements. Tyrants have to take notice of such statements. This was no ordinary protest. Animal rage was on display, as a gentleman named Jeffrey Smith told Alex Jones in this video (24:00 - 28:00 minute mark). "This is a cancer, and you can't use aspirin on it," said Smith, speaking of the Bilderberg.

As the global economy collapses and Western civilization disintegrates, animal rage against the evil and murderous political establishment will increase and reach a tipping point. Their crimes against America and humanity will be known by the whole world, from their assassination of JFK to their staging of the false flag 9/11 events/ritualistic blood sacrifice.

A new world is waiting to be created once the world gets rid of the Bilderberg's tyranny.

Video: Alex Jones Comments on the Power of Drudge and the Alternative Media Rising

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