Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MSM: How the Top News Story Never Happened and the Real Top Story Was Never Reported

Anthony Freda Art
Rand Clifford
Activist Post

It never really happened, the Top News Story of 2011. Seems that would annihilate any residual credibility mainstream corporate media (CorpoMedia) hadn’t washed off...but, perhaps too many Americans are determined to swallow, even digest, the News.

News consumers apparently believe: There has to be some kind of law. Especially about, like, TV news. You can’t just tell big fat whopping lies to kind of like control people, or something. You know, there must be a law. What about the Constitution?

News is a product concocted not to inform, but conform. News is perception management lorded over by a few monster corporations, in conjunction with the Federal Government, Inc. Fox News is a leader in nano credibility, but their record is not clean. They actually broadcast some dirty truth back in 2001, day after Christmas. The headline on their website offered, Report: Bin Laden Already Dead.

Fox references a source who said, after claiming to have seen bin Laden’s face before burial, “He looked pale...but calm, relaxed and confident.”

Other sources essentially said, in a variety of other ways, that bin Laden looked dead.

Indeed, in his final months, closing out 2001, he looked increasingly like a patient requiring frequent dialysis; medical professionals refer to it as looking “frosted”.

Virtually all CorpoMedia spigots gushed about bin Laden dying when he died, even pretty much how, and why, he died.

But, lo, News tells us he pulled out of it, regaining robust health and even reversing the aging process for ten years, only to have his fate sealed by a team of Navy SEALs. Who could forget the rapture, shock and awe...the total engagement of the president and members of his cabinet as they watched a live video feed of “the killing of bin Laden”? Hillary Clinton was so engaged her hand got stuck to her mouth.

Whoops.... The White House was forced to admit there was no live video feed. So what were they watching in that situation room, American Idol?

Ultimately, most every aspect of their “We got bin Laden!” production has been repeatedly altered, re-altered, washed, hung out to dry. The infamous "death photos" were washed and buried, too phony even for the spin cycle.

Whatever was sealed by those Navy SEALs had nothing to do with bin Laden’s fate. Considering the credibility of CorpoMedia News, it should not be ruled out that, when the political table is set just right, “killing of bin Laden” will be served up, again.

Consider events that did occur in 2011.
Fukushima...earthquake and tsunami triggering a spewing, ticking time bomb of radiation with immeasurable death potential. “Spent” fuel rod assemblies are so intensely radioactive that if you get close enough to see individual rods, and are not shielded, you are dead. Keeping spent fuel rods from catching fire and belching massive radiation plumes is costly; the severely-damaged reactor number 4 building contains nearly 2,000 of them in a pool teetering 100 feet high. Many thousands of them are stored at Fukushima in pools somewhat less precarious. Dry cask storage is safer. Problem is, safety tends to pinch profits.

Protecting vast profits of the nuclear energy industry is more important than protecting the public from deadly radiation. When it does come to protecting the public...the situation at Fukushima is so dire that, for their own good, the public must be protected from the truth.

Melted reactor cores are another part of the megadeath lurking at Fukushima. But more radiation sweeping death across the entire Northern hemisphere...just not as Newsworthy as the “killing” of someone already dead ten years.

That’s the way the News goes.

“Occupy Wall Street”...the Occupy movement, another Top Story that CorpoMedia News creatures voted against as Number One. “Lazy hippies, bad hygiene, troublemakers primed for violence, no work ethic, no leadership, no message...move along, nothing to see here....”

Perhaps the most important aspect of News is how clearly it demonstrates what utter contempt American “leaders” have for American followers. News creatures obviously don’t even care about propaganda they have employed in the past, it’s done and gone. Perception managers know that every day is a new (News) day.

And they know that even if the Top News Story of 2012 is about how Obama rode the Top News Story of 2011 to victory in November (he spiked! bin Laden), the overwhelming reaction will likely be a big, hearty, American...shrug.

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