Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MAY 16, 2012

As Al-Qaeda Tries To Occupy Syria, Activists In America Occupy Al-Qaeda's Owners At Bilderberg

Save The Planet: Occupy Bilderberg.

There is a profound revolution underway in global politics, but it's happening in America and the West, not in Syria and the Middle East. 

At the end of this month, activists from America and around the world will gather at the Chantilly Westfield Marriott Hotel in Virginia to occupy the 2012 Bilderberg conference.

Why occupy Bilderberg? Because it has a diabolic influence on world history, and it is the site of a sinister global conspiracy against humanity. For many decades, transnational oligarchical criminals have used the Bildeberg conference as an intellectual and political venue to plot in secrecy and take over the world by stealth.

In May 1979, Bilderberg attendees, inspired by the ideas of Professor Bernard Lewis, plotted against the Shah of Iran and backed the Muslim Brotherhood, Ayatollah Khomeini, pre-Al-Qaeda terrorists, and other Islamic fundamentalist forces in the Middle East. Historian William Engdahl documented this suppressed episode in history in his book, "A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order." You can read the passage in which he mentions the 1979 Bilderberg meeting and explains its significance here.

Thirty three years later, the Bilderberg conspirators are meeting again to advance their secret global agenda. Their plan of world takeover is entering a new phase. The Middle East has been thrown into chaos by the intelligence agencies of America, England, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, and their Islamist proxies.

In Syria, the Western creators of the mythical Al-Qaeda have set up shop and are waging a campaign of terror against the people of Syria. There is even evidence that foreign-funded Islamic terrorists are using United Nations personnel as a shield to cover their tracks of terror. Journalist Pepe Escobarsays that, "World powers are racing against time to plunge Syria into all-out civil war."

But the foreign-backed violent insurrection in Syria is not succeeding as planned. Public opinion in Syria is still largely pro-Assad. Regardless of what you may think about his rule, it must count for something that the majority of Syrians support the government during this monumental crisis. Noble Syrians are not surrendering their beloved country to war-possessed foreigners and backward terrorists who hate freedom, women, Christians, and Western values.

Dishonest media organizations in the West and the Arab world are crossing the line by equating a small but organized group of foreign-backed armed terrorists with genuine democratic revolutionaries and peacemakers.

Journalists who instigate conflict in Syria by spreading propaganda and demonizing Assad are committing war crimes and should answer for them. It is outrageous when cruel old politicians cry war and tell lies, but it is even more reprehensible when journalists on the payroll of government intelligence agencies use their public platform to popularize unnecessary conflict and indoctrinate the people.

Remember, these are the same journalists that shield Bilderberg conspirators from public view every year and ridiculously pretend that 9/11 was not an inside job. Who are they kidding? What planet are they living on?

Once it becomes public knowledge that Bilderberg conspirators gave birth to the Al-Qaeda meme and the ludicrous war on terror, what will Western journalists and reporters tell their readers and viewers?

Forget an apology.

There will be hell to pay.

How can rational people forgive war criminals, liars, fraudsters, government propagandists, and state terrorists? 

The major media has played the most important role in creating the public perception of terrorism in the West, which is not a real threat to the state or society.

Rather than perform its job as a public watchdog, the corporate/state media has covered up mountains of evidence of insider terrorism and insider trading on September 11, 2001. It has also protected the globalist terrorists who convene at Bilderberg, and projected their evil crimes onto the shadowy Al-Qaeda, which is actually a creation of Western intelligence agencies. 

But the age of media domination of public discourse is over. Previously mainstream journalists and commentators are now on the fringe. Their fantasy world is crumbling. Belief in the 9/11 lie has collapsed, the myth of Al-Qaeda is dead, and the reality of Bilderberg is coming into public focus. And nothing can change that picture. No amount of brainwashing can stop people from seeing reality and discovering the truths of history.

As the editors of The Intel Hub write:
"Bilderberg is one of the real power structures at the helm of the planet and must be fully exposed to ever have a chance to dethrone the global crime syndicate commonly referred to as the New World Order.

For years respected press agencies such as the Washington Post and the New York Times have attended the meetings, subsequently hiding the truth from the public for over 50 years.
Those times have now come to an end.

The alternative media is growing rapidly and it is our duty as free people of the planet earth to OCCUPY and EXPOSE Bilderberg May 31st – June 3rd."
I want to thank everyone who is going to Virginia to attend the Occupy Bilderberg event and defend the interests of the people of the planet. Your ancestors and your future descendants will thank you for your service to your country, your planet, and humanity.

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