Monday, May 28, 2012

If at first you don't succeed....LIE,LIE, AGAIN!

Manipulative Mass Media Uses Massacre Mascara To Paint Syrian Leader As A Monster

 Saladin's tomb in Damascus, Syria.
"We believe that there have been fewer suicide bombers coming through Syria, and we are cautious about this assessment, but we do think that the Syrians may have been taking more active steps against al Qaeda, which is understandable. I mean, if al Qaeda were ever to succeed in Iraq, the next thing they'd do is turn … [to] Damascus. I can assure you." - General Petraeus, American Chief of Al-Qaeda. Source: ABC, "Time to Head to Congress," September 4, 2007.

"Take notes. Because this is how it’s done, time and time again – another clear example how large media outlets can effectively drive reality in the direction of their choosing, and this is why so many millions of public media consumers are left misinformed and dis informed, eventually leading to a marginal public endorsement of Washington, London and Tel Aviv’s interventionist foreign policy objectives." - Patrick Henningsen, "Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion For Regime Change in Syria,"May 28, 2012.

"What on earth could the Syrian regime have stood to benefit from this macabre massacre of Sunnis? What could its “logic” or motives possibly have been? How could the regime have ensured or at least contributed to its longevity by this act?  What interests could this heinous act have served other than militarizing the existing UN presence; inviting foreign military intervention into Syria; increasing calls among NATO countries for establishing “humanitarian corridors”; turning Sunnis (given the identity of those massacred) against Alawites; and further tarnishing the regime’s already badly beaten public image?" - Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, "Why it is highly unlikely the Syrian regime was behind the Houla massacre," May 28, 2012. 
Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another case of the media using the trail of blood and guts left in the streets by foreign-backed terrorists and savage Salafist mercenaries to discredit Syria's honourable resistance against Imperialism and the expansionist policies of Israel? I'm shocked, absolutely shocked.

The West's offensive media strategy against Assad is from the same playbook that was used against Saddam and Gaddafi. Paul Joseph Watson writes:
"The propaganda tool of falsely accusing governments of killing babies and children is not new to the middle east. Before the first Gulf War, then largest public relations firm in the world Hill & Knowlton crafted a hoax centered around the lie that Saddam Hussein’s troops were ransacking hospitals in Kuwait and throwing babies out of incubators. Despite later being proven to be a complete fabrication, George H.W. Bush administration aggressively pushed the story as part of their build-up to war."
The only humour to be found in this tragedy is that the BBC used a picture of its own child victims in Iraq in its latest sloppy propaganda onslaught against the Syrian state. Not only are these "journalists" in the Western mass media evil, but they're also stupid as hell. You'd think they would take their job as imperial propagandists more seriously.

It doesn't get more amateurish than using a picture of your victims in a past illegal war to paint your new victim as a monster in your new illegal war. I mean, come on! Has the art of propaganda been reduced to this? Edward Bernays is rolling over in his grave!

Shame on the BBC for not using a different image to deceive the world and makes us hate Syria. I expected more. I was under the impression that there would be continued greatness from NWO and Israeli propagandists. I did not anticipate half-ass media assassination squads roaming the global media landscape, spraying lies in the air with old propaganda weapons and hoping they land on the targeted populations.

I really wanted to hate Syria and Assad. I really wanted to cry for the  terrorists and Western-backed Islamists in Syria. But the BBC and CNN are taking my hatred for granted. They think they can make up any lie, fabricate any story, and use any image to secure my support for their evil wars? This is beyond insulting.

I want to believe in NATO's mission in Syria with a passion. I want to support the Western "humanitarian" campaign to depose Assad and liberate Syria with all my heart and will.  But, first, I demand state-of-the-art propaganda. No more outdated magic tricks. No more scare stories. No more cheap media mascara. I want my monsters from the Middle East to be painted with great care, skill, and military precision.

Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Brussels should fire their lazy propagandists immediately and hire top marketing and public relations firms to vilify Assad and Syrian soldiers. No more stinking half-measures, damn it! Enough is enough. Give the world better propaganda, CNN and BBC! You can do it! You have greatness in you.

So, be kind media assholes, and show the world how Syria is led by a monster with a greater respect for the Western public's intelligence.

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