Thursday, May 24, 2012

Globalist Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Force Cities to Take Slaves

by Scott Creighton
Mayor Bloomberg wants the federal government to force cities across the country to import undocumented dirt-cheap labor in order to “bring back’ industry to America.  His recent speech before the Council on Foreign Relations makes it clear that if their neoliberal agenda doesn’t continue to entice poor, destitute workers from Mexico to work like slaves in underpaid jobs here, hell, they should just have the Mexican authorities round them up and ship them to places like Atlanta and Detroit.
In short, Mayor Bloomberg wants the U.S. government to go into the business of forcing slaves on various cities across America.
Does anyone remember the last time people were shipped into this country for cheap labor? They were called “slaves”.  And that is exactly what Mayor Bloomberg and his partner Rupert Murdoch are advocating; institutionalized slavery in America under the guise of “immigration reform”
His slaveholder plea is in response to a new study put out by the globalist neoliberalPartnership for a New American Economy which Bloomberg co-founded with Rupert Murdoch of Fox News.
“There’s no reason why you have to have a common immigration policy for all of America,” he argued. “You could let each state do it differently.
“I would argue the federal government should go one step further. They should deliberately force some places that don’t want immigrants to take them, because that’s the only solution for these big, hollowed-out cities where industry has left and is never going to come back unless you get some people to move there.” New York Post
Of course, contrary to what the good mayor states, people do still live in these cities, they just don’t have jobs because globalists like Bloomberg have off-shored the industry to locations where labor is cheaper and there are no regulations on how businesses can exploit the area and the people who work for them. What Bloomberg is talking about is bringing that kind of business “freedom” to America and then shipping in undocumented workers to take the jobs from these industries and further depreciate the salary ranges of other businesses around the area.
This, to globalists like Bloomberg and Murdoch, would be a good thing for America.

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