Friday, March 23, 2012

Oye Vay!

Iron Dome bill presented at US Congress

The US Congress' response to Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren's article was instantaneous. After Oren published an opinion piece discussing the growing need to invest in 10 more Iron Dome batteries, two House Representatives introduced legislation Wednesday that would allow the Obama administration to give more missile defense systems to Israel.
The proposed bill does not include specific figures, but it recognizes the operational success of Iron Dome, and its strategic significance in anti-missile defense. It also secures the budgeting of 10 more Iron Dome batteries, regardless of expected cut in security funding. The cost of one Iron Dome battery is $50 millions, not including the costs of the missiles and infrastructure.
Now, let me get this straight: the US Congress has generated funding legislation allowing for Obama to fork over more money for 10 more Iron Dome Batteries, costing $50 million dollars each?!?
Let's think about this for a second: As the Federal Deficit explodes; while US infrastructure crumbles; child poverty and food instability in this country grow exponentially, and US Vets sleep homeless in our streets, Congress is endorsing legislation which will "...allow the Obama administration to give more missile defense systems to Israel." to the tune of half a billion dollars, and that is not including"... the costs of the missiles and the infrastructure."?!?!?
It should be unambiguously clear by now to every American that every Congressional representative who allegedly represents them that they absolutely stopped caring about the need and concerns of American citizens, when they can so brazenly and blithely put the needs of a foreign government ahead of the needs of the American people.
We American citizens have become expendable, ahead of the security needs of Israel. And to be blunt, we have come full-circle, back to that awkward time in America's history when what we have is taxation without representation.
But how can you say that, you ask?!? After all, we have elections!
Oh, yes, we go through that Kabuki-like exercise we call elections, where primary manipulation is so intense that the votes have to be screwed into those ballot boxes!
And at the end of the day, the choices for high office, most generally, have already made for us by major corporations and private central banks.
So the cold, stark reality is that certain foreign governments (one in particular), and large corporations which have acquired US congressional representatives, are the only entities which matter to the folks in the bowels of power in DC; and if you think otherwise, take a very hard look one more time at this half-trillion appropriation legislation for Israel, and get over it!!

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