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The Artificial Birth of The Planetary Security State: Myth, Ritual, And Symbolism In The Global War on Terror

The Artificial Birth of The Planetary Security State: Myth, Ritual, And Symbolism In The Global War on Terror

Evil stares humanity in the face from inside the dark depths of Washington D.C.
"Reason is judgment which accords with the scale of values incorporated by the Creator in creation, and Satan has repudiated all--values, Creator and creation. His judgment accords only with his own pride and self-deceit, as we have already observed in his falsifying view of God, man, and nature. Thus God the Father describes the demonic revolt as a revolt from reason: the fallen angels
'. . .reason for their law refuse,
Right reason for their law, and for their King
Messiah, who by right of merit reigns.' (VI, 41-43) (Milton'sParadise Lost)
Reason, in Milton, is repeatedly linked with freedom. True liberty, Michael tells Adam, "with right reason dwells Twinn'd, and from her hath no dividual being" (XII, 84-85). Love, reason, freedom: the three are indissolubly connected, and Satan fell from all three. "Freely we serve, Because we freely love," says Raphael, "in this we stand or fall, and some are fall'n" (V, 538-41). Satan and God agree in this, if in nothing else, that "freely they stood who stood, and fell who fell" (III, 102)." - Roland Mushat Frye. "God, Man, And Satan: Patterns of Christian Thought and Life in Paradise Lost, Pilgrim’s Progress, and the Great Theologians." Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey. 1960. Pg.34.
The creation of a global fascist government by stealth, terror, and deception has been an ongoing historical process that is entering its final stages. Since 2001, the process of global political transformation has advanced speedily in the shadows of history, concealed from public view by the global state-corporate media. This radical and militarist process of global domination is tied to the illegitimate and Machiavellian global war on terror, which is evil at the core.

The global war on terror is not a war against terrorists, but a genocide of democratic values, sovereign nation states, and innocent human beings. The war's reasoning rests on false intellectual foundations and is completely devoid of morality and honour. U.S., Israeli, and Western officials have justified their insane aggressive global war by brainwashing their populations with fear and making baseless accusations against the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and others. 

II. Masking State Terror: Brand Psychology, War Propaganda, Cultural Legends, And Children's Fairy Tales In The U.S. National Security State's Version of History.

The official history of the war on terror is a farce. The 9/11 attacks, the hunt for Al-Qaeda, the reasons for the Iraq War, the death of Pat Tillman, and the official announcement of Bin Laden's mysterious death, are all war propaganda, political myths, and children's fairy tales. These events do not hold up to scrutiny. They are myths and legends.

The real history of the war on terror has been documented in great detail in the Internet wilderness by researchers, scholars, authors, and citizen-journalists from around the world.

In 1985, American philosopher and cultural critic William Irwin Thompson said that the U.S. military-industrial complex cannot survive without terrorizing other nations and creating new enemies, a point that was also made by ex-CIA officer John Stockwell in his 1984 book, "In Search of Enemies." Thompson wrote in his article, "It's Already Begun: The Planetary Age is an unacknowledged daily reality":
"Now what is the most important thing in defense integration to keep that economy running? Your Enemy. How are you going to work that system without an enemy? The Soviet Union is a more important part of America than Maine or North Dakota. We could loose those states and really be fine, but, if we lost our enemy, we'd collapse. So the basic system is to terrorize your enemies. Scare them and then use their aggressive behavior as prima-facie evidence that you need to beef up your defense industry. So you take a tiny little country like Nicaragua and you say we are threatened by it. They are going to be launching missiles. Terrify them so they have to declare marshall law and say the Americans are invading. Then they erode their civil liberties and you say, "Aha! See, they are eroding their civil liberties. They're a military state." That now entitles us to build up our troops and get ready to invade Nicaragua. It's a marvelous, perfectly closed, loop what in cybernetics is called a recursive system: Terrorize your enemy. Use their aggressive response to stimulate your own system and as you stimulate your own system that reinforces step one. It's a perpetual mobius strip of economic development where the more you do to him, the more it encourages the economy and the more it goes into its trillion dollar runaway.

It's the same thing with terrorism. We live in an informational society on a planetary scale. Who really understands that? Terrorists and rock stars. They know that the culture is information. They know that you have to manipulate information and that everything is appearance. Now what helps stimulate terrorists? The media, of course. Focusing all that attention stimulates them enormously. Between them there's an unconscious collusion, a funny cops and robbers game, where reporters are journalists and members of civilization and good guys, and terrorists are a threat to civility and everything that's decent. Yet, like continent and ocean, they are symbiotically feeding one another. Terrorists understand that, but we don't quite understand it yet because we've been trained to think in terms of matter separated as objects in vacant containing space. We think, here are the good guys and there are the bad guys. We don't understand this collusion with our enemy, and we don't understand how negation is a form of emphasis.

If we went back to the Old Testament, we could read in Genesis where it says, "Hey Adam, you see that red, juicy, luscious apple there? Don't eat it." Now that is a negation that's a form of emphasis. The Almighty, being omniscient and very smart, clearly knows that He has put the idea of eating the apple into Adam's head and, of course, what is Adam going to do but eat it and blame it on somebody else - project it onto his intuitive side. So, businessmen will make money and then project their sentimentality onto their wives, or America will have all this imperialistic behavior and project it on the Russians. To get beyond this, the unconscious has to be drawn into our own consciousness."
Thompson's last sentence is the most important, because it points to the reality of how the American and Israeli terrorist states psychologically manipulate the global collective mind to legitimize their destabilizing policies against innocent nations, while stigmatizing 9/11 truth-tellers.

The issue of consciousness is at the heart of the 9/11 events and the 9/11 debate. We are not dealing just with a political conspiracy against truth by the governments that were involved in 9/11 and the mainstream media, but also a psychological conspiracy against truth by the general public. The mainstream media suppresses the political unconscious and the dark side of America's militaristic state, but so does the general public, regardless of their partisan political loyalties.

The label "conspiracy theory" is used as a psychological crutch that makes it easier for people to suppress the reality of evil in the U.S. government, and avoid doing what psychologist Carl Jung advised, which is to integrate the shadow side of life into our conscious and face the darkness of existence. 9/11 truth deniers usually don't even entertain the idea that 9/11 was an inside job because they say holding such knowledge puts them in a dark space emotionally and psychologically. This is a child's response to the reality of evil.

Psychologists for 9/11 truth will play one of the biggest roles in the coming years in helping the American, Israeli, and Western public come to terms with what happened on September 11, 2001. The video, "Psychologists on coping with 9-11 truth," provides a small showcase of how professional psychologists can use their expertise to help individuals to overcome the mental barriers and face the truth that powerful elements within the U.S. and Israeli governments were responsible for the 9/11 atrocity.

III. The Mass Rejection of Official Narratives, State Imposed Myths, And The Established Meaning of History.

Hollywood, Washington, and Tel Aviv, the cultural myth makers and political rule makers, have used their power to brainwash the American mind and keep America in a state of perpetual war with the rest of the world, joined side by side with Israel. Stephen Lendman described both America and Israel as "sham democracies," in a recent article called, "America and Israel: Modern Day Spartas." He added: "They tolerate none at home or abroad. How can they when wars define their existence. They’re not for noble aims, national security or self-defense. They’re about advancing imperial dominance and tolerating no dissent."

The imperial elite in America and Israel are filled with hubris so they are not about to give up their power and control over human consciousness, Western memory, and global politics. But their power is not unbreakable. In fact, it is very weak. Their power is rooted not in justice, truth, and morality, but in violence, lies, and terror. The state imposed myths in their war on terror are collapsing. Their psychological enslavement of the American and global mind has been challenged and opposed from day one.

As a result of the global psychological opposition to the evil war on terror, there is a crisis of unity in our societies. The breakdown of the 9/11 myth has created a very deep psychological divide between the leadership and the population of the West, and of Israel. In this state of society, the economic and political establishment are emotionally separated from the people to such a high degree that they view themselves as a different species. The mass of humanity has been dehumanized by the sociopathic elite to the point that it is considered and treated as a disease that has to be systematically terminated out of existence.

Given this radical reality, there are only two social and political outcomes: violent repression, or global revolution. Under the American-Western-Israeli elite, the violent repression of the world population includes policies of genocide, the strategy of divide and conquer, state terrorism, engineering an economic collapse and world war, illegal imprisonment of political activists, media brainwashing of the world, systemic surveillance of society, food control, health control, and financial control. Such despotic control can only be exercised by a global elite through a scientific infrastructure of a new planetary security state.

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