Wednesday, January 18, 2012

F. Newsweek's Obama Cover - 15 Reasons To Send Obama Packing In 2012

Andrew Sullivan can kiss my ass.
Summarizing the Obama Presidency:
1) He's owned by Wall
2) He's a docile pet for the Geithner
3) He reappointed Bernanke...
4) Forced the Dalai Lama to exit the White House via the service
5) He's a war-mongering
6) Appointed 3 Chiefs of Staff who got rich on Wall
7) Generational
8) Extended the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest #2
9) Hired Larry Summers...'nuff said...
10) Worst golfer in the history of the
11) Can't throw a's much worse than you
12) Lies, lies, lies, lies,
13) Supported Cash for Clunkers and Homebuyer Tax Credit ($75 billion down the drain)...
13) Thinks Wall Street banks did nothing illegal...just ethics, baby, bad ethics...
14) Assassinates American citizens...Gitmo, drone strikes, disregards the Constitution...
15) Loves him some
16) Supported Bernanke's $16 trillion stealth bailout of Wall

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