Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Transmission from the Kingdom of the Meat Puppets.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, the assault bots are at it again, they even came in white contamination suits, pre-contaminated with a resident, violence virus that managed to get out, so I guess the suits don't work or, maybe it's a one way deal. I'm thinking it's a one way deal, like a two way mirror, which makes sense though you don't expect it would and that's how the bankers that they work for, managed to get things into the mess they are presently in.

The people can't occupy their own spaces because the people they elected to see to their interests are unable to see to their interests, because they have to see to the interests of the people, which has been the excuse over the course of the smack down. It's like this, they have to oppress the people and impinge and infringe on their freedoms, especially the right to assembly, in order to protect the rights of the people. It's kind of like making war to create peace.

Most of the people have a lot less money than they used to and now the big gift exchange is coming up, where people use material things to stand in the place of what they aren't willing to give instead. The result of this is that now seven out of ten Americans are overweight, half of those are obese and Mexico, probably due to proximity is movin on up. This is because flesh insulates us from a particular vulnerability that is the most desirable of all but gets in the way of self interest that will inevitably express itself in terminal ways. Love was last seen trying to hitchhike across the Pacific ocean cause there's no room at the inn.

All those wild and crazy shoppers, are shopping with money they don't have because hope springs eternal. It's a crapshoot as to where this is all going to wind up. You can keep in mind though that hardly anyone wins playing dice, except for the house and a small minority of people, who understand percentages and even those can vary widely on a given Sunday. No mater what, baby still needs a new pair of shoes.

Everything is connected to everything else, even if that connection has to be made through a whole lot of other connections. It's like six degrees of separation, or the scientific fact that everything is made out of the same thing, which you can take a couple of different ways, as far as main alternatives are concerned and be either a meat puppet or a spiritual being.

There are two problems that need a solution. One of them is you and the other is the bankers. As far as the personal problem goes, well, that's personal and it's been addressed a lot of times in these environs and doesn't need to be addressed again at the moment. The other problem is the bankers who are the court of last resort in the kingdom of meat puppets. Everybody has to go see them about something. Big corporations have to go see them, unless they are banks but even your neighborhood bank has to go to a larger bank and that bank has to go to a central bank, if only to get new currency. So the problem seems to be who is printing the money because they are the ones that tell the politicians and everyone else what to do, which is why David Rockefeller owns a big bank and why all those members of The Tribe own big banks.

Fixing the problem with banks, which determine the state of the culture, since they determine who does and does not get the money to practice or produce, whatever it is they bring to market, is critically important ...but unless you fix the problem with yourself, you can't fix the problem with banks. As it stands, the whole thing needs to crash, meaning turmoil and all sorts of unpleasant things are required to happen, in order to restore balance, unless a collective awakening brings about personal transformation and fractal, usurious, banker eradication. It might happen and it might not happen and it might happen in some places and not in others so, wiser minds should be in consideration of where they are located in respect of percentages and degrees of potential.

In times of self interest, which proliferates in times of material darkness, pride in one's personal choices becomes preemptive over the desire for change and results in the effort to make yourself feel good about whatever your lack of being able to control particular attractions has led to. Numbnut psychologists are now all about telling people they have to feel good about anything and everything, no matter what the cost is at any level. There are now more self help and recovery workshops based on the AA model (which I do see the good of in this particular instance) than we have space to list them here. There are proud and grateful survivors of everything and people who have been told it's okay to do and be anything because, “Hey, that's you baby, do your thing”.

The reality of the moment and moments coming, is that the old world is going down. Elements of the new world are already emergent in places. The old world does not want to go down but it will. That is an adamantine inevitability. Change or die is the hard truth here. Change or die.

Maybe it's possible for some collective group of people to storm the bastions and Bastilles of this world and take control of the situation. Putin did alright tossing the oligarchs out but Russia still has a lot of problems being caused by the usual psychopaths on the perimeters. So called people's revolutions haven't worked out, generally because the people weren't in command of the revolution. The bad guys were, so it not only wasn't a revolution, it was worse than what it replaced. Iceland managed to do the right thing but the same conditions and intelligence do not exist in a lot of other places, which gives an indication of some of the places you don't want to be when the shit hits the fan.

Even when revolutions do work out for particular nations, they have to endure the heavy threats, embargoes, financial meddling and imported terror that are the hallmark of Israel, USA and The Crown Colonies. It's always best to have a personal revolution first, in any case, because then you might wind up being informed about where to be, during the heavy breathing. It's all about breath, whether it be you, or the universe. My personal take is that one should be like one who stands on the shore of the ocean in a heavy storm and conducts it like a symphony, with their baton in motion. It's just more appearances moving across the screen and the fundamental disconnect with most people, especially those who think themselves informed by having a whole lot of information, that they can parrot for any circumstance, in the words of someone else, is that they are caught up in the perception that appearances are real when appearances are a lie. They are only part of the story and not the end of the instrument that you want to be on when the instrument is in operation, so far as perception goes.

I see the universe as benevolent and others see it as a scary and unpredictable place, while yet others see it as something to manipulate or dissertate upon, while it is in the process of gobbling them up. I believe in the fundamental “I don't know”, which does not mean I don't know nothing about nothing, no matter what. It means I get informed when I need to be informed and am not informed otherwise.

If the universe is a benevolent place then working with it is the key. In this sense, working with it seems to favor things like Feng Shui, Aikido, natural-non invasive healing and a general t'ai chi mindset. It seems to favor wu wei. I see the universe as a dance, primarily, which comes out of the sound of a cosmic drum that brings the resonance of Om. That's how I see it and that is how it has shown itself to me. I believe, as Lao Tzu says that one should not be hasty with the master's axe lest they injure themselves. For me, all I need to know is in The Way of Life. That's how I try to conduct my life. I see where my mistakes have gotten me and also what got me past and out of my mistakes.

People have a lot of arguments about the Hindu caste system, while not seeing the presence of the British or American caste system, or the caste systems that exist everywhere. One of the most important states of mind anyone can come to is when they are finally able to accept something that goes against their sense of justice and personal interest but which proves to be true. I'm not defending caste systems. I'm acknowledging them, IN WHATEVER WAY THEY ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO EXIST. All of this was simply so that I could use caste system in a sentence (grin); actually an example.

Some of us have Brahmanic tendencies and some Kshatriyas. Some are Vaishyas and some Shudras. That's just how it is. Recognizing what you are is a key to recognizing what you actually are, outside of appearances; or should I say 'inside'? I should mention, you can change your caste. I was a Kshatriya for the longest time and now I am Brahmin. My motivations, perspective, technique and relative objectives changed. I'm not trying to stay here, consciously or unconsciously. I'm headed to another planet and my intention is to create a community, join one or whatever the options may be, once I get there and get there I will, that's a fait accompli. Whether I do or don't get dusted is immaterial (pun intended). All that affects is the timing of my promotion. I'm just going through the motions of my course and trying to leave good footprints.

It never fails to puzzle me, even though it doesn't puzzle me, that people don't embrace the critical importance of what they do while they are here. That's about as big a no brainer as there is. Strive hard and yet surrender. One you control and the other you don't but you can have it in mind, because I sense that it is important in the long run. What is so difficult about being nice to each other and working for the common good? When personal desires triumph over at the very least, enlightened self interest, then something truly important goes missing. In any number of cases that is how you wind up on an asteroid rock with no one but you and Saturn, eventually, or some permutation thereof, like a hungry ghost.

Your time here is critically important, primarily because certain things can ONLY be accomplished here. You don't go somewhere else, as someone else, when you leave. You go where you already are but the plane of being is different, just as Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. The key to the kingdom are, to be operative, as if you were already living there. Some behavior applies and some doesn't and you can figure that out yourself. Earth is nothing more than a bus terminal. It's a pass fail university. It's a right now, imperative right now and all you ever will have is right now. Enlightenment makes this point in a big way. Do yourself a favor, take the last part of this posting to heart.

End Transmission.......

I'll have a personal offering coming in the comments section for those who may have an interest or live close enough to take advantage of it.

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