Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh, crap...............

Israeli Warships Move Against Surprise Gaza Aid Flotilla

Israeli Officials Condemn Attempt to Deliver Aid as 'Deplorable Propaganda'


Israeli warships are on the move tonight, preparing to attack a pair of aid vessels from Ireland and Canada which are attempting todeliver medical supplies to the Gaza Strip, insisting they will “take whatever measures will be necessary” to prevent the ships from reaching Gaza.

Israeli officials were quick to condemn the move as a “provocation” and claimed that an attempt to deliver aid amounted to a “
deplorable propaganda exercise.” The ships are currently in international waters.

The ships left from the Turkish port of Fethiye today, 
and were supposed to sail to Rhodes, according to Turkish officials. Instead the ships are heading to Gaza, with 19 activists and five journalists between them.

The sail was something of a surprise and 
activists from the two ships said they deliberately kept a low profile until reaching international waters, fearing that they would be detained in port or sabotaged like previous ships.


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