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Man to serve 5-year jail sentence for Phonehenge West Tree House

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Author: Brian D. Hill
If you already think the court systems across the country, and even the zoning laws are going too far then here is a story that will blow your mind. A man named Kim Fahey, this Friday, is going to serve a 5-year jail sentence for building the Acton California structure known as the Phonehenge West Treehouse.
“This Friday I’m supposed to get FIVE YEARS in jail for a TREE HOUSEYep! Plus, they already Bulldozed it….Chinese in our future? Try right now. I go to Heavy Equipment Auctions all the time. Are these machines going out to new generations of operators to start careers? NO WAY. Their bid on, scrapped for their WEIGHTS. Then, shipped to CHINA….On the way to the revolution, stop by and pick me up pal” was posted by Kim Fahey on USWGO Head Reporters facebook profile which was how this injustice was discovered.
Apparently he is already charged with twelve counts of misdemeanors which is how he will be in prison for five years over the tree house.
“Time is running out for this man, since when is being creative requires special kinds and expensive kinds of permits to be allowed to stand? Apparently if somebody was injured we would have heard news about this but heard none of the sort and if it was a danger to public safety I am sure he would have complied to make it more safer but the courts wanted to extort money out of him so that the bribed judges will either get kick backs from the Prison Industrial Complex or the special permit and cost requirements,” says Brian D. Hill the head reporter of USWGO.
If people can now get five years in prison over a tree house or other creative structures I hate to see what will happen to other people that create similar creations.
Kim Fahey with his model of the completed Tower - its main structure is raised on pilings 28 feet above the ground, as you can see behind him. — with Kim Fahey
Source: Facebook
The guise of criminalizing Mr. Fahey is under protecting building safety by enforcing safe building codes although I am sure many have visited his structure and never got injured so what is the problem here? The structure does not comply with the strict building codes. Apparently some strict-o working for the Government likely reported his property to the court system forcing him to comply with the court order to get proper permits, in other words papers please!
This image is not relevant to the story but shows the very definition of people being unlawfully detained by not being compelled to pay for tons of permits.
“Alan Kimble “Kim” Fahey has spent more than twenty years working, mostly single-handedly, to turn his Acton, California property into the wonderland of habitable sculpture he has named “Phonehenge”, “Hundreds of people have visited the property and admired the wonderful invention and solid construction of Kim’s buildings…even the unfinished segments are beautiful (see the photo albums). Now the County of Los Angeles has declared its intent to condemn not only his work, but the man himself to a jail term longer than those handed out for some violent crimes against actual victims.” reposted snippets from his Save Phonehenge West website.
While the corrupt judge enforces the new future Nazi Germany style socialist and communist system America has become since the Club of Rome infiltrating local and state Governments and the rise of Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Soetoro, he defends his actions by claiming to the media that he wanted to work with Mr. Fahey regarding his Phonehenge West building structure by stating to ABC7 News that “”I did not want to put Mr. Fahey in custody. I wanted to work with Mr. Fahey. I gave him an opportunity,” Mitchell said. “I don’t think he has taken the public risk to heart. He has chosen to do nothing.”
“If he complies with the judge’s order, he should get off with no more than a fine and community service,” said his attorney Jerry Lennon. So in other words he suffers whether he complies with the judges orders or not for a victimless crime. Victimless crime prosecutions have been on the rise since preteens being arrested for sexting charges, parents going to jail for refusing forced public school vaccinations against their kids, drug charges against thousands of recreation and medical drug users, and other forms of prosecutions over crimes which there are no victims and no damages but that simply a statutory law or code had been violated.
We are contacting the Los Angelas Court district judges for comments regarding these horrible turn of events, tomorrow we are calling each corrupt judges office and will request they give us a comment.I am even going to send a request for comment and interview with attorney Jerry Lennon about his situation.
“I in fact used to play in a tree house out in the woods as a kid which I am pretty sure would never be approved of by U.S. court standards. I do think safety standards are a good thing but they go too far and force all kinds of terrible fees” says head reporter of USWGO Brian D. Hill.
A commenter on one of ABC7‘s news articles, which we will keep anonymous, claims that the judge may have been bribed by another evil corporation just like with David and Jay Rockfellers Big Pharma, Monsantos Big Farm or Big Agro corporation, Military Industrial Complex, Prison contractors of the Prison Industrial Complex, and other crooked corporations abusing the law for their own self interests. The commenter put that “Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Daviann Mitchell is in receipt of bribes by the Antonovich syndicateFahey isn’t the only one to suffer from Antonovich’s cronies viscous land grab conspiracy.
Also recently around the same state a Federal Judge ruled that Americans are not allowed to wear an American flag as a form of Free Speech during the Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo. The founding fathers would in no way have approved the abolition of the American flag in favor of Mexicans reclaiming the American states as Mexico again. In fact even legal immigrants who used to be Mexican I discovered did not approve of illegal Mexican immigrants bossing Americans around while the legal immigrants pay the price after working hard to become citizens of America.
Apparently Phonehenge West has already been demolished by bulldozers but now because the court fears he will recreate Phonehenge West they just had to convict him over a treehouse.
In fact those in the Club of Rome that have wanted Agenda 21 enforced Mr. Hill has put in the documentary America: From the road of freedom to the streets of fascism about his very well input regarding the consequences of what Agenda 21 may bring to all of America and mankind.
You can see from his photo page that Phonehenge West was his dream, his creation, a structure similar to other brilliant places such as Corral Castle, and other great creations by those the Government doesn’t approve of.

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