Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Illuminati Hoodwink Extravaganza

by Zen Gardner
The rich and powerful can lie, cheat and steal….but we can’t. The elites can carry out multi-billion dollar covert programs directed toward their own devious ends….but we can’t even pay our bills. The rich can take private jets and bypass the insane invasive security grid…..but we get mugged and irradiated.
You think people really notice these things? When will the world realize how hoodwinked it is?
The police can be openly armed and in confrontational battle gear and beat people bloody…..but the unarmed civilian public gets assaulted and arrested for peacefully demonstrating for simple freedoms.
The military can bomb, strafe and murder without even political never mind public consensus…..yet you can’t sport a Ron Paul sticker without being suspected as a domestic terrorist.
How about those ‘richies’ flying about in their jets and having heavy duty energy consuming homes and lifestyles while complaining about global warming?
Notice a trend here?
But get back in line. After all, we have strict rules to follow. Not for them. For us.

Israel: The Perfect Example

This is how in-your-face this all-pervading double standard can get. And it’s done through elite controlled media manipulation. By creating a decades old super-embellished and repeated sob story that pales in comparison to most of history’s monstrous pogroms, a small but very vocal Zionist minority is allowed to run amok worldwide in the name of “self defense”.
Offensive to the conscious human psyche to the max.
America follows the same narrative, supposedly defending liberty and freedom. And they use the same ploy. Virtually create enemies to prove and validate their point to the on-looking media-controlled “cattle” of the world.
And it’s all literally bullshit.
Hence: “Nazis! Communists! Extremists! Terrorists!” (Muslim, and their varied sympathizers…btw, tomorrow it’s aliens so be on your toes…)

Selection of the Fittest

So how is this pulled off, this “hoodwinking” of the vast populace?
A little background info to fill in the blanks for you initiates:
These ruling elites are selected. First they prefer them to come from certain bloodlines. Then they’re put through tests to see if they can submit to the rigors of dehumanizing disciplines such as mind control, sexual abuse, humiliation and ‘hazing’ via private clubs and eventually the sacrificial rites of secret societies.
Then they have to pass tests to see if they are subject to empathy. If so, they are disqualified. You cannot respond to any of the human traits of compassion or empathy, except to their own families primarily, but that will be shut down eventually as they become more and more subjected to and controlled by the dark side.
Sound strange? Ever wonder how the world got to be the way it is, so defiantly selfish, materialistic, wicked and violent?
Sorry, but people aren’t naturally that way. Sure, some are, but not near to the extent we’re having shoved in our faces. The media, including the news, movies, TV, computer games and even music pushes this crap on purpose to keep their “cattle” from communicating and uniting and having a civil, loving discourse and a natural, constructive and conscious society.
It is that simple. We live in a world controlled, temporarily mind you, by very sick, manipulated sell-outs to an ugly agenda.

Have YOU been hoodwinked to some degree?

Just trying to expose and empower here. Most think I’m nuts. Great for the squirrels. It’s winter in the north.
Be happy. They’re thoroughly exposed and know it and are awaiting their downfall. Till then, keep happily “Occupying Life”!
Big Love Always, Zen

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