Tuesday, October 4, 2011


"Quick! Figure out a way to blame the crash on those protesters on Wall Street! I'll never win re-election if the people realize whatsisname was right about that @#%!ing marble! Crash the whole mess and blame it on those hippies!" -- Official White Horse Souse
The US Government is already looking for a scapegoat, which right now is Greece and all of Europe, for reasons I have already made clear. There is no 11th marble. And under a system of private central banks issuing all currency as interest-bearing loans, everything banks and governments do to "fix" the debt only creates more debt. That is why trying to fix the European crisis was hopeless to start with, basically trying to save a sinking boat with 11 holes and only ten corks. No matter how you move the corks from hole to hole, the water still pours in and floods the entire structure. Watertight bulkheads might have saved that boat, but the globalist money-junkies chopped out the bulkheads to make movement around the boat much easier. Now we see their terrible folly and the worst part is that the money-junkies still refuse to admit that their economic system was fatally flawed from the start, and desperately seek a scapegoat to blame it all on.
Which is why this "Anonymous" threat to DDOS the New York Stock Exchange on the 10th is highly suspect.
Final note. By now the money-junkies are already scheming on how to use the collapse of the current private banking system to force a new and larger and even more tyrannical private central bank on the entire world at once. Common sense has to tell you that this permanently institutionalizes slavery on a planetary scale. There will be nowhere to move to that is free of the private bankers. Debt cannot be solved with more debt. And given that globalism is what allowed Wall Streets mortgage-backed security fraud to poison the economies of most of the nations of the world, more globalism will not correct the problem.
It is time to tell the globalists to go to hell right alongside the private bankers. Buildings are protected by fireproof doors, and ships kept sinking by watertight bulkheads. The Earth needs national borders to keep humankind safe and protected from the greed and folly of national leaders.

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