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October 28-30, 2011 -- CIA counter-attacking on exposure of Obama and family as CIA operatives

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October 28-30, 2011 -- CIA counter-attacking on exposure of Obama and family as CIA operatives

A Republican Party insider has tipped off WMR on a covert domestic "dirty tricks" operation by the CIA, working with a group of right-wing Republican pseudo-journalists, to tarnish WMR and, in fact, anyone who has appeared on the Russian news network, RT, as agents of the Russian government.

The dirty tricks operation is intended to allegedly expose "links" between this editor and the Russian government to financially and professionally harm WMR. The project by the CIA, using right-wing operatives like Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media (AIM) and a group called America's Survival, funded through a myriad of right-wing non-profits, is to paint this editor as concocting the Obama's family's ties to the CIA to divert attention away from the meme that Obama and his family were Communists who took their orders from the Soviet KGB. The CIA, using ciphers like Kincaid, want to make it appear that Obama's and his family's "leftist views" mean that they could have never worked for the CIA in any manner. It should be noted that the Manhattan firm that Obama went to work at after graduating Columbia University in 1983, Business International Corporation, was a well-known CIA operation that sought to co-opt the left, from the Students for Democratic Society (SDS) to the Castro government of Cuba and the Kremlin leadership, itself.

Kincaid is said to be using an approach similar to that of GOP operative James O'Keefe of Project Veritas. Kincaid and his team are traveling around with video cameras and ambushing those on their target list. Having already confronted radio and TV commentator Thom Hartmann, whose program is aired by RT, the team is, according to our GOP insider, waiting to confront me with the question, "Are you an agent of the Russian government?" Hartmann has been asked the same question. The video tactic is similar to that used by O'Keefe and his colleagues against the housing rights group ACORN and in an attempt to infiltrate the office of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in New Orleans.

Kincaid and his group are also trying to show links between financier George Soros, the Russian government, and RT. In fact, on October 27, Kincaid's group sponsored a news conference at the National Press Club on the "Soros Files." The amateurish nature of this CIA-funded psychological warfare operation was evident when I, after having attended a press conference by ousted State Department officer Peter Van Buren, poked my head into Kincaid's "Soros Files" conference. No one, with or without a camera in hand, seemed to recognize me. The CIA appears to be as idiotic as the amateurs they hire to do their dirty work.

Kincaid claims to have a major scoop in uncovering this editor's "Communist" background (all obtained by Google searches) and his relationship with RT. It may comes as news to Mr. Kincaid and his merry band of confabulators but a check of RT's recent newscasts will show that I no longer appear as often as I once did. Although I was RT's first regularly appearing American commentator, appearing live at 12 noon Moscow time, and at the ungodly hour of 4 am Washington time, my normal appearances on the network now range from once to twice a month, and they are usually on RT Arabic. After moving to their new studios in Washington, DC, I appeared on RT's regular afternoon news feed from Washington three times a week, or when there was a breaking news story, such as the arrest of alleged Russian spies in the United States and a deadly nightclub fire in Russia.

Although these facts will mean nothing to Kincaid and his knaves, there is one interesting aspect to Kincaid's screed that deserves a closer look. Although the right-wing wants everyone to wrongly believe that Soros, who is actually connected tightly to the CIA, is a secret Communist, he is, in fact, a front man for the Rotchschild family. Soros is also a one-time collaborator, along with his father, of the German Gestapo in Hungary, an odd place for a Communist. However, Kincaid may have stumbled across something of merit in his scrutiny of Soros. Kincaid has accused RT of having links to Soros. Considering RT's newest lineup of Barack Obama cheerleaders like Hartmann and others, for example, Council on Foreign Relations operatives in New York City, who regularly appear on the network, there may be some truth to the allegations that Soros has somehow "bought in" to the network. RT is run by the RIA Novosti government-owned news agency in Moscow and it and Al Jazeera have gained the awkward admiration of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but only because they had been beating the United States and Hillary's Wall Street friends in the propaganda war. The change at Al Jazeera into an almost BBC-like compliant network has been stark.

Moscow and Russia are crawling with Soros operatives who are intent of blocking another presidential term for Vladimir Putin. Soros's NGO empire is the nexus of the CIA's media and education operations in eastern Europe and the former USSR, mostly through his de facto control of Radio Free Europe/Liberty and Radio Free Asia. The possibility that journalist/operatives for Soros have wormed their way into RT cannot be discounted out-of-hand.

However, Kincaid can't have his story both ways. Either Soros is a Communist who is working with RT and a secretly Communist Russian government to bring about a Communist coup in the United States or he is a major CIA operative who is intent on expanding his huge media empire to completely swallow up RT, Al Jazeera, and anyone else who hosts criticism of Barack Obama and dares to reveal Family Obama's links to the CIA. The record speaks for itself. George Soros is the latter.

As for Kincaid and his camera crew, I am armed with a small can of shaving cream, which will be used with great delight on their camera lenses.

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