Monday, October 17, 2011

Is Anyone Dumb Enough to Believe that Obama Supports the 99%?

Obama Pretends He Supports the 99% … But He’s a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Mr. Obama has appointed the very Wall Street insiders who helped cause the financial crisis to top posts. See this and this.
Obama – just like the other pimps in D.C. – has institutionalized fraud as an official (if unspoken) party platform.
Americans didn’t want bailouts, but Obama helped to facilitate trillions in direct and hidden bailouts.
Obama doesn’t support the 99%. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
As Yves Smith notes:
A saying I learned in Caracas: “A politician is someone who gets in front of a mob and tries to call it a parade.”
Update: A new poll by The Hill shows that voters aren’t buying Obama’s pretend populism:
The Hill poll found that only one in three likely voters blames Wall Street for the country’s financial troubles, whereas more than half — 56 percent — blame Washington.
Moreover, when it comes to the political consequences of the protest, voters tend to believe that there are more perils than positives for Obama and the Democrats.
A plurality believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement will hurt Democrats and Obama in the 2012 election. Even those whose sympathies lie on the left of center seem unsure about the likely political repercussions. Just half of all liberal likely voters — the group most likely to blame Wall Street for the recession — and fewer than half of all Democrats believe the protests will help their side next year.

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