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Muammar Qaddafi killed after gun battle in Sirte. Qatar/CIA propaganda network reporting this, so it may be just like "Osama Bin Laden killed after gun battle." The CIA isn't very original, pulp fiction manufacturers. Qaddafi first reported captured, and now the body is in a "secret" location.

then there is THIS.............

5th September 2011

Human Rights Watch and Time Magazine: Gaddafi's Security Chief Moussa Koussa a CIA asset
Gaddafi's former security chief Koussa was used by the CIA as part of their system of rendition of suspects and their families for interrogation and torture.   MI6 and MI5 monitored Libyan dissidents and reported regularly to Koussa's Tripoli office.  The US rendition system was instigated in 1986 by Vincent Cannistraro and others, and Cannistraro became in 1988 head of the CIA's Lockerbie team.  Prime Minister Cameron denies all knowledge of this and refuses to discuss security issues.  Well he might. This nastier side of British foreign policy is but one feature of resistance to any form of inquiry into the December 1988 Lockerbie attack.  The CIA and MI6 are most probably applying secret pressure too upon Scottish politicians, in order to ensure that no inquiry can take place. We therefore might fairly ask who really runs Britain?   You can read the Time Magazine article here.Meanwhile, Scottish Crown officials are desperate also to prevent publication of the SCCRC's reasons for concluding that Al-Megrahi "may have suffered a miscarriage of justice".  The world is entitled to ask why.  Only an inquiry by a senior Scottish judge independent of the Scottish Crown Office can restore confidence in a legal system today widely regarded as untrustworthy and tainted.  
The two key elements of the conviction of al-Megrahi are:  
1. The identification of Al-Megrahi: In an extraordinary development in 2005, Maltese shopkeeper Toni Gauci was exposed as an unreliable witness by the man who in 1991 indicted Megrahi, former Scottish Lord Advocate Peter Fraser.  In Fraser's words, Gauci was "an apple short of a picnic."  The judges had trusted Gauci's confused evidence, unaware of the existence of several other contradictory statements kept secret by the police.  The police also failed to reveal that another witness had proof that Al-Megrahi was not the culprit. The police also kept secret the US offers of unlimited rewards to Gauci if Al-Megrahi was convicted.  It is now proven that Gauci received $2 million and his brother Paul $1 million. 
2. A fragment of a printed circuit board:  Found by Dr Thomas Hayes, its label had been altered by unknown persons' and the entry concerning that finding  in Hayes' notebook remains to this day highly suspicious. 
To re-establish the reputation of Scottish justice it is imperative that an independent inquiry take place into the undisclosed evidence and its effect upon the course of the trial.  
The background.  
Terrorists who bombed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie on 21st  December 1988 murdered 270 passengers, crew, and townsfolk of a quiet Scottish town. Among the dead was Flora Swire, aged 24. Two Libyan agents - Abdel Bassett Al-Megrahi and Khalifah Fhimah - were targeted by the CIA and FBI as the guilty men. In a  trial held in Holland Fhimah was released with "No Case to Answer".  Al-Megrahi was convicted. Much of the world believed that that was where the story ended. Only after twenty years campaigning by Jim Swire, Professor Bob Black and many others did the sensational truth begin to emerge

Two personalities central to the investigation and trial were . . .
Vincent Cannistraro  - Senior CIA officer in the brutal 1980s Iran-Contra campaign in which mercenaries were trained in techniques of invasion and killing of Nicaraguan citizens and officials.  Wrote "the anatomy of a lie" to cover up US government involvement in Nicaragua.  In 1986 was commissioned by the US President to "Destabilize Libya and destroy the Gaddafi regime".  Secretly helped arm the Afghanistan Mujahadeen and Osama Bin Laden. In 1986 helped design the current US rendition system. His chief Admiral Poindexter chaired a top-level meeting to discuss the manufacture of evidence to destabilize the government of Yemen. Head of the CIA Lockerbie team, but did not attend the trial to give evidence.  
Dr Thomas Hayes - Over the 1970s and early 1980s progressed to Head of Department at the British Royal Armaments Research Establishment [RARDE].  His testimony was central to the Lockerbie verdict. But a Parliamentary inquiry into the 1974 alleged IRA Maguire Seven bombing and trial discovered that key forensic evidence which indicated innocence of the accused, and known to Hayes and two RARDE colleagues, had not been disclosed to the Maguire trial.  The Maguires were freed on appeal after fifteen years in jail.  
More evidence has since come from...
Former CIA agent, Robert Baer. CIA Middle Eastern specialist.  
Worked on the early stages of the investigation into the Lockerbie bombing. Has repeatedly claimed that there was in 1989 "Grade A intelligence" held by America to prove that Iran requested and paid for the Lockerbie bombing. If Baer is correct, then the bomb timer fragment which pointed to Libya must have been planted. More ...
Lord Fraser, Scotland's Chief Law Officer during the investigation and indictments. 
Claimed in 1991 that witnesses would "prove the case beyond reasonable doubt."  In 2005 he admitted to journalists that his chief witness Gauci was highly unreliable. Then in 2008, when questioned by a Times journalist, Fraser indicated suspicions that key evidence might have been planted with the knowledge of the CIA. More . .
Shukri Ghanem, Libyan Prime Minister 2003 - 2006  
Has twice said in radio and television interviews that Libya was not responsible and reluctantly paid $2.7 billion compensation only "to buy peace and move forward."  More ...

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