Friday, October 14, 2011

2012 Timeline: Assets Seizure, Hyperinflation And Debt Slavery

I have known for decades that the bankers have worked together for more than a century towards this one goal:
Everything You Own Will Be Seized By The Banks And You Will Become A Debt Slave.
I have decided to reveal the sequence of events, as best as I can decipher, the bankers have planned for you over the next 14 months leading to your slavery.
First: Hyperinflation will transfer all wealth from you to them by the end of 2012.
The total M2 Money Supply of the United States is about 10 trillion dollars. Ben Bernanke created 16.1 trillion dollars in loans from 2008 to 2010. We only heard of this from the Dodd-Frank bill which required a one time audit. But Ben Bernanke has been creating trillions of more dollars since January of 2011. He has been very active over the past month bailing out the Rothschilds and the other banks in Europe. The FED has created at least 20 trillion dollars so the total should be 30 trillion dollars. But Bernanke math says that 10 trillion plus 20 trillion equals 10 trillion.
The level of inflation they intend to unleash will destroy all of your pensions, IRAs, 401Ks, annuities and savings. Learn this secret:
If you had money before the banks inflated the currency, the wealth you had was taken from you and given to one of the elite. It did not disappear. It was taken from you by design.
Some might think this is great. We will destroy the rich. You will not destroy the billionaires but you will destroy the millionaires.
Previously, I showed how inflation will push an average working class married couple into confiscatory soak the rich tax rates Mr Buffet has been recommending. If the inflation is as bad as I think the bankers want, then the working class will be paying millionaire tax rates within 14 months.
The elite ran the price of silver and gold down so JP Morgan and HSBC got rid of their naked silver shorts ahead of the next CFTC meeting. But they also used the downturn to load up on gold and silver. Of course they do not have to buy bullion. They can steal it. They stole a billion dollars of gold from the COMEX on the night before 911. How many lead news stories have you seen about all that stolen gold or even those gold plated tungsten bars?
Second. They plan to steal all homes to complete your reduction to slavery.
If you are making payments on a mortgage or a small business or farm loan, that inflation they are sending your way will force you into bankruptcy so the bankers can seize your home, small businesses and family farm.
And they have prepared a special plan to steal the property of people who never took out a loan.
The banking elite have dedicated themselves to creating as much debt for as many nations as possible with a special Black Hole Of Debt for the Eurozone and the Americans. So even if you have no mortgage payment, you will choke trying to pay the taxes they claim you owe while they remain tax exempt. Soak the rich tax rates are there to divide and conquer by setting the poor against the middle class. Herman Cain for some strange reason is popular this week with the middle class for his 9% sales tax. I can guarantee you that it will be a 19% sakes tax within a year of passage. And that will be on top of increased state sales taxes. Cain is a Federal Reserve director. He will do nothing good for you.
The total debt of the US is not almost 15 trillion but closer to 20 trillion dollars because the US has guaranteed FHA, Freddie MAC and other housing related agency debt. What is not counted is all those Federal Reserve Bernanke Bucks the FED has floating around. If Ben prints up another 10 or 20 trillion on top of the 35 trillion or so he has floated around Europe and New York, you will not be able to buy a hamburger at McDonalds for ten dollars. A Big Mac at Zurich today will cost you $17.50. A glass of beer in Oslo is also $17.50. Fish and chips will run you $40. That is where Ben Bernanke has you headed over the next 14 months. He wants you to have:
An Unpayable Debt So You Will Become A Debt Slave.
Do you finally grasp how evil bankers are?
You will hear of a solution to the home foreclosure crisis some time next year. The globalist tax exempt billionaires will pass a law allowing you to remain in your foreclosed home. But, if you read the fine print, you will discover that you and your descendants will forever be chattel slaves.
I can hear a millionaire saying that can’t happen to me. I am a millionaire. I paid off my mortgages and my loans. And I bought enough silver and gold to pay my property taxes for the next five years. Au contraire. You will have to pay confiscatory taxes on the sale of your gold and silver. You will be the only person in your town able to pay property taxes so your town will reward you by raising your taxes. And your state and federal government will raise their taxes just for you too.
Mr Millionaire, the customers coming into your business will become exponentially poorer until the day Ben Bernanke lowers the really Big Boom.
The Big Boom: After the 2012 elections are over, I expect Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, Mervyn King of the Bank of England and Jean Claude Trichet of the European Central bank (all of whom are a credit to their Jewish race) to raise interest rates from below zero (after inflation) to the moon. This will send every paying customer you ever had directly into the poor house.
Third, I expect the bankers to keep making payments to the more than 100 million Americans on Social Security, unemployment insurance and Food Stamps. Those people and what is left of the union vote plus government workers and a few die hard liberals will be the core support base for the bankers in the 2012 elections. The tax exempt billionaires do want to pass a national sales tax and do want a soak the rich tax increases.
But notice what happens after the 2012 elections. Inflation will push the few people who still have jobs into the highest tax brackets. The national sales tax will reduce everyone to poverty. All the former homeowners will become chattel slaves. Interest rates will be higher than you can imagine.
And the bankers plan to make things even worse for you. As soon as your slavery is finalized about a month after the elections, the bankers will call an International Conference to devalue the dollar and what is left of the pound and euro. They will also default on all government debt.
What will this do? Devaluation will cut your wages in half permanently. Default will destroy what remains of your pensions and savings. All state, local and federal pensions will be either cancelled outright or cut by 80%.
And what of those people on Social Security, Food Stamps and unemployment insurance? Inflation will wipe them out. The poor will be of no further use to the billionaires after the elections of 2012 because the bankers will use the fear of a Second Great Depression to force us to accept a One World government. The New World Order was first prophesied by George H W Bush on 9-11-1990 exactly 11 years to the day before his son George W Bush presided over the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001.
When the NWO is a fact and not a plan and voting is meaningless, all those poor people who dedicated their lives to bankrupting the middle class will be exterminated through a series of plagues. What I am saying should not be considered as an attack on the poor. My regular readers know I favor the abolition of poverty. I just want the poor and the middle class, the whites, the blacks, the Hispanics, the Asians, the Christians, the Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhists and the atheists to understand is that the bankers want to do serious harm to every last person on this planet. It is time for all of us to come together and work for the worthy goal of liberating humanity from the Scourge of Banker Occupation.
As I have been saying for some time, the Foundations have been telling us for decades that they plan to reduce the population of the world by 5 or 6 billion. A series of plagues will break out just before the 2012 elections but they will not make the headlines in the controlled press until the voting is over. The only people allowed to live will be the elite and their well trained and docile slaves. Slaves will happily pay an 80% tax rate and not utter one word in criticism of Banker Bailouts, human trafficking, organ trafficking, disappearances of the “bad people”, the torture of the “bad people” and the assassination of “bad people”. After all, if the media the bankers own say “bad things” about you, then you must be a “bad person”, an Enemy of the State and deserve to be killed by a drone attack on the streets of America.
That is their plan for you.
What is your plan for them?

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