Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28-30, 2011 -- DATELINE JAKARTA. Jakarta: Mission complete

WMR's investigative mission in Jakarta is coming to a close. This editor will be leaving on August 30 for about a 30-hour trip back to Washington, DC. Indonesians are preparing to celebrate the end of Ramadan, with many Indonesians departing Jakarta for their home towns for the annual Lebaran celebration, a sort of hybrid Christmas and Thanksgiving.

It has been discovered that the U.S. embassy here has been providing propaganda "cover," at taxpayers' expense, to the official Barack Obama/Stanley Ann Dunham "story" from Obama's youth and Mrs. Dunham Soetoro's "humanitarian" work in Java. The investigation has opened up further doors but follow-up on new leads will necessitate additional media support, for which WMR lacks the finances or infrastructure to carry out. An incumbent president of the United States, especially one who is running for re-election, has a massive infrastructure at his disposal to create road blocks. Upon returning to Washington, I will pitch a proposal for additional media support.

Since being in Jakarta, I have seen the value of the U.S. dollar decrease against the Indonesian rupiah. It is the same story across Asia, which was once seen as a bargain for Americans with dollars. Even the Philippines peso has increased in value over the U.S. dollar. For that, we can thank Obama and his band of Wall Street gangsters and shysters who have turned the greenback into a virtual Third World currency.

With a depressed U.S. dollar, Jakarta no longer a bargain for American shoppers.

Although many uneducated Indonesians continue to admire Obama because of his past links to this country, those Indonesians who have a better sense of their own history from the 1960s and the Suharto "New Order" that followed the 1965 CIA-supported coup know better. They have been quite open about their suspicions about Obama's family's links to the CIA and the Suharto dictatorship. Indonesia, like Vietnam, Congo, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya, is another country where a patriotic American feels compelled to apologize for the past human rights atrocities carried out by the CIA and Pentagon.

This will likely be the last dateline from Jakarta before the long trip home.

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