Sunday, July 3, 2011


.....and so am I :-)

Life as an anarchist is a strong life held honestly by the extreme resistance than beholds all of us each and every day.  Every day I think about who I can reach that day through liberating free speech that only friends, co-workers, family and neighbors can enjoy. 

Those few and far between conversations among  those you trust that leave you wanting more,  when a group or pair of people can freely exchange ideas without fear of persecution.  

When was the last time you held a conversation like that?  Where people are sharing with each other their ideals, beliefs and principles without fear or judgment? 

Possibly radical ideas of government, the state of our country, life as a free thinker, state of the forest decline, the solar system, banking fees....  too many to list.

 I've noticed in my life that more and more people are closed up to free thinking.  I try my hardest to enjoy these sessions of free ideology within my closest peers to hear only mundane excuses for restricted ideals and a conformed existence. 

It's driving me insane. 

How do you meet people within your community that are free thinkers?  Do you go knock on doors?  Do you stand outside a grocery store in your neighborhood?  How does one find others that can freely exchange ideas of direct action, dreams and realities?

All of us are Anarchists.  Each and Every One of Us!  

Every single day, I see people living a peaceful anarchist life...  showing signs of anarchy, showing signs of strength, showing signs of knowledge of big corporations and money and our environment, ACTING ON THESE FEELINGS of anger, repression or frustration through small jabs of defiance.  

How do we cross over into bigger punches??

I see you shoplift, I see you give a homeless man money, I see you flip off the cop as he drives by, I see you smoking weed in the park, I see you planting gardens where they don't belong, I see you drinking where it says "NO DRINKS ALLOWED", I see you kissing your husband in public, I see you at school board meetings speaking, I see you cutting in line, I see your dreadlocks, I see your tattoos, I see you sneaking in the buffet, I see you stickering outside Walmart, I see your military survival gear, I see you pouring alcohol into your cup at the baseball game, I see you at your friendly poker games, I see you on the phone lying about your bills to creditors, I see you not comply, I see you applying the ability to free think, I see you applying the knowledge of big corporations.

I see you.  I know you are there.

What act of anarchism did you participate in today?  What did you do that was unconventional?  What did you do that you knew you could "get in trouble" for?  Where did you defy the lives that are crammed down our throats of conventionalism, capitalism, slavery and repression?

I learned how to Dirty Write today.  I'm looking forward to spreading this new found knowledge of peacefully spreading free thought and anarchism in our society without fear of property damage or legalities.

People like Michael Rivero  of "" lives his life every single day without fear of prosecution of others, spreading the word about what is really happening in our lives and I'd bet he knows just how many people he has touched through the power of FREE THOUGHT and of course, FREE PRESS.

I hope and try to humbly and inadvertently do the same in my own community.  What about you?

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