Friday, July 15, 2011

President Obama To Hold Press Conference Friday 11 AM EDT About Debt Ceiling and Budget Meetings 15 July 2011



President Obama will be holding a press conference at 11am EDT Friday morning 15 July 2011 to try and explain to the nation the status of USA debt negotiations and debt ceiling talks between his administration and the GOP leaders.
The ongoing impasse between the political franchises, as well as, the President’s agenda for the nation during the rest of his administration – has not found any give from either side.
On 13 July by the end of the day, the President abruptly ended the meeting, and the remark that made it into the headlines was: “Don’t call my bluff.”
As of this writing, MSNBC is reporting that Obama has canceled the debt ceiling working meeting for tomorrow and demanded a "working plan" from the Congress in the next 36 hours.
The press of time may be because more and more Americans have been asking why we need to borrow money from a private central bank that simply prints it up at interest, when the US Government has the constitutional authority to create their own money and spend it into circulation interest free. Lincoln did it. Kennedy did it. Obama is refusing to do it because he works for the money-junkies, not you!
Obama has hit the panic button and is grandstanding, trying to bluff (his words) the Congress that the people of the United States will support his strong stance or react in fear to the scare tactics even now pouring forth from the TV sets of America.
As I type these words, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell is trying to paint a portrait of utter doom and destruction if the debt ceiling is not raised, including the shut off of Social Services (but of course no mention of scaling back the wars). At one point in the tirade, Lawrence O'Donnell was even claiming that the debt ceiling could be raised without any increase in taxes, which of course is nonsense.
But MSNBC, like every other corporate TV network, bows to corporate interests and the corporations want an increase in the debt ceiling so that the government can go on buying whatever they have to sell, and of course, the bankers are rubbing their hands in glee at shoving that debt hook up the rear end of Americans just a bit further.
Obama is planning a press conference tomorrow morning to beg the American people to pressure Congress to plunge the nation further in debt. We are already hearing the claim that "Default is unthinkable" and that is indeed the problem. They were not thinking. The US Government borrowed and borrowed and borrowed in the certain belief that some other administration would deal with the problem of repayment.
Bottom line is that raising the debt ceiling does not solve the problem; it merely prolongs it. If Obama demands you call Congress and ask for the debt ceiling to be increased I ask you to call Congress and demand the debt ceiling stay where it is, and end the wars to balance the budget.
This is a fight for the very soul of the nation. Who will prevail? The American people, or the money-junkies? Only you can decide and you will decide by way of your actions over the next 36 hours!

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