Saturday, July 9, 2011

Phone Hacking, FBI OKC CCTV, Hemingway's Hell - New World Next Week

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  1. Todd Morris of BrickHouse Security and is the developer of similar hacking devices that were used in this situation on Rupert Murdoch he also says he is affiliated with DHS and gave $1000.00 measly dolor's to the DNC last year.

    Our government in the US promised the use of wire taps and phone hacking would not be used against the American people and later we find out the government is using it on Americans on a limited basis and again assured us this was limited but what they failed to tell us is people like Todd Morris are selling the hacking devices and coming to find out he is affiliated with DHS and gave 1000.00 to DNC last year. The people on the internet are showing how angry they are and by the time congress and the senate return on Tuesday there is going to be a lot of questions and the people who have made these devises go viral and being used to stalk and harass people is going to get really nasty this week. Just to let you know there is far more to this story and those who have caused this to come out have done something they did not count on.

    I can assure you by mid week there is going to be hell to pay for the makers of these devices and the American people are not going to take it anymore. if you support these devices being used then your going to be neck deep in proverbial shit by Friday.

    This was a set up on Rupert Murdoch and I am not even a big fan. The makers of these devises are in deep trouble come Tuesday and that is a promise.