Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get Ready for Agenda 21 GREENOCIDE: Coming to a Town Near You…. SOON!

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent -
If you thought that the eugenics agenda of the United Nations needed to be spelled out a bit better by so called ‘conspiracy sites’ then look no further than the latest United Nations plans for a Green Army. If there’s a better ‘conspiracy’ site on the planet, let me know.
The function of this army is to enforce peace upon already peaceful people down the barrel of a gun or the flight of cruise missiles. How peaceful does it get right?
I guess with this kind of logic we should just whip out those nuclear launch codes and wipe out humanity once and for all and leave the planet to the far superior species that can shelter and survive such a catastrophe.
Oh, I forgot; the elite, through the United Nations already has a plan for wiping out humanity and leaving it to the animals. It’s called Agenda 21!
Yep, we’ve become far too bothersome and useless these days that there’s nothing else for it but to eliminate 90% of us and keep the 10% that are left alive in perpetual slavery societies where they’ll have no other function but to serve the whims of those elites who scurried underground whilst their useful idiot minions were on the surface destroying the planet and with it 90% of the world’s population.
Those 10% of people kept in chains will be used, abused and excused from their duty to survive as and when these elites see fit. You may be allowed to breed the next generation of slaves unless the mad scientists of destruction have the means to ‘breed’ the slaves they desire with no need for human procreation. I think the latter is more likely such as the factory farms of babies depicted in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’; a slave for every function required.
But getting back to Agenda 21, we can see the pieces being put in place today with farmers being forbidden to grow crops on their own land, thus initiating food shortages; people being forbidden to grow their own food in their gardens thus not being able to provide for themselves when the food shortages do come; and those who choose to be self-sufficient in any way being evicted from their own land and thrown into the communist system which has subverted its way into so called ‘civilised’ Western societies today. We will not be allowed to have any means of survival because the bottom line is that the UN want you dead!
In terms of the ‘Green Helmets’ as the UN will call them, these mercenaries of the power elite will be invading countries under the guise of saving the world from climate change, that utter nonsense promoted as scientific fact by the same UN cult that would have us believe that CO2 is a toxic substance and that they can save us from ourselves because they are better than us. They will stop our carbon footprints destroying the world whilst they rampage across it with military might destroying everything in their path and leaving death in their wake whilst at the same time leaving the environment contaminated with toxins and radiation for centuries to come.
These ‘Green Helmets’ will of course remove millions of carbon footprints from the surface of the Earth; one pair for every human they cull, as they rain down bullets and missiles on the heads of humanity killing and maiming in the name of Gaia, the new cult religion of the globalist’s twisted minds.
Welcome to HELL complete with copious amounts of fire and brimstone courtesy of the UN, a private organisation, funded by elitist bankers to do their bidding in a crusade of eugenic ‘Greenocide’ on the rest of humanity.

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