Monday, June 27, 2011

Lessons from the "Fugowi"


Have you heard of the Fugowi?  It's an ancient tribe - if you haven't you are forgiven in advance.  They were known for having a poor sense of direction.  In fact - that's where their name originates - as historians have discovered reading the obscure journals of the brave souls who risked it all to live with the Fugowi.  Every time the Fugowi got lost  - they would ask:  "Where the fu@# are we?" - the rest is history.

Perhaps we can learn something from the Fugowi - that we can all get lost - but what is important is to take stock once in a while to determine where we are.  Not geographically speaking - but generally speaking.  Progress toward the America we want can only proceed with an idea of our current status - after all - so much is going on and the rate of change is accelerating.

The good news is:  people are talking to each other mutually recognizing that our mainstream media simply parrots an agenda dictated by their corporate masters.  This is progress.  Not too long ago - subjects that could not be discussed seriously in the open are now OK.  Like 911 truth - the Federal Reserve scam - the New World Order agenda - the disproportionate Israeli influence on American politics - the police state - and many other topics.  All were considered "dirty words" just months ago.  But not now.  THAT'S PROGRESS.  Here are some more:

1. Rigged Elections-
Here we are - June 2011 - another corporate pep rally for president already in the works.  America is dying while the NAZI-Feds grasp for ever more power hoping that the politicians and consumers will cower.  Federal monies used as virtual bribes for the state governments are losing their appeal as the citizens press their "representatives" to stiffen their spines bent from years "under the yoke."

Repeated dicussions with friends and family have ended with:  "Well - THEY voted him/her in" while discussing the latest federal slap in the face toward some congressional district.  But - did they?  I have my doubts as the voting machines are so easily rigged one would have to be a two-year-old to trust them.

The electronic "voting" machines have to go if we are to rely on our elections.

2.  Crooked Federal Reserve - yep - Ron Paul has led this charge forever - and finally he's being recognized for the independent thinker and leader he is.  If the secret leeches that run this blood-sucking pyramid scheme are not ejected from our financial system - we are doomed.  They are crooks plain and simple.  They lie, cheat, and steal - BIG MONEY - while the little minimum-wage workers they hired with our bailout money after they went bankrupt call out-of-work taxpayers demanding late fees, interest and all kinds of other greed-based usurous sums.

Greed is really a diseased state of mind.  Greed is NOT good.  Greed is a disgusting form of gluttonous behaviour that relies on the impoverishment of many to feed one fat pig - a fat pig that can never ever get enough to sate their sick greed-need.  And these gluttonous pigs hide behind laws emplaced by lobbyist-operatives they cleverly emblaced to screw YOU out of everything you have.

By the way - NO - there is NO government agency monitoring these swine - that's why we are in the crisis we are in.  You are on your own.

Dump the Fed.  We are all hungry - time to kill the pig.

3.  Unjust War - An unjust war can only end one way - as a victory to the just.  I know this sounds optimistic - but that depends on which side of the war you are on.  I am on the losing side - being an American.

"We" are "fighting" a war based on lies based on torture based on false-flag attacks.  These attacks could only have happened with the endorsement of elements of our own military.  If you still believe the government version of what happened on 911 - I feel sorry for you - because either you haven't read the information available - or you can't absorb the information available - or you rely on the mainstream media to digest the information available and you believe the lies they are selling to you on General Electric television (NBC, MSNBC.)

Don't forget that as of right now - America has lost the moral high ground - the only podium upon which anyone has the credibility to point at human rights violators like communist China and make demands.  The only podium upon which one can complain when someone tortures American soldiers, POWs etc...

When you endorse torture, like Sean Hannity, endorse torture.  Period.  You know - for your father, brother, mother, etc... in the US armed forces.  Yeah - that's what Hannity is doing - saying torture works - that means it will work on your son or daughter if/when they are captured.  Don't forget to mail that little scumbag Sean Hannity a thank-you letter for his endorsement of torture.  After all - if it works on the enemy - it oughta' work on our boys/gals too - right?  How sick.  Tar and feathers.

End the wars.  Prosecute torturers and put them away - including their radio-salesmen.

4.  More war - oh yes - don't think the PNAC NAZIs are finished yet.  These nutcases are serious.  No - not enough to carry their own machine gun into the field - for YOUR kids to go fight their fantasy war for world domination.  Iran.  Syria.  The Project for a New American Century.  Billy the Krystol - yeah - I'll bet his kid is going to war - after all - he's selling these wars all the time.  Or is that clown's kid in college - or maybe collecting money originating from your tax dollars?

Stop the warmongers - the power of the purse was put there for a reason.

5.  Economy - A wasteland.  Americans are draining every asset they have - their savings - meaning retirement - just to pay off the usurous bankers.  Yes - the bankers need more and more and more money all the time - and they pay lots of collection agents to harass and abuse Americans every minute of every day in an attempt to torture them into delivering money they couldn't come up with if they robbed a bank.  Meanwhile - the lying politicians line their pockets, put up a fake protest while the king starts another war in the middle east - and tread water as they await their guaranteed slot as a lobbyist when they have to flee office to let the next liar in.

Make our own stuff here.

6.  Industry-  Military-industrial-"education" - complex.  Get a "job" in the military for short-term escape from poverty - go kill poor people in an area that has natural resources we need - do so many tours your head is ready to explode - then come home and get a job at McCheesburgers saying "yes maam" - then live with what you did over there.  Well - maybe not - when you take the depleted uranium and other hazardous exposures that are delivered to every GI.

There is no industry in the US anymore - that is - civilian.  This is a treasonous state of affairs - because it was the ability of the US to transform civilian industry quickly into war industry that won WWII.  What are we gonna do now?

Bombs end up as shards of waste - many times embedded in the bodies of innocent victims.  We can do better than that.

7.  Sovereignty-agenda 21 is taking root at the local level.  This is not a joke - ignore at your own risk.  United Nations based bullshit.  Unelected scum coming to take everything away from private property owners from "sea to shining sea."  Can't say I blame them  - damn nice property to steal from the mushroom-masses.

Abide by the constitution - strict adherence.  Treason has been defined  - send treasonous scum to the big house.

8.  Food - genetically modified corporatized and government backed poison.  Watch "Food-Inc" - and see if you can ever stomach another burger from the yellow arches.

No more Monsanto et al - we never needed them in the past and we don't need these greedy scum now.

9.  Media Crisis - the only industry protected by the Constitution - usurped by the immoral and monied greed-motivated scoundrels who think it's OK to pay talking-heads to lie to the public rather than report the truth to the public so they can make up their own minds.

No - the owners of OUR airwaves - are so smart - that they just KNOW what is right for the public - and that THEY - being the wise ones - will do whatever it takes - including lying to YOU - about what is really going on - who is really the best candidate for you -  but who is the best candidate for THEM - that is - who will allow these elitists to maintain their domination over YOU?  That's the news they feed you - sh#t - since they consider you mushrooms to be kept in the dark.

Our mainstream media is a model of corruption and cowardice - as those with the shows take their orders and report nothing that will benefit the listener - just a bunch of garbage orchestrated to provide a smokescreen to hide the unconstitutional crimes being committed every day by our federal guvmint.

Break up mainstream media monopolies - let the independent voices set us free.


What to do?

Keep talking - if you are an awakened citizen - stay informed - keep talking to everyone you know.  So far the truth is bleeding into the fabric of lies woven for so many years.

The truth is coming out - although a slow process - it is an unstoppable force - that is reaching critical mass.

Together - although independently - and in our own ways - with our own means - we are winning. 

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