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Posted on March 21, 2011 by horse237

The Empire that rules over us like all others before it has resorted to lies to keep the society together. In a small community trust is like the mortar that holds separate bricks together to form one cohesive and enduring building. Yet even the dimmest bulb can clearly see that America is failing to function and is near collapse.

We have reached a point where the lies are no longer believed by the majority. In the preceding sentence I left out the word citizens because Empires do not have citizens with rights. Everyone below the rank of Emperor is a slave.

In modern America if you are not a billionaire like Lloyd Blankfein, Blythe Masters, Jamie Dimon or Rupert Murdoch, you might as well be a landless peasant under Ivan the Terrible or a black slave in 1827.

If you are under the illusion that you are a free man or woman, please go to any airport and explain to the TSA that you are a citizen of the American Republic and that the Bill of Rights protects you against all unreasonable searches and seizures without due process of law and probable cause

In keeping with Fukushima I will say that America is at a point where we are reaching critical mass and the lies will on their own ignite into a fireball of sustained reaction bringing down the old regime and freeing the commoners to form a Second Republic.

I will list and briefly explain a few of the more obvious lies. I will then explain how we can tie all of these lies together into one whole that will take the Empire down.

I think the father of lies in America has to be the Federal Reserve. It is a privately owned bank. Yet it issues our currency. Imagine that you were a counterfeiter and had a license to lawfully print all the Federal Reserve Notes you wanted provided you only circulate your bogus dollars by loaning them either to the government , to businesses or to individuals

Since you only printed enough dollars to pay back the principal and not the interest, each year you must print exponentially more money until all nations who tolerate your fraud are burdened with a Debt Bomb that can only be canceled through either a 1923 Wiemar Republic style hyperinflation or a 1933 type of Deflationary Depression.

The Russian demographer Borisov said millions died of starvation in the American Great Depression.

But why would you expect a banker to care about you and your family?

The next lie is the Myth of the Balanced Budget and the two party system. The hicks and boobs are allowed to choose between two parties both of which have candidates approved for them by Wall Street.

Yet we have a banking system written by Wall Street which does not allow us to create money so we can buy and sell unless we have first accepted a loan.

This means if the Right and Left ever agreed to savagely cut benefits and wars and passed a confiscatory tax on all savings and pensions, we would cancel all 20 trillion dollars in US debt and the bonds guaranteed by Fannie Mae and the other agencies.

At that point, we would not have any money because repaying a debt cancels money in circulation under the Federal Reserve system. We would not have a currency until we agreed to borrow more counterfeit money from the bankers.

We are in a very deep hole dug for us by Wall Street who knew there was no way out for us in 1910 when at a private meeting the bankers wrote the legislation that created the Federal Reserve.

The bankers will not allow you to freely discuss any rational solution that will work. They will allow morons to prattle on foolishly to let you think that the First Amendment still applies.

The third lie has to be the Kennedy assassination. The first thing I would say of his murder is that it occurred on November 22nd. Look at every book on the Kennedy assassination and try in vain to find the following point:

The Federal Reserve legislation was written by a private group of bankers at Jekyll Island in November of 1910. But their first meeting was held on November 22nd in the private rail car that took the conspirators from New Jersey to Georgia.

JFK signed Executive Order 11110 which ordered the Treasurer to print US Banknotes to replace Federal Reserve Notes. These debt free notes were taken out of circulation as soon as JFK was dead. If he had lived, we could have a debt free currency and live in a nation without a national debt or a Debt Bomb hanging over us.

If you see anything about the JFK assassination which does not include the fact that the President was murdered on November 22nd as a warning to every American that Wall Street controls your money and is allowed to steal every last dime, then ignore it.

I would however lend some credence to what Mordecai Vanunu said about Israel killing JFK because he opposed a nuclear arms race in the Mideast. He also wanted the predecessor to AIPAC to register a a foreign lobby.

Israel was allowed to acquire nuclear weapons and AIPAC was never forced to register as agents of a foreign power after his death.

The next lie is such a whopper that I doubt even the biggest cretin on network TV would believe it though they know better than to allow us to discuss it on air. The lie would be that there are auditing procedure in place to prevent evil people from systematically looting federal spending.

You have probably seen the September 10th, 2001 interview with Donald Rumsfeld on CBS in which he admits he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense spending. He promised us that he would institute some kind of accounting procedures so we could trace the taxpayers money at an undisclosed future date.

Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the Comptroller of the Pentagon on 9-11. He had 600 military and civilian personnel busily trying to trace that money when according to April Gallop, a third generation soldier, Lt Colonel Karen Kwiatowski USAF and Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret who was Acting Assistant Director of the DOD for Special Operations, a bomb exploded killing the men and women attempting to recover the 2.3 trillion dollars that persons unknown had stolen. That was before what was alleged to have been Flight 77 struck the building.

So why no mention of this bomb in the mainstream news? So why were no crime scene photos of the interior of the Pentagon ever released?

I would be remiss in not pointing out the work of Catherine Austin Fitts who has revealed that tens of billions were sucked out of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She once found one single block in San Diego with ten loans totaling 20 million dollars on buildings that never existed.

Catherine said that Wall Street is systematically looting the taxpayers of trillions of dollars which they are sending overseas and investing in drug money laundering and other schemes so they can buy America for pennies on the dollar and turn you into the slave they obviously think you are.

The next lie is that 19 Arabs with box cutters hijacked four airliners on 911.

I once posted a list of the passengers and crew from the four planes as originally published by CNN.

Surprise. Surprise. There were no Arabs on any of the planes. The list of 19 Arab names was conveniently found in the trunk of a car along with obligatory copies of the Qur’an. As if possession of the Qur’an were proof of a crime.

So how did those 19 men get past the ticket agents without IDs, boarding passes and tickets?

Some have speculated about Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Before he was Comptroller of the DOD in charge of the missing trillions of dollars, he was CEO of SPC International which made the Command Transmitter System. This allowed one operator to remotely control multiple planes. They say this is how three of the four planes reached their targets without qualified pilots on board.

Mike Rivero has speculated that Flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania because the pilots and crew had broken free from CTS control and could not be allowed to land and say, “What Arabs? There were no Arabs on board. We had to regain control of the aircraft from Rabbi Zakheim’s remote control system.”

Anyone who would accuse me of being anti-Semitic for mentioning Rabbi Zakheim and thinks I made up those CNN passenger and crew lists can leave a comment and I will publish the list so we can all judge for ourselves who is lying

I am not anti-Semitic. I did not mention that John Wilkes Booth and Donald Rumsfeld were Jewish.

While we are on the subject of 911, I would like to dispense with the lie that two airliners filled with jet fuel took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7. Please note there were 2 planes and 3 towers that fell down that day. Tower 7 was 47 stories high and was never hit by a plane but it did collapse in 6.5 seconds.

The first thing to point out before watching a video of WTC 7 collapsing is that not one window melted. This is amazing considering that windows melt at 800 degrees Fahrenheit or 426.66 Celsius. Steel melts at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,204.44 Celsius. This would suggest either an intelligent fire that avoided the windows and consciously chose to melt the steel girders from all 47 stories simultaneously or a controlled demolition.

An intelligent fire is not likely.

You could Google WTC + nanothermite and discover that thermite is a metal oxide invented in the 19th century and used by welders to greatly increase their flame by adding oxygen to cut metals.

Nanothermite has a much greater surface area in relation to its volume. If you spray nanothermite on steel girders and ignite it remotely, then you can collapse an entire building in seconds without melting the glass. Nanothermite burns at over 5,200 degrees Fahrenheit or 2,871.11 Celsius and cuts through steel girders in seconds.

Unfortunately for the TV 911 hucksters, Nanothermite is only available from Above Top Secret military labs in the US and Israel.

Traces of nanothermite were found in the rubble at 911 by many well respected researchers. I should also mention that more than 400,000 cubic yards of concrete were transformed into fine dust in a matter of seconds. That could not be done by anything less than very advanced weapons available only to a few governments.

You can’t buy either nanothermite or advanced military explosives on EBAY from a cave in Afghanistan.

Before leaving the subject of 911, I would like to mention Jane Stanley, the BBC and WTC 7. The BBC presenter in London announced that they had just received word that a third building had collapsed in New York on 911 and switched to Jane Stanley. You can see WTC 7 clearly still standing in the background behind Ms Stanley.

Yet she prattled on for several minuted before BBC cut away from her. She calls WTC 7 the Solomon building. BBC later admitted that they had been informed prematurely by Reuters that WTC 7 had collapsed.

England had just come off Summer Time but America was still on Daylight Savings which could account for the mistake in time differences.

An anti-Semite would point out that the Rothschilds own Reuters and Associated Press. An Anti-Semite would ask why no Rothschild was called before the 911 Commission and asked how he knew WTC 7 was going to collapse half an hour or more before it did fall down?

I would like to discuss the myth of free trade next. In 1994 the Congress and Bill Clinton passed the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) and the WTO. China devalued their currency and American jobs have been fleeing ever since.

Since 2000 43,000 American manufacturing plants have been closed. The US has over 3,000 counties and 300 million people so the average county has around 100,000 people and lost 14 manufacturing plants.

I believe this de-industrialization has been deliberate so America can more easily be conquered. The people who think they own you and your government do not like you, the Bill of Rights and your stinking democracy.

They want you to lose WW III.

The next lie has to be the whole Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) fraud and the banker Bailouts. Depending on how you count it, the Bailout to date has cost us more than 27 trillion dollars. These bailouts were never intended to cure the recession and to create jobs for anyone outside Wall Street.

Of course you have not paid off the whole of the 27 trillion dollar Bailout bill. The remainder will be paid by you when the price of food doubles, triples and quadruples.

Blythe Masters invented Credit Default Swaps (CDS) while she was still working at JP Morgan’s London office. A CDS is a hybrid between insurance and a derivative which is a bet on the future value of a bond or a commodity.

Today there are 1.5 quadrillion dollars worth of CDS out there. The only guarantee for their payment in case of failure is your ability as a taxpayer to increase the amount of taxes you pay by a thousand or two thousand percent.

Blythe and CDS made the MBS fraud possible. It is illegal to sell securities that you know to be worthless. It is illegal to give mortgages to people you know had no ability to pay.

I once knew an Asian woman with a job paying ten dollars an hour. Her husband refused to work more than one month every two years. They were illegal aliens and had three children to support. She told her mortgage brokers she did not earn enough money to make the payments. But they told her they would loan her enough money to make the payments so she signed the loan agreement.

This is fraudulent inducement.’

But think of the New York bankers who supported NAFTA and knew more than 15 million jobs were going away. They knew that people were taking out loans they intended to pay from the wages they were earning. And the bankers knew those jobs were leaving the country never to return.

That was fraudulent inducement on a massive scale.

These loans were obviously bad loans and could not be sold except as part of a bond that was guaranteed by one of Blythe’s CDS. AIG could sell a lot of CDS and give an absolutely worthless junk bond a AAA rating. This enabled the sale of fraudulent loans.

Many of these mortgages were split up into several different bonds so the bankers could sell the same home loan several times. This also is a fraud. It is no more legal for a banker to sell one home five times than it is for your neighbor to sell his car to five different people.

In 1999 Brooksley Born was head of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). She tried to regulate CDS because they would otherwise bankrupt America.

However, four men came to her office and told her not to worry her pretty little head about hundreds of trillions of dollars in potential liabilities to the taxpayers. In that same year the Congress repealed Glass Steagall so the bankers could maximize their fraud and avoid what little regulation there was.

An anti-Semite would mention that the four men (Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Robert Rubin and Arthur Levitt) who told Ms Born she could not protect billions of people around the world from trillions of dollars in fraud were all Jewish.

You must understand that the people who steal money by the trillions are important. All those people who have to wake up in the morning and go to work to pay for the Bailouts are of no consequence even if they die of starvation or in a war defending the banks, the oil companies and Israel.

Last year Ben Bernanke was forced to reveal that he created 12.3 trillion dollars in temporary checking account money so he could buy back 6.3 trillion dollars in MBS from the Europeans to keep a lot of criminal bankers out of jail.

Since there was less than 9 trillion dollars in circulation, all that money created for the Bailouts has been inflationary. Blythe Masters is currently VP for Global Commodities at JP Morgan. She is running up the price of gas and food to a point where half the people in the US will soon have to either stop eating or refuse to pay their bills. Millions will not be able to buy food even if they don’t pay their bills.

But the important point is that Blythe Masters is a billionaire. She is only going to make fifty cents to a dollar for every person who dies of starvation but making money is how Wall Street keeps score.

The next lie is that there is an anti-war Left in America resisting all these wars. There is no such animal. On March 19th the US fired 112 missiles at a Muslim nation.

Even Matt Drudge had a headline saying War Number 3. I did not see anyone on the Left get on TV and mention the fact that March 19th was the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

But then Veterans for Peace were all locked up in jail for protesting the Iraq war at the White House so they have an excused absence.

I should mention that Martin Luther King was assassinated on the anniversary of his famous anti-war speech at Riverside church as a warning to us all not to oppose all those wars Wall Street and Israel have arranged to kill you and your children.

While on this topic, I should tell you that the Zionists and Wall Street want America to lose WW III. As I already said, If they wanted you to win the next war, they would not have sent all your jobs and industries overseas.

We cannot fight wars without the permission of China and Russia. We have to borrow money to buy the things we no longer make. If China says, sit then the American dog must sit. But that too was by design.

What bankers and Israel want America to do is to attack Syria and Iran, kill a few hundred million Muslims, steal the oil for Israel and lose the war so Americans cannot demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars the bankers stole from you.

Do you understand that bankers despise you, your family and any nation to which you pledge your allegiance?

Perhaps I should end my list of lies with a general statement about the environment. The bankers hijacked the environmentalist movement as they did the peaceniks.

I saw an article about a plume of oil more than a hundred miles long on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico just recently. The press corps has not asked Obama anything about this yet.

Where is Helen Thomas when we need her?

There is an oil industry practice known as fracking. The oil well drillers send pressure down a pipe beneath the surface of the earth, fracturing it and releasing oil from the shale deposits underground.

On dry land fracking pollutes drinking water and endangers human health. On the surface of the sea bed this practice can fracture the earth and send a few billion barrels of oil to the surface.

Not to worry. The government and the oil companies can dump a lot of toxic Correxit into the Gulf of wherever and poison millions of people. When it comes to poisons, out of sight is out of mind at least as far as the banks and oil companies are concerned.

Did you know that Joe Stalin was the first man in history to use fluoride to make inmates docile? Hitler copied Stalin and the US government thought so highly of their concentration camps that they put fluoride into our water.

So what if fluoride causes bone cancer. At least the peasants aren’t chasing bankers with pitchforks.

If you want to learn what vaccines are really doing, Google “brain eating vaccines” .

This is not an exhaustive list of the lies you must believe to function as a loyal supporter of the Empire.

If you are thinking a slave’s rebellion will improve your future, please realize it will not work until the unemployment rate hits 30%.

That will happen soon enough so we need to hammer away at the lies. There are the tens of trillions of dollars stolen from us, the inflation and the Debt Bomb designed to steal our money, the wars and the environmental poisons put in place to kill us.

Some people only care about one or more of the above issues. Hammer away at the issues they do care about. Explain the issues they do not understand. Inform them about the money stolen through mortgage fraud and Bailouts.

Explain to them why JFK and MLK were assassinated.

Explain to them that just as all roads led to Rome under the Caesars so all roads laden with corruption, treason betrayal and lies in the modern world lead to Israel.

We will soon reach a critical point where the lies will melt down the foundations of this Empire and free the slaves.

This Empire is dead. All that remains is to write its obituary.

Long live the Second Republic.

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