Smart Meters for gas and electric usage are being installed in all of our homes as part of the California Public Utilities Commission mandate to upgrade California’s energy infrastructure with automated digital technology. The Smart Meter provides two way digital communication transmitting between the meter on your home and the utility company by way of a radio frequency (RF) network. The Smart Meter has two wireless transmitters, one sent directly into your home and one sent to the neighborhood data collector. The principle behind the Smart Meter is that it will allow consumers to know how much they are paying for energy usage at any time.  “Time of use” pricing will give the consumer the option to shift their energy usage to a time when the demand for power is lower and therefore the price is less.
Sounds like a great idea!  Save money by knowing when the best time during the day it is to cook dinner or use your heat or air conditioning. The real concern should be not the money we save, but what this constant RF radiation is doing to our health.  The current standards for RF radiation set by the FCC arenot safety standards, but rather regulatory standards.  They were not put in place by physicians or medical scientists who had carefully studies the effects of RF radiation of our bodies, but rather by engineers who were looking at the amount of radiation necessary to allow for successful transmission for technological applications such as cell phones – and now Smart Meters. These regulatory standards sound good, but are meaningless when one considers that RF radiation penetrates every living cell – plant, animal, and human.  The first organ RF radiation affects is the brain, and the brain is the center of our physical and emotional being. The present FCC standards are for short term, thermal based applications such as microwave ovens.  As such, they only protect us from being cooked, burned, or electrocuted!  It is not the thermal effect we are concerned about. It is the biological or “non-thermal” effect.
Smart Meters will be sending a strong signal into our homes at frequencies between the 902 and 928 megahertz bandwidth . These wireless signals penetrate walls and pervade our entire home environment, traveling along electrical wiring, metal plumbing, metal fencing, box springs, and so on.  Besides communicating with your appliances, they will be communicating with the outside network of meters and a cell site or wireless antenna in your neighborhood.
Chronic exposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiation is still considered a potential health risk. The Smart Meter RF/MW levels are much higher than those already reported to cause cell damage. Research has shown that exposure to this low ambient radiation can cause damage to DNA.  What we know about cancer is that DNA damage is always present.  Through the roll out of the Smart Grid program, we are being bombarded with EMR – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Insomnia, high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, chronic fatigue, confusion . . . Why do we feel so bad?  If we could see the EMF we wouldn’t tolerate it!  It is invisible. We are living in a wireless smog, which just got thicker with the EMF from the Smart Meter installations.