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America’s Super Bowl Police-State

FEBRUARY 3, 2010
Here we go… ICERobotsChoppersFightersBomb DogsTSA Screening,Full Pat-Downs… Welcome to the #1 Sporting Event in the “Land of the Free”!
A CBS video explains the Super Bowl security by way of a demonstration:
With speed and precision, an airborne SWAT team closes in on twin targets: a suspicious airplane and car. Working side by side federal agents and Miami-Dade police finish the take down (of a U.S. Civilian)
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says there is no credible threat against the Super Bowl. But, it’s an obvious target and the recent attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 is a warning that al Qaeda is intent on hitting the U.S.CBS News.
But, Secretary Napolitano points out that “the greatest threat is posed by the so-called lone wolf – an individual carrying a small, concealed bomb” (remember Black Sunday?).
This video has a heading “Super Bowl fans attending Sunday’s game to be treated to airport-like security
It doesn’t show the heavy artillery but it explains that You Will “empty your pockets, go through metal detectors and then be Searched By Hand
Super Bowl security “official” addresses any concerns:
“A Pat-Down, a limited pat-down that can go to a full pat-down will be utilized. If folks Have an Issue with that… then they should NOT Come to the Game.”
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