Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fake Revolutions

 The Capitalist Cabal's
Ongoing Strategy


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    The international capitalist cabal that has seized political and economic power worldwide is now acting in a murderous, insane manner. It recognizes that the reasonable reaction of workers who are being slaughtered through imperialist wars, reduced to poverty and homelessness through financial looting, and poisoned through ecological polution is REVOLUTION.          Since revolution by oppressed workers worldwide is a possible outcome of the capitalist cabal's homicidal, maniacal outrages, the cabal has adopted the strategy of co-opting and pre-empting revolution. The cabal develops trained proletarian leaders to create fake revolutions and thus bring about whatever regime changes are needed by the cabal.

              Fearing spontaneous worker revolutions, capitalists are continuing to perpetrate regime changes and Fake Revolutions against:
  • ben Ali in Tunisia

  • Islamic banking in Tunisia

  • Mubarak in Egypt

  • Change in Egypt

  • Qaddafi in Libya

  • Iran

  • Workers throughout the world


          The cabal's Fake Revolutions tactic is part of a larger strategy ofRevolution in Military Affairs (RMA), often using the same "props" and symbols.      Most so-called revolutions--including the Russian, Chinese, and Cuban--have been nothing but murderous insurrections of one faction against others.
       Revolutions succeed only if they're directed by highly intelligent leaders, who can distinguish a fake from a real revolution.

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