Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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If You Thought The Second Amendment...
By Karl Denningert at

.... was under fire, wait until you see what they have in mind for The First!
Rep. Brady (D – PA) has promised to introduce new legislation to criminalize any political speech which could be perceived as incendiary, and other Democrats suggested that there should be a blanket ban on all speech and symbols which might be conceivably interpreted as incendiary against members of Congress.
Of course the Courts are unlikely to agree with this, considering that The First Amendment, when it involves political speech, is pretty much a blank check and always has been - with good reason.
So that which they cannot get with the law, they instead turn to violating the Constitution by other means!
Rep. Louise Slaughter (D – NY) insisted that the FCC should work hard to restrict political speech that “could incite people,” adding that “no one owns the airwaves” and that she clearly felt the FCC was not doing enough to regulate political commentary nor to sanction those whose criticism were unacceptable to her.
By the way, if you're wondering how freedom dies.... you're seeing it.
Why is it now that we're seeing this sort of reaction, and why is it that we have Congressfolk trying to introduce what amount to a bill granting Titles of Nobility, which are, I remind you, explicitly barred under The Constitution?
If it's illegal to make a death threat against The President (it is), or a sitting Congressperson (it is), or a Judge (it is), then it should be equally unlawful and result in the same prosecution if someone makes the same threat aimed toward you or I.
Oh yeah, we had that too. The Tucson shooter allegedly made several death threats - against the Pima College administration, against talk show hosts in the area, and against bloggers.

All of which The Sheriff of Pima County refused to refer to the DA and file charges to prosecute.
Finally, for their part The Left never, ever posts in a public place a picture of, say, Ms. Palin about to blow her own brains out and proclaims "I hate it when I wake up and Sarah Palin is still alive", right?

Oops - I guess I was wrong about that one...

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