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December 14-15, 2010 -- Obama's CIA brief: infiltrate the Marxist Left and "de-communize" it

December 14-15, 2010 -- Obama's CIA brief: infiltrate the Marxist Left and "de-communize" it

It is apparent that one of Barack Obama, Jr's major tasks for the CIA, through his work with Business International Corporation, his membership in leftist student groups at Occidental College in Los Angeles and Columbia University in New York, and his work as a "community organizer" in south Chicago was to infiltrate and "de-communize" the Marxist left and bring it into the capitalist globalist fold.

Obama's work complemented that of his mother, alleged Kenyan father, and grandfather in peddling the CIA's influence to leftist nationalists in newly-independent nations in what was once known as the "Third World."

The goal of the CIA's infiltration of leftist movements through Obama's post-Columbia "leftist outreach" employer, Business International Corporation (BIC) was to carry out the tactics championed by former Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and CIA officer Herbert Marcuse, a German-born Jew and self-proclaimed "Hegelian" and "Marxist." Marcuse's agenda included what Yuri Zhukov wrote in Pravda on May 30, 1968: "radical and global negation of all the elements constituting [the industrial socialist society], including Communist Parties." Marcuse, as Zhukov wrote, sought to "cast doubt on the chief role of the working class in the struggle for progress, democracy, and socialism."

Obama's "liberal" policies have succeeded in destroying the progressive left in the United States, including the labor union movement and the social security and welfare programs instituted by the Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson administrations. Obama was groomed by the CIA to do what no Republican or conservative politician could ever do: destroy the American middle class and the American social safety net -- and accomplish these deeds from a contrived "leftist" position. Obama has accomplished his task.

Obama's "radical" campus activities mirror those of University of Paris sixties student radical Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who led "Maoist" and "Trotskyite" student riots while on a stipend from the West German government. Cohn-Bendit's activities on behalf of the CIA and the French extreme right were revealed by French General Confederation of Labor Benoit Franchon on May 27, 1968, while addressing workers at a Renault automobile plant, "Right now, a whole cohort of people do nothing but 'feed the fires,' showering all kinds of praise on the young people's enthusiasm, while actually they are preparing a trap and a snare for us."

One of the CIA tasks of the French student protesters in Paris in 1968 was the derailing of the Paris peace talks between the United States and North Vietnam. The leftist "fifth columnists" were, thus, responsible for continuing the Indochina war well into the Nixon administration. Just as with his his French "radical" for-bearers, Obama came into office on a wave of American anti-war feelings and then not only continued the U.S. military presence in Iraq but boosted it in Afghanistan and Yemen.

Obama's membership in a Marxist Club at Occidental, one of the CIA's favorite campuses for recruiting agents, fit a pattern of CIA meddling in student organizations, particularly leftist ones like Students for a Democratic Society and the National Students' Association, across the nation. Obama's alma mater, Columbia, has a long association with U.S. intelligence that even predates the CIA. The Russian Institute of Columbia University was the brainchild of Professor Gerold T. Robinson in 1944 while he was on loan from Columbia to the OSS. The institute later trained many Slavic language linguists for the CIA's Radio Free Europe and U.S. Air Force personnel who flew signals intelligence missions against the USSR, Hungary, and Albania. Columbia also excelled in training CIA operatives for Ann Dunham-type agricultural "field work" in South Vietnam, Thailand, Bolivia, and Guatemala -- all targets for CIA anti-Communist activities.

In 1967, the year Obama's mother whisked him off to post-coup Indonesia, the CIA was revealed to have had several U.S. college students studying abroad on summer studies programs acting as agents. The Independent Research Foundation, co-founded by "leftist" feminist Gloria Steinem, was revealed to have been a CIA front tasked with attending World Youth Festivals and compiling dossiers on attendees.

Columbia's School of International Affairs (SIA) conducted detailed studies of socialist countries, including the USSR, that were extremely similar to those produced by BIA. Columbia also maintained close links with the Pentagon and the National Security Agency through its support for the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA).

Obama's "faux" journalism work for BIC was authorized by both the CIA and the company's management. Before the post-Watergate restrictions on CIA activities, CIA agents were able to recruit journalists, usually "stringers," without Langley's approval. That changed after the Frank Church and Otis Pike congressional hearings. Somewhere in the bowels of Langley may be CIA-BIC agreements on the use of BIC personnel as CIA assets or agents. And those files may contain the name or names "Barry Obama," "Barry Soetoro," "Barack Obama," or "Barack Sutoro." Obama's other alma mater, Harvard, also maintained close ties with the CIA.

The FBI also had a penchant for hiring informers in liberal and black communities like south Chicago. Informers were screened in files known as PSIs and PRIs: potential security informant and potential racial informant and were paid a stipend. After being approved, PSIs and PRIs became "reliable informants" and were assigned a cover name, an informant number, and a regular salary. A scan of the FBI's files for anyone of Obama's appellations during his time in south Chicago may reveal one or more of such informant files.

The Rockefeller family was fond of funding a number of left-wing organizations. Groups devoted to the anti-nuclear movement were linked to the Rockefeller Family Fund-supported Corporate Data Exchange. Inc. (CDE), a BIC-like "research organization" albeit a tax-exempt one, founded in 1975 to "investigate economic decentralization and corporate control," according to an April 21, 1983, article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Reviewtitled "Foundations Bankrolling Anti-Nuclear Causes." Three of the CDE's founders were associated with intelligence-gathering for the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), a progressive organization that is ostensibly opposed to U.S. interventionism in Latin America.

The CIA archives contain an undated paper titled "The Agency and the Young Employee," that describes the CIA's outreach to young people: "The young Agency employee or potential employee shares common experiences with his counterparts in the sub-culture and, although he may not have been in most instances an active participant in this counter-culture, he has been in close touch with it and its views." The tract continues, ""menial work -- until he 'knows the business' -- is anathema and is met with derision. He similarly views long periods of training, job orientation, and job rotation as wasteful of his time . . . The CIA is just beginning to see the influx of the new generation . . . They can be a great asset to the present and future of CIA."

Indeed, with Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., he was a great asset and continues to be one for the CIA.

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