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Copenhagen, Carbon Emissions and World Government
I was contacted earlier by some readers of my articles and asked for my view on the events scheduled to take place in December in Copenhagen. This was something I had only recently heard about and therefore had little knowledge of. I quickly discovered a speech on climate change given by Lord Monckton which he ends by giving a stern warning to Americans that the United States will lose its national sovereignty should Mr. Obama sign this treaty in Copenhagen in December. It seems there are some who fear such an occurrence. They truly worry that Mr. Obama will turn our country over to a world government. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we lost our national sovereignty long ago. If Mr. Obama were to sign a treaty creating a world government that would supersede the government of the United States it would be doing nothing except finally bringing out in the open what’s been happening under the table for decades.

The United States government more or less gave up its sovereignty when the Federal Reserve act was signed into law. Sovereignty was reduced to a great extent when legal tender laws were put into place that forced businesses and private citizens, by the coercive nature of federal law, to accept as money a paper note that some perhaps would not have otherwise accepted. At that time, whether it was realized or not, the United States was usurped by a cartel of private international banks whose objective was to rule the world, corral all the wealth for themselves and make the vast majority of humanity into debt slaves. We as a nation lost sovereignty when it was decided corporations have the same rights as individuals and were granted even greater immunity in the eyes of the law, which took responsibility for criminal actions and bad decisions away from individuals running said businesses. We as a people gave up even more of our sovereignty when we allowed multi-national corporations and foreign lobbyists to solicit our congressmen and senators and contribute to their campaigns. Do you think these entities care what is best for the American people? Do you think that perhaps they are more interested in looking out for their own best interests? It has been a long, long time since the federal government has actually been a sovereign entity.

That said, the Copenhagen conference scheduled for this December should prove to be an interesting event. I’ve only taken a glance at the document the meeting is about, but I can certainly see why many people would be concerned. It does seem as if a world government is being set up. Still, this does not seem to be a treaty. It is a “Framework Convention on Climate Change.” This is, as near as I can tell, just a lot of suggestions about how to go about accomplishing their agenda and implementing taxes and restrictions on people and businesses so that they can maintain control. That’s not to say that it couldn’t easily be replaced by an actual treaty by this December, I don’t know that much about how international treaties come about, but for now perhaps one should not be overly worried. I don’t believe this is going to be the “official” treaty that brings about one world government.

That being said, the concept of man made climate change remains a dangerous one to those of us worried about human liberty. The fear mongering that has gone on with this issue is unlike any I’ve seen in the past. It has been going on for decades now, at least as far back as the seventies when some were insisting that we were heading into a massive global cooling cycle and perhaps another ice age. The insistence by some that global warming is an unarguable “fact” so overwhelmingly supported by scientists as to make debate on the subject intolerable is frightening.

Scientific debate should never be stymied by such dogma as has been put out by these man made climate change zealots who have much to gain by regulating human activity. In my opinion those who continue to insist that climate change is caused by human activity instead of being a natural cycle inherent in the nature of this earth, and indeed the solar system, are either completely fooled, extremely misinformed, deliberately refusing to look at or ignoring evidence that shows otherwise, or propagating what they know to be a lie for their own gain. Those of the latter group would include certain politicians, scientists and businessmen who will benefit financially and politically from levying taxes upon all of mankind and making it difficult to innovate or even exist as a business entity without going through their strict regulatory approval process. Needless to say, anything an entrepreneur might come up with that could seriously compete with their established monopolies would likely be crushed by their system and never allowed to enter the marketplace.

Climate change conferences of the political kind are not about controlling climate change. The politicians couldn’t care less about the climate. They couldn’t care less about the environment. They couldn’t care less about the science. That is why we are hearing stories now about scientists who have been shunned by government entities for remaining honest and principled in their assessments while their brethren who go along with the government line, particularly the UN version, have been given sweetheart deals and continue to prosper. The only thing politicians care about is the best way to rip you off through taxes, especially through hidden taxation, and control. They live privileged lives and they want to make sure it stays that way.

It seems to me that politicians worldwide act very similar to those in the United States of America. They not only don’t care about the environment, the climate, or the common man, they don’t even care about the citizens of their own countries as long as they can milk them for taxes and keep getting reelected. They most likely couldn’t care less about their nation’s sovereignty. They only care about their own power, their own wealth and increasing their own status in life. Politicians in the United States in no way have a patent on corruption. Likely it is as easy for the super rich to buy a politician in France or Italy or even China or Russia as it is in the United States. These people, the rich elite pulling the strings of politicians worldwide, have their own agenda and it’s quite likely that they don’t think or care much about the common folk. They are the ones that populations around the world should pay attention to, and they have put politicians between themselves and the “lower” classes.

I would suggest that people in the United States of America aren’t the only ones who need to worry about losing their sovereignty. There are freedom lovers in every nation who worry that the creation of a one world government would further restrict their already overly regulated activities. Do you really think that someone in Poland wants to be governed by someone from Mexico? Or that someone in China wants to be dictated to by someone from Serbia? It’s difficult enough to deal with the tyranny coming from your own government, let alone what it would be like having to deal with an overblown centralized world government as I’m sure any global government would become. Such an organization would and should run into massive resistance across the globe. No one wants to be ruled over by someone living half a world away, they didn’t like it in Caesar’s time and they wouldn’t like it now. Perhaps we should be more worried about losing individual sovereignty, which is violated by arrogance at all levels of government when these groups of people threaten violence and imprisonment against those who produce if they don’t pay a portion of the money they’ve earned to the extortionists.

Perhaps that is one reason (of many) why people in other nations are so disappointed and even angry at the American people. Perhaps they expect us, with our history of freedom oriented principles, to once again show the way and become the beacon of liberty they expect us to be. Since I live in the United States and don’t trust mainstream media outlets to be anything other than propaganda arms of political factions, it is difficult to gauge the mood of people elsewhere in the world. It seems that in this nation, however, there are some encouraging stirrings. Recent “tea party” protests have proven to be more than just Republican cheer leading sessions (despite the efforts by some to hijack these events) as common folk from around the nation managed to get out the message that individual freedom is popular and smaller government in demand. The recent phenomenon of so many refusing to take government mandated and recommended flu shots shows that many no longer trust a government that has lied to them so often and are finally willing to just say no to dictates coming down from on high. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the growing popularity and the demand by the masses that a complete audit of the Federal Reserve be conducted shows that the people finally wish to hold those responsible for the financial crisis we continue to experience accountable for their actions.

Perhaps America is once again leading the way. Perhaps it is time for peoples of other nations to demand audits be conducted on their central banks. It would be interesting to see how hard the ruling elite would fight such proposals. I can see how hard they’re fighting it here. They really don’t want it done and they’re pulling out all stops, employing all political tricks and using the most powerful bought and paid for politicians at their disposal to make sure it doesn’t happen. It makes one wonder what, exactly, they’re trying to hide. Chances are if the Federal Reserve is that worried about an audit, the other central banks around the world would be just as worried and have just as much to hide.

Bringing world government out to the forefront of consciousness and getting people to worry about national sovereignty may be just a rouse to get people to take their eye off the ball, so to speak. Certainly it is something we should be concerned with, but it is not something that can be easily implemented by any entity. As individuals, we should be more concerned with our own personal sovereignty. It is up to us to refuse to simply go along with what the elite want should they decide to try to establish a world government. Furthermore, it is up to us to pull back the curtain and take a close look at the men pulling the levers behind the effort to create such an incredible power structure. It is time to see where all the wealth we common folk have created has gone. The fraud and dirty dealings that are likely to be uncovered may well surprise even the most ardent world government advocate. When this happens, then those who would “save” the world from the scourge of carbon dioxide by taxing it will likely be too worried about saving their own butts to impose a world government or a carbon tax.

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