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Manufactured Realities: The Truth About the Arab Spring, Occupy Movement and Anonymous

Manufactured Realities: The Truth About the Arab Spring, Occupy Movement and Anonymous

July 16, 2012

By Bill Noxid
                 “Whatever happens today, you can’t put this genie back in the bottle.” – oxfordgirl
I remember watching these words real-time on June 12th 2009, and knowing just how undeniably true they were.  Something was about to happen that was going to change the nature of reality and perception on this planet in ways that only a handful of us on Earth could even conceive.  The next generation of mind control was about to manifest itself in a faraway land, and I knew as well as the creators themselves did, that the era of Virtual Reality 2.0 was about to begin…
For ages they prepared for this event.  Months and months of planning, preparation, and testing went into the grand illusion that was about to ‘spring’ to life.  On June 12th 2009 it wasn’t even blip in American consciousness yet, but Iran was about to hold a Presidential Election and this small band of rebel technologists planned on turning in their favor.  The methods and means they intended to use in this endeavor where nothing short of astonishing.  Through perception management, disinformation, video manipulation, manufactured false reality, cyber warfare, and remote managed civil disobedience, this band was fully prepared to and intent on – taking over a country.
The final and central piece of this operation was a communications platform you all know very well and use every day.  The global, open, instantaneous communications network that Twitter has become would be the vehicle to control the operation and deliver propaganda to the media and the public.  Video, graphics, website design, and disinformation were all prepared months in advance, as were the tools to enlist the unwitting cooperation of the masses.  Once set in motion this elaborate plan to gain the support of people worldwide was intended to grow organically through appealing to and manipulating the genuine and humanitarian desires and instincts of the people, while using them as cover for their true intentions.  To this very moment, it has continued to do just that.
This experimental grand delusion operation was the prototype and foundation of a great many things that today, three years later, are accepted globally as reality.  Everything you know and believe about Arab Spring, everything you know and believe about the Occupy Movement, and everything to know and believe about Anonymous came from and is rooted in this operation.  Every single bit of these manufactured realities from the “V” for Victory sign, the Guy Fawkes masks, the adaptation of “Allah Akbar” chants, the “World is Watching” mantra, the “We Are Legion” slogan, the “Expect Us” warning, the organized global civil disobedience, and now ubiquitous cyber war, all stems from this one operation like the base of a oak tree.  There is no more separation between any of these things or any of these operations masquerading as ‘spontaneous grassroots uprisings’ than there is between the trunk of a tree and its many varied branches.
To understand the #iranElection operation is to understand the whole.  As the manufactured “Arab Spring” has marched across the Middle East toppling governments in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya, and as operations continue in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, Myanmar, and many others, the original goal of the #IranElection prototype (destabilization and regime change) has manifest over and over with exponentially increasing destruction, death, and deception.  The Occupy, Anarchy, and Anonymous subdivisions of this operation have caused untold destruction and divisions across Europe and the United States as this operation methodically turns governments against their people and people against their governments, just as they turn Sunni against Shia and Shia against Sunni across the Middle East.  This global remote control puppetry continues to train myriad divisions of false flag terrorist groups responsible for unspeakable acts as the usual suspects are scapegoated without any validation whatsoever, as mainstream media remains little more than the propaganda wing of the operation – offering no critical analysis of the ongoing fraud.
It is well past time that the people of this planet awaken to this delusion, the puppeteers, and the ever evolving false-reality construct.  Once one understands the foundation of this operation and the origination of its familiar tactics, the mystery, anonymity, and confusion about these so-called ‘leaderless’ uprisings evaporates – leaving just the original operatives and their consistent and obvious motives.  If you’re prepared to understand the reality of this 3 year false reality campaign, continue down the rabbit hole.
Arab Spring Exposed
By Bill Noxid
What’s it going to take for people to wake from this ongoing delusion?  Hopefully the answer to that question, is this document.  After three years of obvious remote control revolution, this ongoing Arab Spring charade continues to be given the illusion of credibility by Mainstream Media, while every day it becomes more patently obvious that these operations are anything but “Spontaneous Grassroots Uprisings.”
I’ll start with this fair waning.  This document is long and complicated.  This is also a live document and I will be adding to it.  None of that is avoidable, because the operation itself is complicated.  I’ll make it as simple and as understandable as possible, but you will be required to pay attention.  Anyone looking for or accustomed to sound bite solutions will have to develop (at least temporarily) an actual attention span, because what’s at stake is your ability to understand anything at all about the world you live in.  If you take the time to actually read and understand this document, a great many bewildering things about this planet will suddenly become clear.  If you try to skim, or breeze through it like every other article you encounter, you will remain part of the division of planetary puppets who have no knowledge or understanding of where the issues they support come from and who they actually serve.
The Dawn of Arab Spring
Three years ago, a brand new phenomenon flew out of the clear blue sky.  Without any warning (for most), a (manufactured) wave of ‘social consciousness’ hit Maninstream Media like a ton of bricks.  After ten years of global war crime based on false-flag delusion that no amount of public outrage, organization, and protest was even able to get so much as acknowledgement from MSM for, and after ten years of Diebold stolen elections that remain to this day a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil reality, MSM and global media in general was suddenly singularly focused – on an obscure election in Iran.  In a country that had just elected its First Black President in History and in doing so exposed the reality of a countryfounded on 500 years of Slavery, suddenly an election in Iran was all Mainstream Media and the Twittersphere could talk about.
‘Somephpguy: Pls stfu about Obama, CNN/MSNBC sucking, etc – not the topic. People are dying. Help communication, organize relief, resist. #iranelection 9:44 PM Jun 14th from web’
With a global economy in complete shambles from decades of international financial criminality, a jobless rate higher than at any point in recent history, rampant and blatant racist obstruction from the Republican Tea Party Klan, and 101 other imperative domestic issues, the people of this country were suddenly driven (more aptly, herded) to believe by MSM and all ‘Social Media’ that the most important thing on anyone’s mind (and twitter feed) in the United States (and Worldwide) was the results of an election in Iran, and the plight of a small group of ‘Iranian students’ protesting the election results – literally before the election itself had even come to an end.
I’m not exaggerating any of that even in the slightest. On June 12th 2009, an election was held in Iran in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was running against three challengers, one of which was Mir-Hossein Mousavi. By June 13th, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and his supposed student supporters had claimed the election was rigged, had declared on their own that Mir-Hossein Mousavi was the true winner of the election, had declared the ‘rigged election’ a Coup d’├ętat against the people of Iran, and were globally calling for International assistance of every kind in ‘dethroning the dictator’ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Rest assured.  Prior to 12 June 2009, most people in the United States couldn’t tell you who Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was (if they had ever heard of him at all), much less Mir-Hossein Mousavi, yet on June 13th, #iranelection hastag was suddenly trending on twitter, and seemingly massive (virtual) support for Mir-Hossein Mousavi and the ‘plight’ of these ‘students’ was all the buzz… or at least that’s what we all were all led to believe.
This blisteringly quick sequence of events did not spontaneously manifest itself out of sudden global concern for Iranian students and their election in less than 24 hours, it was accomplished by means of a group of well-placed technology and media professionals manufacturing perception, and developing the prototype operation of what would soon become Arab Spring.  In this document I will prove that step by step – starting with the preposterous events of the first day that I just briefly described.
It may be hard to grasp when viewing the totality of this global operation and its influence, but the core group is very small.  In the beginning there was just a handful of them doing all the work and wearing all the hats.  During the #iranelection prototype they didn’t have the armies of the indoctrinated to perpetuate the illusion of massive support for the #iranelection cause, so it was exhausting work for all of them… particularly the lead people.  The objective was to create the illusion of massive public support for the Iranian students, have that support broadcast and legitimized by Mainstream Media, have that ‘virtual support’ translated into Governmental support for intervention, and thus achieve the goal of multinational intervention in Iran and the elimination of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Certainly one could draw conclusions about who is responsible for this operation based on that information alone, but it’s entirely unnecessary to do so.  The reality will become undeniably clear all by itself… very shortly.
What they didn’t have in initial numbers, they more than made up for in preparation, placement, and automation.  It quickly became obvious that the platform for this operation extended well beyond twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  The rapid dissemination of false reality about the Iran election itself, and of domestic interest and support for some kind of international action almost instantaneously though MSM exposed how a well-connected Mainstream Media network had already existed… since that was and is the only explanation for such immediate Mainstream Media response, without any vetting of information at all.  Within a day, the surrogates all over domestic and international news were speaking and supporting all of the false realities generated by this small group of individuals.
In the technology and social media environments, they were conveniently placed where they could assist, promote, and influence products and people that were beneficial to the operation (in this example, at @mashable).  As I explain in End of the Myth of Spontaneous Grassroots, many of the applications for twitter and other social media applications were developed to support the needs of this operation – again some knowingly, some unknowingly.
As the operation developed during the initial #iranelection prototype and the beginnings of the Arab Spring, the infiltration and / or co-opting of other groups and causes (human rights, etc.) became equally clear, and will be explained in detail later.  For now we’ll start with the foundations and very first steps of the operation, so you can see clearly where the false reality of “Arab Spring” we live in today originated.
Iran Election Day 1
Although an enormous amount of preparation went into this operation before the day of the election (automated systems to gather and RT tweets, massive amounts of ‘socks’ [fake accounts to simulate a social media population]), this was the first attempt at doing it live.  Because of this, the best examples of this operation in its rawest form are from 2009.  When the operation was in its earliest phases some glaring an unmistakable errors in judgment exposed the realities of this operation early on, and if we had any real media on this planet, it would have put an end to the illusion then and there.  As I soon came to see clearly however, whatever media there was that wasn’t actually involved in the deception were evidently quite easily duped themselves, or at very least were willing to go along.  What’s my evidence of this?  Three years of global charade and you’ll find more truth of it in this single document than you will all of Mainstream Media.
Take note that I chose the clips I use in this document very carefully, and all of them for several interrelated reasons.  Take another look at the tweet I began with:
‘Somephpguy: Pls stfu about Obama, CNN/MSNBC sucking, etc – not the topic. People are dying. Help communication, organize relief, resist. #iranelection 9:44 PM Jun 14th from web’
I chose this tweet example for several reasons:
1. After the #iranelection began to gather people, got them all to change their icons to the same color, got them all to change their time zones to Tehran time (all of which is to conceal the operatives own identities and involvement while adding to the simulated population), it becomes considerably more difficult to see the original operators clearly.  However, at the very beginning of the #iranelection prototype, you get to see them by themselves.  You get to see very clearly the origins of story lines we’ve all heard ad-infinitum over the last three years.
2. One characteristic of this operation that remains glaring, is that quite often the statements that come from these psyoperatives are so completely out of touch or outrageous, that they would be more suited to coming out of the mouth of a visitor from another planet.  Take this example from ‘Somephpguy.’  To say in 2009, five minutes after the election of the First Black President of the United states, “stfu about Obama” because you want the ‘real’ issue to be plight of a band of rebels in Iran, reaches stellar heights of obliviousness to American awareness and sensitivities, and not only identifies oneself as “out of touch” but also “not talking about American interests.”  There are plenty of ‘hard working white’ Americans who have long lists of issues they’d rather discuss other than Obama…  Pushing (as an imperative above all things) installing Mir-Hossein Mousavi to the Presidency of Iran isn’t on any of those lists.  Thus doing exactly that on June 12th 2009, identifies these operatives beyond any doubt.
3. Much of the core symbolism and terminology at the root of this psyop is available in just this one tweet.  The “V” sign that is ubiquitous throughout Arab Spring is demonstrated here – before any of it ever happened. The basic and raw calls of “People are dying” (prey on humanitarian instinct, elicit guilt response), “help them communicate” (build the anonymous proxy networks), “organize relief” (fund and aid the operation), and “resist” (fight whatever authority interferes with the operation, and sacrifice yourself for the cause), are all fundamental characteristics of these ‘Spontaneous Grassroots Uprisings’ from Arab Spring to Occupy… and again – here it is in one tweet.
4. This “Somephpguy” account is prime example of any one of their ‘socks.’  These are the “anonymous” accounts with which they can say or do anything without being identified, and represents the beginning of a modus operandi we all now know very well.  Often they will be left dormant when they’ve served their usefulness, but some have been changed over to their real name.  This is one of those instances, and is part of the reason I chose the second tweet to Casey.  Somephpguy is essercode…  Same account with the name changed.  When this tweet was originally sent, it was sent from “Somephpguy,” but the tweet still exists with the name changed.
5. Finally, the most obvious and identifying characteristic is the one and only tag this, and a great many of this user’s tweets were addressed to.  #iranelection, the home base for this operation.  It demonstrates (as will be further illustrated shortly) how this account was one of the ‘sources’ of operation instructions, support, and disinformation, at the very earliest point of the prototype structure.
Since I have a trove of this data to choose from, I select each example in this manner.  Each one has multiple layers of meaning (and I didn’t mention all of the layers in the last example either), so use them to develop your ability to recognize those levels.  In time you will find there are a variety of identifiable patterns.  Now with this basic understanding of what you’re looking at, we’ll move on to the initial tweets of the operation, and the building of delusion.
The Building of Delusion
I’m going to go through several interrelated accounts.  Remember, all of these accounts are operators that suddenly and fervently began promoting #iranelection on day one in an enormous and coordinated effort.  Many of the accounts were created only days before (or even days after) the June 12th election itself.  In each instance I’ll illustrate when the account was created and when it entered the operation.  The pattern and development will become undeniably clear, and I will make it as easy to follow as possible.
The first account I’ll start with is IranRiggedElect.
This very overtly named account was created on June 12th 2009… the very day of the election.  Before the election could even conceivably be considered over, much less any possibility that any votes could have been tallied, “IranRiggedElect” already existed on Twitter and immediately began laying the foundation of the prepared delusion.
In the very first two tweets from this account, it declares that it’s “Following Iran’s presidential election results,” then in the very next tweet less than a half an hour later, declares that “The presidential election in Iran has turned into a coups d’├ętat.”  This is the literal begining of the Disinformation Psyop, and the first completely unverified, yet globally accepted fallacy of the Arab Spring.

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