What in the One World is going on in Timbuktu?

The surge to acquire control over all the resources on the planet is intensifying, literally everywhere, from Alaska to Timbuktu.  The country of Mali has come onto the world stage.  It looks like there is going to be another war, maybe another slaughter like that that took place in Somalia.  Of course, as is the case in every instance, the destabilization of Mali is being sold under the guise of political upheaval and economic strife.  This is really becoming old hat.
Mali has actually been progressing in past years and its people are doing better.  That being said one might ask, “So what is the problem?” and the answer is simple, gold.  The people of Mali have been most unfortunate in that the third largest gold reserve in Africa has been found in their country.  The international elite want every ounce of that gold.

Now the people in Mali, being arrogant, believe the gold in their country belongs to them and that the wealth thereof should be theirs.  Being a poor country, the people would probably settle for far less than the market value for their gold, but the international elite, being the international elite, want it all and only want to give to the people of Mali what food and water it takes to keep them alive long enough to dig the gold out and turn it over.
And this is what we are seeing around the world.  These elitists are infected with the sickness of greed and though their lives are considered by them to be all important, everyone else’s is inconsequential except to the extent that these Zionists feel they have the right to kill anyone who gets in the way of their acquiring more and more and more.
There seems to be a tight rein being applied to the reporting on the ongoing uprisings against the Zionists, literally throughout the world.  This spells danger.  This means they are plotting and planning their next duplicit act.  Make no mistake; the intent is World War III as the resistance to the theft has become unstoppable by any other means.
God help us to stay vigilant and prepared for the fight.