Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monty Python - The Spanish Inquisition

Nobody expects the American Inquisition

September 8, 2012

“Ximinez: NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…. Our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency…. Our *three* weapons are fear, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency…and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope…” – Monty Python, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”
While the American People are sleeping, there lies a disaster of epic proportion that is fomenting for those that do not comply to the rule.
The rule is that they are sheep, and they will do as they are told.
And that is the problem. We are not sheep. We are men or women.
The inquisitions of tomorrow today will have weapons as well.
“Amongst our chief weapons are such elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to Lord Obama”

And you didn’t laugh at that did you. Because you know, it is true.
Scary true.
Because we live and breathe in the United States, we are subject to an investigation at any point in our lives.
Because. That’s why!
A case in point is the investigation of Alex Jones. Mr. Jones is a well-known radio personality who has challenged this administration on his policies and executive privilege.  You can download the PDF’s in this one zip file from our servers. They were obtained by a FOIA by the alternative news website,
Investigating a person who speaks out against your policies are more apt to be found in dictatorial regimes such as Russia AKA the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea. Justifications and rationalizations are tools of dictators and despots. You just do not do things like that in free nation. That sort of discretion is what separates us from the animals.
Comparing the United States to Russia/Soviet Union is very easy to do. The atmosphere of fear and paranoia has made the Last Bastion of Freedom into the State-of-the-art Citadel of Repression, where the power of human innovation has been perverted to insidious means of monitoring our movements and possible thoughts.
Stalin would be drooling if he knew what possibilities the future held for intelligence gathering on your citizens, instead of using manpower intensive agencies such as the KGB.
What was the KGB like? KGB stood for Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti (Committee of State Security), more simply known as the KGB. Sometimes known as the “Secret Police” they were the stuff of nightmares in the Soviet Union.  And in the United States where they operated within all levels of the US Government.
Would it be a fair assessment to say that the Department of Homeland Security is the American version of the Secret Police? Look at this chart and decide for yourself:

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